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... I'm doing a little bit better today. My eyes still feel really crappy, but there did not seem to be so much crust this morning. They're just really itchy and irritated, and maybe a little red at times. They also look a little puffy to me, but I can never tell for sure. It's alright. ... (323 replies)
... I would love to talk to either of you...I am at the end of my rope with my eye and my symptoms sound like your's. ... (6 replies)
... I have had the same problem for years, I have started using baby oil to take my make up off, I use baby shampoo to wash my face and eyes after. It helped for a bit, but I still can't wear eye shadow, I take my mascara off as soon as I get home and I'm not going anywhere else. ... (21 replies)

... he initially thought it was a bug bite but said it was probably eczema as he took a closer look. Treated it with steroids and antibiotic and topical cortisone creme. Only slightly swollen a week later and still a little red. ... (21 replies)
... for the last 6 years, recently it became slightly worse. In my case, it is only my right eyebrow that is swollen, it never gets itchy or red or anything, but it just won't dont go away! ... (21 replies)
... I really wasn't sure what board to put this on because I seem to have migrating symptoms and wondering if they're all related. ... (0 replies)
... up and brushes. Cleared up for a couple days, then came back raging. It was depressing. Then I prayed, and asked God to show me what it know, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! ... (1 replies)
Itchy eyelids
Jul 8, 2009
... up and brushes. Cleared up for a couple days, then came back raging. It was depressing. Then I prayed, and asked God to show me what it know, it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! ... (4 replies)
Swollen itchy eye
Jun 26, 2009
... I woke up 2 mornings ago with swollen and itchy eyelids. During the day the swelling goes down a little, but the itchiness remains. It's really bad under my eye with alot of swelling. And got worst last night. What is this ? ... (1 replies)
... does sound like a stye, although I always thought a stye forms around eyelashes. I had one a couple of times when I was a kid, always on the lower eyelash line, and I remember the itching, swelling and redness. ... (21 replies)
... three days it becomes scaley and dry. The whole thing happens ONLY on the left eyelid, never on the right one. ... (21 replies)
... A few months back i woke up one day and over the stretch of a few days noticed my left eye lid was becoming red and super super itchy. it was swollen a bit but didnt hurt and my eyeball is fine. ... (2 replies)
... swollen, goopy, and pinkish. ... (1 replies)
... ok, day three and my eye is as swollen as yesterday.... ... (9 replies)
... sorry for taking so long to post. Well I'm still doing the hot compresses twice a day. My entire eyelid area is very sensative. Today one eye was very itchy. When I itched that area I got small raised bumps, and my eye became swollen. I had no makeup on my eyes. ... (6 replies)
... I saw my eye dr yesterday, and he said that although I have some minor inflammation in one of my eyelids, he did not see any signs of blepharitis. I asked him about my meibomian glands, and he said "they look fine. ... (3 replies)
... I have the exact same thing, i am allergic to animal fur and i have pets so originally that's what i thought it was, but its rather peculiar, so i guessed it was something more. ... (21 replies)
... I had the same problem with my right eye. It got so bad I finally went to an allergist. She tested me for chemical allergies, can't remember the name of the test. ... (21 replies)
... I ended up seeing an allergist. She said I had atopic dermatitis, or eczema. I told her I thought it was allergic contact dermatitis and asked for a patch test. She said it might as well be ACD but to her it looked like AD. ... (21 replies)
... Your problem is the EXACT same thing I have and it has been driving me crazy for the past 6 months. I have been searching and searching the internet for answers but can't seem to find anything, I am so frustrated! Just like you it is my left eyelid... ... (21 replies)

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