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Burning eyes
Nov 27, 2005
... lately, whenever i cry, my tears burn my eyes. when it burns, it burns! it has never happened before. should i go see a doctor about this? ... (1 replies)
... Almost every dr that I have ever seen 9and in my entire life, that has been an awful lot! ... (56 replies)
... burning eyes in the morning or when you awaken? ... (2 replies)

My tears burn
Jan 9, 2006
... I had a similar problem.. usually I'd just be sitting around, and suddenly my eyes would water and sting a little bit. I went to the eye dr. and he said I was getting bacteria in my eye.. ... (5 replies)
My tears burn
Jan 5, 2006
... My eyes water a lot for no reason. Sometimes I'll just be sitting watching TV or having a normal conversation with someone and my eyes will start to tear. What's worse is that most of the time, the tears really hurt my eyes. ... (5 replies)
... I don't know what the heck happened. My lid margins became bright red and very sore where the lash follicles at the ridge and swollen too. ... (488 replies)
Dry Eyes
Nov 29, 2004
... My Rheum., as well as my Opthmalogist, said I have extremely dry eyes. I can no longer wear contacts because of this. My question is to anyone that has been dx with Sjorgens syndrome, do your own tears burn your eyes? ... (4 replies)
... Well, my eyes don't necessarily cause me extreme pain, but they can burn at night sometimes. My eye was red all day yesterday and felt irratable last night when I was getting a glass of water, so I expected the same eye to be red today and it is fine. ... (6 replies)
... I've been having problems with dry eyes since April 2010. This suddenly started and coincided with me changing jobs and has gradually worsened to the point I decided to leave work. ... (0 replies)
... This is a problem I've had for a while now. My right eye will tear up and then will burn and turn red. ... (0 replies)
... I can only answer your questions as they pertain to my experience, 'cause every person and their situation is different. My eyes are at the far end of the spectrum for severe dryness. Nothing else worked for me. I have been wearing them for about six months. ... (6 replies)
... minutes before you use the steroid drop, you use the artificial tears. That way you are making sure that your eye isn't dry before you put in the steroids. Drops burn much more on eyes that are dry. You also need to give the steroids more time before you make your decision about whether or not they are working. ... (24 replies)
Corneal Erosion
Feb 2, 2006
... I have been having problems with my eyes for quite some time. About 3 months ago, I started waking up and having a shooting pain in one or the other of my eyes and felt something tearing. I then would be blind in that eye for almost an entire day. ... (56 replies)
... Starfox, it is just not possible for me to go without using tear drops. My eyes are so bone dry that they are incredibly painful if I don't use them. Plus, I don't have very much oil in my tears anyway. ... (74 replies)
... my eye doctor told me to stay in the house on the fourth, because with my bad luck lately he doesn't want to have to take any firecrackers out of my eyes! ... (74 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
May 24, 2005
... I speak from personal experience: Dry eye is a hypothyroid symptom. A thyroid hormone imbalance causes less than optimal heart performance which causes less than optimal oxygen supplies to all body organ systems. If you have red veins in your eyes, for example, they aren't getting enough oxygen. If your body temperature is sub-normal, this is also an indication that... (488 replies)
... I recently got upper eyelid plugs and the moisture level on my eyes overflows and is very eyes eventually adjust so this problem subsides? ... (0 replies)
... dicine, and it would go away, and in a few month's it would come back, and this happened over and over for the past 5 years. Which lead to me now having scars on my cornea, in 1 eye the scar is directly on my line of vision, which makes it just that much harder to see anymore. ... (0 replies)
... another schrim. test. They may not want to take the time but remember you are the customer! Don't let them rush you with the appointment. I would write down all my questions and make sure I get them answered. You are paying them not the other way around. ... (488 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Jan 26, 2005
... It seemed to dry my eyes out further. It always burned too. I gave up at 6 wks. Maybe too soon. ... (488 replies)

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