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... Oh no, its gone. and most of the time I dont get the "normal" headaches before or after them. its a 24 hours, 365 day a year constant head "pressure" on the right side of my head...but some times, I get the tingling in my fingers in my right arm and my peripheral vision goes out the window. ... (20 replies)
... Ok all. here's the deal. pressure on the right side of the head. temple area. sometimes with sharp pains. ... (20 replies)
... oh no, its me thanking you all for posting back to me. without you guys going through this and giving feed back I would not know what to do or where to start looking. So if I am correct the first primary things that I should tell the docs to check for should be: PTC CSF, the normal cysts, tumors etc.. did i miss anything? (20 replies)

... Your past medical history and injuries are important in nailing down the cause of your symptoms so bring them to your phys' attention. ... (20 replies)
... Moylan, are you still experiencing vision loss in your right eye? ... (20 replies)
... yep usually when the two fingers go number, the rest of the arm feels fairly normal. but around the right temple area feels a bit numb too. ... (20 replies)
... Well are they ordering tests to see why you are having these symptoms, like an MRI to see if you have any unusual swelling to cause vision loss, extra CSF fluid (see intracranial hypertension aka PsuedoTumor Cerebri (PTC) to cause head pressure, or if you have any brain lesions--numbness? Numbness, head pressure and vision loss are signs to be investigated IF not migraine. (20 replies)
... migraines because the symptoms that I have fit the classic cyst, tumor causes along with the aspects of having increases pressure and or sometimes increased pain in the head when you bend down or what some call bearing down... ... (20 replies)
... Aura also can occur without a subsequent migraine, a factor that can result in mischaracterization of the migraine type. More on this below. ... (20 replies)
... ok, well I dont have migranes. in fact i've never had them. But you bring up a good point. ... (20 replies)
... I believe I know the trigger in my own case, but everybody is different. You've got to determine what seems to be the common cause for you and change that activity. ... (20 replies)
... Experience change in vision or in your ability to walk, general weakness, NUMBNESS, or loss of senses. ... (20 replies)
... Ok. But in all of these cases, have you any idea as to the root cause of the problems? ... (20 replies)
... It is not unusual for the symptoms to always be on one side. In my case they were always on the left. It's only been in the last few years that they've started to switch sides. ... (20 replies)
... nope it does not switch sides. It is always on the same side and it is always involving the vission loss the same way, the numbness the same way. always always always. nothing changes. That's whats odd about it. ... (20 replies)
... If it is always on the same side, you should get it checked. Migraines should at least occasionaly occur on each side. Also, the numbness with migraines usually "moves" (called Jacksonian march) much like the visual aura usually moves across your vision than out. I'm not saying that migraines have to fall under these rules, but those are a couple dignostic criteria that... (20 replies)
... Yes I do sometimes have trouble with speech etc too. My question is how serious is it? Most of the symptoms that i've got can be read off of tumour symptoms. (20 replies)
... Absolutely. I often have numbness on one side with a migraine aura. Usually the left hand, sometimes my lips or left side of my face. ... (20 replies)
... Moylan: Whenever I'm reading my Aeronautical Engineering manuals on the blade azimuthal ballancing factors for helicopter rotor blades, I have no idea what I'm reading either! T. (20 replies)
... Have you ever had any type of epidural injection into your spine? NOPE, NEVER (20 replies)

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