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... I'm thinking perhaps I was overreacting. I looked at my eyes this morning and the pupils were still different sizes. I checked them again about a half hour ago to find that they've gone back to normal and are still responding to light as normal. ... (5 replies)
... and one of his pupils is dilated and the other is not, all the time. They were pretty sure that it wasn't serious but they did do an MRI of his brain to make sure that he didn't have a tumor. ... (5 replies)
Dilated pupils
Aug 19, 2001
... can any one explain or send me to a site that explains how light (frequency, amplitude, and wavelength) cause the eyes to become dilated, and what is the physical explanation of the occurence(what is the cornea and other parts of the eye doing when dilated) (0 replies)

... y always there. It's not a headache, though it feels a bit like one. I'm not prone to headaches, but this isn't what I experience as a headache. It's just on the one side, very definitely. ... (4 replies)
... We don't exactly have one around here and being 17 doesn't help. ... (2 replies)
... When I was 23 I had a detached retina in my right eye, which required surgery (and the placement of a permanent buckle), I was also given a laser treatment to handle lattice issues in my left eye. I also was left with some tiny floaters, which donít obstruct my vision, but are annoying at times, especially initially when going outside into the sunlight. For the past... (16 replies)
... Halos, floaters, and unequal pupils are all things that can be very benign, and are all very common. I work for an ophthalmologist, corneal surgeon. I, myself, have pupils of unequal size. ... (4 replies)
... If the Neuro gave you a clean bill I wouldnt worry at all really. Everyone's pupils can be different. For me I have the same problem. ... (1 replies)
... hey lots of things can causedifferent size pupils- known as anisocoria- if the condition is longstanding then it is likely to be a benign neurological anomaly, however, sudden onset different size pupils can be indicative of more serious problems- go and get it checked out (2 replies)
... I told the nurse at the clinic i thought my pupils were uneven and she told me it was probably just smaller on the side of my face where there was more light. Eh... could be... ... (7 replies)
... Lately I have noticed when I look in the bathroom mirror that my pupils are SLIGHTLY uneven. It isn't that one is HUGE and the other is a pinhole. Its like a mild size difference. The right one usually appears larger when i witness this phenomenon. ... (7 replies)
... n so long that I had forgotten what seeing clearly looked like! I still have some issues because the other eye has a large amount of floaters and I'm having that one done this week. ... (3 replies)
... It all started when one day I noticed a quite a few floaters. I'd never really had any lingering ones before but I didn't think much of it. ... (1 replies)
... I had my pupils dilated. ... (1 replies)
Vision Problems
Feb 17, 2013
... I have been to see a Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon but that was over 2 years ago, I have seen him two times in fact. He took my eye pressure and dilated my pupils, he is very well respected in his field. ... (4 replies)
... But I'm still skeptical about my eye health. Is it possible that something serious like glaucoma could go undetected in an eye exam in which pressure is checked, pupils are dilated, etc.? ... (9 replies)
... Also symptoms of nightblindness and loss of peripheral vision are so subjective and can be so subtle in the early stages of the disease, that one can sometimes not be consciously aware of it as a patient. ... (2 replies)
... I just got back home and am having trouble reading anything lol my pupils are so dilated i look like one of those cartoon characters from the 30's with the huge eyes. Well, once again i go to a doctor and it turns out to be nothing, even though i see something! ... (22 replies)
Nov 25, 2006
... (62 replies)
... Hello everyone....Ok, i've been having this wierd eye problem for about 2 weeks now. The problem is, when I look into a mirror one of my pupils is slightly more dilated than the other, and they usually switch around. ... (0 replies)

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