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... Thank you so much for continuing to respond. Yes, I had the monovision before when I had lasik done on both eyes and didn't have a problem. The ALT tx was done a year before the cataract surgery. ... (33 replies)
... Well that can explain some of your problem. With alt laser tx it is a heat laser and it burns the eye, once you've had it you cant repeat it. A for the monovision have you had mono vision before in contacts? ... (33 replies)
... Pts79, I'm guessing that you are in your 40's, and you're mildly nearsighted. You're at an age when just about everybody starts to lose their ability to accommodate (focus). So when your eyes are corrected for best distance vision, you've begun to lose your ability to see well up close. That's why your doctor recommended bifocals for you. However, being mildly nearsighted... (3 replies)

... glasses for 20 years. I wore contacts part of that time, but quit when I started working at a computer fulltime. Last week I decided to try using one contact for monovision that a friend has done and it is working well for her. But, my doctor tried only one contact on me over a several day period and I couldn't see very well. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, my surgeon apparently was trying for modified monovision and some people would be ecstatic with what I have, I'm sure. But I really don't like the 2 eyes being different and told them up front that I didn't want that. ... (36 replies)
... Eye-Kant-C, I can't believe that you're waiting to find out whether your doctors will order the contacts you want. There is no medical reason why you cannot have these contacts; and, after all, it's YOUR vision not THEIR vision we're talking about. In addition, I'm guessing that you have a problem seeing with both eyes together because one eye is farsighted (i.e.,... (36 replies)
... Hi SP -- I think the term you are looking for is "neuroadapt." And like you I can see for miles on a sunny day. I prefer to pull back a little on the distance and possibly improve closeup, because like you, for years of being able to see up close, that's a huge loss to me. If I can ever get the contacts to try that, I'll let you know!!! I am only -.50 different between... (36 replies)
... This is an update ... I saw my surgeon today and he seems to be too irritated with me to help with my problems at all. ... (36 replies)
... Hi -- I saw my surgeon today and he said I have an extremely good range of vision between the 2 eyes: one for close and one for distance. And I again said yes, they are each great ... separately. But I didn't WANT monovision. I want to try a contact in the "near adjusted eye" that's not as strong, since the one I had (-1.50) was overcorrecting that eye for distance. And he... (36 replies)
... Eye-Kant-C, there is SO much truth in everything you say! Reading through your posts on this thread, all the pain that you experienced really stands out. It is not normal to experience that degree of pain post-cataract surgery. And the comments made by your surgeon's associate lead me to believe that your surgery was not exactly stellar in its execution. Who says that the... (36 replies)
... multifocal contacts or even slight monovision contacts. ... (36 replies)
... I have same vision in both eyes (same implant lenses). I have worn progressives for 10 years prior to catarct surgery, without problems. (5 replies)
... and was very happy with them. No problems whatsoever. ... (5 replies)
... I have seen numerous doctor's over the past couple years. I am at the age where I need some help with reading lenses now but have had distance problems for a while. I have progressive glasses which I have no problem with but want to wear contacts too. ... (2 replies)
... larger and a little lower than my good eye, so my brain had problems fusing the images. Was hard to adjust to with walking down store aisles, etc. Took a while for things to improve with the brain neuroadaptation. ... (66 replies)
... ing cataract surgery on both eyes after Thanksgiving. I have requested ReStor Lens to replace lens removed. Is anyone familiar with these lens and any possible problems they might cause? ... (15 replies)
... The people who tend to be happiest with ReStor (a multifocal lens) have the following characteristics: healthy eyes (no dry eyes, no retina problems), no astigmatism, small pupils, a surgeon who is experienced with multifocals. There are many online posts from very unhappy multifocal patients. The Crystalens provides good distance and intermediate vision to many people,... (5 replies)
Double vision
Mar 5, 2011
... and need at least four to six hours of sleep, but doing that disturbs my sleep at night. Thankfully, anxiety is not an issue here. Like you, I tend to have more problems at night with double vision. ... (13 replies)
Double vision
Mar 5, 2011
... and in a moving vehicle. I had the same problems that you described in your first post. ... (13 replies)
... s, definitely NOT Restor. At best, you'll get a degraded quality of vision and impaired intermediate vision. And you better hope that you won't develop macular problems later in life. There are MANY unhappy patients with this IOL. You'll probably need glasses for some tasks. And don't count on being able to drive at night. ... (2 replies)

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