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... I am almost 28 and have had my pinguecula since I was 20. I really hate them, they make me really unhappy. I have had posterior blepharitis or mgd for two years, it was left undiagnosed and untreated for over a year. ... (0 replies)
... antime I neglected seeking medical reasons for why this was happening in the first place. Mostly because the opthalmologists and opticians I went to insisted my eyes are normal and healthy. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't realise that they were not qualified enough to diagnose me. ... (2 replies)
... I had once beautiful and healthy eyes until a dermatologist prescribed a retinoid cream for under my eyes which caused intense dryness, an allergic reaction, and mild blepharitis. ... (0 replies)

... My eyes have been slightly dry for a while. ... (0 replies)
... Welcome to the club, mate. Check back every once in a while, theres is potential for a lawsuit. Aside from that, what helps you the most? I can't be inside, like, ever. So I sit on my back patio and use my laptop. I live in Florida, so the warm air and humidity makes everything perfect. I can use a laptop for infinite amounts of time so long as I'm out here, which is weird. (4 replies)
... So, the problem is that Accutane obliterates your meibomian glands, your eyes don't produce enough oil, and you get dry eye. ... (4 replies)
... There are a few doctors ( Dr Rolando Toyos and others) in the USA that are doing IPL for MGD. Does anyone know if there is any Doctor doing this in Europe ??? I would also like to know if there is anyone out there that has tried IPL for dry eyes? (0 replies)
... I took Accutane for 6 months in 2007. When I finished the treatment, I could notice how easily my eyes used to get irritated by wind, air conditioning...etc. ... (0 replies)
... I've been a member of this forum for a while, on and off. My symptoms include dry eye, red irritated eyes, MGD and pingeculeas which thank God were surgically removed. ... (3 replies)
Question About Mgd
Oct 13, 2006
... I also have white dots like whiteheads inside the lids, but when i press them nothing comes out of that part of the eyelid, whereas in the places where i don't have those dot, i can see tiny drops like clear water on the lids. So i guess i need something stronger to get the other thinks out. Someone mentioned that his doctor put a q-tip behind the eyelid and pressed with the... (35 replies)
... Hi i have no signs of MGD either but this is what i think i have. becuase my schimmer is not to bad. I have been confused as to where this is coming from. ... (24 replies)
... I'm still not sure whats causing the dry eye. One thing that the doctor at Moorfield mentioned was the possibility of my eyes opening partially during sleep, and drying out. This may explain why my eyes feel worst first thing in the morning. ... (24 replies)
... ves the impression that dry eye is a diagnosis on its own, which its not. Dry eye means not enough tears, but if you havent got enough oil but enough tears, your eyes are not dry 'in the real sense' and go undiagnosed. beacause not enough oil produces the same symptoms as not enough tears. ... (24 replies)
Painful eyes
Apr 9, 2006
... Hiya susie. Im sure i have mgd, i have only been to prof dura once, but he is the best out of all i have been to so far. I am doing the compresses and doxy, i havent hed dry eye for long so im hoping this will help, if not i will look in to alternatives. I do have good days when they dont feel to bad. I can certaintly concur with the drops and more drops. If this is all... (7 replies)
... Thanks for your input BB. We really didn't understand what type of Bleph she had until just a few hours ago when we visited a website which had some photos of Bleph and notice that she has MGD. Have you tried the plugs? (4 replies)
... MiguelX, I have had blepharitis and MGD also ocular rosacea since November, 2004. I am still fighting it. In the beginning, all drops and I mean all, irritated by eyes and eye lids. ... (4 replies)
... Not sure if what I have is conjuntivochalasis, though. My ophth. never mentioned it. I have found that what works best for my eyes is to just leave them alone. I'm not kidding! ... (2 replies)
... and numerous surgeries later for removal of these growths as well as what the doctor diagnosed as conjunctivochalasis, my eyes improved somewhat but not significantly. ... (2 replies)
... I've been doing okay. I kind of just gave up with the ophthalmologists, and my eyes, since nothing was helping. Ironically, my eyes felt a little better when I stopped everything. They aren't perfect, but they are tolerable...for the most part. ... (12 replies)
... y now that we know I have Rosacea. I already have Meibomitis, but that's just the first stage in that happens before Blepharitis. The thing is that we caught the MGD very early and we have been treating it with hot compresses and hopefully it will prevent it from ever progressing to Blepharitis. ... (12 replies)

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