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... a couple of days ago my one eye lid started to be sore... every day i wake up it's getting puffier and puffier... ... (1 replies)
... My Eye MD and "second opinion" one said I have nothing to worry about. ... (7 replies)
... the neon lights going...this happens before the headache goes from there all day to unbearable. My eyes are light sensitive and within the last 6 weeks I woke up one morning and had extreme puffy eyes that were so sore. ... (0 replies)

... I am an American student studying in Italy right now and before I left I developed a reoccurring eye problem. ... (2 replies)
... history first. I have lattice degeneration in both eyes and have been 'watching' for the signs for retina detatchment for quite sometime. About 4 weeks ago, the eye started with the bright flashes of lights and an increase in floats. Had it checked and was told to 'watch for the curtain' effect. ... (3 replies)
... I saw the doctor last week - he initially thought it was a bug bite but said it was probably eczema as he took a closer look. Treated it with steroids and antibiotic and topical cortisone creme. Only slightly swollen a week later and still a little red. I am hoping I don't have a reoccurrence, but listening to what everyone else is saying, I'm guessing I will. Have you seen... (21 replies)
... Hey.. you guys/girls are not alone. I have a similar condition that hasn't changed (at least for good) for the last 6 years, recently it became slightly worse. In my case, it is only my right eyebrow that is swollen, it never gets itchy or red or anything, but it just won't dont go away! i tried lots of remedies for "puffy eyes" like applying ice and cucumber, drinking lots of... (21 replies)
... ike something in it is aggrevating the delicate skin around your eyes. Also be careful not to get any around your eyes at all. If you need moisturizer for your eye area get one labeled for eyes. ... (1 replies)
... t isn't puffy. I don't consume a lot of salt, etc. The only thing, is back in December I wore a pair of O2 optix, brand new, and had a horrible reaction in that eye to where I couldn't even open my eye and it swelled really bad. I later found out certain boxes of O2 optix had been recalled, and the box I had was one of them. ... (2 replies)
... If I get enough water and rest, I have very small bags under my eyes, basically unnoticable. That is on my left eye anyways. Under my right eye however, I have a fairly noticeable bag and I wouldn't say its puffy, it looks a bit redish and more swelled up than puffy. ... (1 replies)
... I had eye surgery in 1978, to correct a lazy eye. Now, all this time later, my eye seems a little puffy and appears to be starting to droop again. I also have alot of pain in the eye. ... (2 replies)
... eyes are puffy. I'm leaning towards allergies. It seems to get worse when I go outside but I don't get a reaction until the next morning I wake up and the right one is really watery and red but not itchy. I also woke up today and my new kitty was trying to rub up against that bad eye if you can believe. ... (2 replies)
... Since October I have been experiencing bouts of dryness, red and scaly skin on the my eyelid up to my eyebrows and puffy redness under my eyes. I am quite young and know it is nothing to do with age. It seems to only happen in Massachusetts and not California. ... (2 replies)
... It was very irrataiting because i could'nt judge distances of the size of things with out closing that right eye. And after wearing those glasses made that right eye make everything look big even when i took them off just from wearing them so long like that, it must have got use to it in that short period of time. ... (2 replies)
... feels soreness in their eye muscles when looking sideways or up, and hay fever or allergy medicine is not working GO TO THE DOCTOR and demand blood tests for your thyroid etc. ... (12 replies)
... the left eye, sometimes as if the eye's dry, but other times as if there's a constant stabbing behind the eye. It generally lasts for a long time. If it comes on one day, it'll last the whole day, and probably much longer than that. ... (2 replies)
... e for your sake that your blepharitis is going away. But I have learned that even with a few good days here and there, it still comes back to haunt me. ALL of my eye problems come back to haunt me! AAAAAALLLLLLLL of them! ... (67 replies)
... I'm in New England as well. When my eye looked puffy yesterday I would not say that anyone other then myself could notice it. I will try irrigation tonight. ... (9 replies)
... ing closely, but it always feels at least a little swollen. BTW, the last couple of days I have not had work and in days off I just end up focusing on that left eye and wondering when it's going to stop feeling this way! ... (9 replies)
... Ever since this started I have been aware of all kinds of other things with my eyes like floaters because I am so focused on my eye all the time. I have tried allergy meds and they have not helped. I have also tried nasacort nasal spray and that one seemed to help a little but not much. ... (9 replies)

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