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No tear Ducts
Oct 15, 2008
... Hi, i recently had a operation to remove a benign tumer from the maxillary sinus,but they had to cut through the tear ducts and drill part of the orbit away due to infection only on the right side,i was told before the op my eye would be watery at times wich it is,however i have a lot of pain in the eye itselfe and some days my eye is half closed and blurry,also ever scince... (0 replies)
... Get a face cloth and run it under warm water then close your eye and rub the cloth on your bottom lid until the cloth is no longer warm. Do the same for the the top and repeat both steps for the other eye. ... (1 replies)
... and allergies so bad most of the time I can't even think of wearing them, so no contacts as much now. ... (3 replies)

... Has your doctor ever considered cauterizing your other two tear ducts? ... (6 replies)
... I was told that I have open tear ducts wich causes ALL water content to evaporate. The Doc gave a name and said it was VERY rare. Every doc I've seen since cannot tell me this name? ... (6 replies)
Tear duct plugs?
Jan 6, 2004
... so severe that I had to get all 4 tear ducts permanently closed by cauterization, and I STILL don't have enough tears to keep my eyes comfortable. ... (19 replies)
... bout three weeks ago my started tearing a lot. It was bothersome but i ignored it. After a couple of weeks i went to an eye doctor and he examined it and said my ducts are swollen closed. Not a blockage but swollen and gave me elestat eyedrops. I have pvd so no steroids. ... (0 replies)
Dry eye problem?
Dec 20, 2013
... hi this problem runs in my family and its the reason I don't wear contacts. It really makes me mad because I can wear the monovision ones with no peoblems. I'm close to having cateract surgery so hopefully I won't have to deal with it too long. ... (2 replies)
... I am concerned about a poor boy, 12 years of age, lives in Pakistan. His name is Humza. I have no relation with this boy. ... (1 replies)
ILM Peeling
Apr 18, 2011
... glasses correction is still working well. I still have silicone stents in my tear ducts from my surgery last December. They are scheduled to be removed in June, but I truly hate them. They block my tear duct and keep my eye teary. ... (78 replies)
... on the eyelids. The tear ducts to which you refer are near the inner corner of your eye top and bottom near nose and there is one only on the top and bottom. ... (5 replies)
... A week later, I went to see the Optometrist, and when I went in there were no visible flakes, my lids were just visibly red. ... (1 replies)
... Today marks week 13 since I remember the "original event" occurring. We were out camping and I woke up very early, rubbed my eyes and felt something tear across my left eye. I thought to myself that this just couldn't be good and went back to sleep. It took two days for me to be able to open my eye fully. ... (5 replies)
Watering Eye
Sep 10, 2010
... it showed no obvious blockages. ... (6 replies)
... I think they are regular tears and no triggers. The eye just tears whenever it feels like it. ... (5 replies)
... I still have too many tears in this eye and the Dr. says there is nothing else he can do my tear ducts are open and I just have to live with this. It is driving me crazy. Anyone else have a similar problem and any known fix? ... (5 replies)
... I have noticed that both my eyelids sort of 'stretch' out to the sides WAY more than usual. In saying that, I mean that the side opposite to where my tear ducts are, there is kind of a red opening of some sort. Where the eyelid seems stretched out exposing something that in my mind shouldn't be there. ... (1 replies)
... why do i have 1 constantly watering eye, i have had my tear ducts enlarged 1 eye is same and the other has got much worse, i have been suscribed vibromycin which has made no difference and makes me feel nauseous (3 replies)
... for which there is no specific cause but which produces sticky mucous due to under production of normal eye lubricant. ... (6 replies)
... ght eye sees up close but is very blurry for distance. i have a lot of haze being caused by this eye now. halos and starbursts at night are horrific. there is no way i can drive. ... (19 replies)

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