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... Perhaps it's dry eye which can cause pain and a feeling like something in it. If you haven't already tried them, try natural tears. They come in various forms - drops, thicker drops, gels. Won't hurt but may help. You might ask the doctor - ophthalmologist? - if he sees that the eye is dry. Hope this helps. (1 replies)
... Small swelling in maybe cornea but it is not anything else. He prescribe Trobadex for 2 weeks but pain is still there in my left eye. Pressure and everything else looks normal mid 13-14s. Everything else clear. When I blink it feels like something is in my eye. This left eye of mine has got a few Styes before below the eyelid, I strongly suspect it to be like a stye inside of... (1 replies)
... HI there; You should really go see an opthamologist, a medical doctor of the eyes- not to be confused with an optologist, who makes glasses. Things like this can be perfectly normal with aging, or they can indicate a problem such as a tear in your retina, which can be serious. You didnt have any head injuries in the past few months, did you? You werent hit in the head by... (2 replies)

... Something is causing the mites to overpopulate. Generally our immune system keeps the Demodex in check. I went through the same thing. Never had a stye in my life, then started having them every week. Could quite possibly be some a health problem suppressing your immune system, or an insufficiency in nutrients your not getting from your diet, causing a weakened immune... (5 replies)
... Looking for the best Opthamologist in Central New Jersey. ... (3 replies)
... I wear glasses and can't see far away. My left eye is bothering and I need to see a doctor. I think something is wrong. Am I better off seeing a opthamologist or optometrist? ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with blepharitis by an opthamologist about 2-3 years ago, and since then it has only gotten worse after multiple visits. At this point I think I understand the condition better than this doctor so I'm ready to get a second opinion... thanks. (0 replies)
... I recently has an eye exam with my Optometrist and got new disposable contacts in Janurary. I decided not to do the eye dialation. Anyway, lately I have had an increase in eye floaters and I believe I have been seeing some flashing light. I am only 25 but I am rather concerned and will make an appointment Monday to get my eyes checked and hopefully have dialation done. My... (2 replies)
... My mom has advanced glaucoma and has been doctoring in south carolina for the past year. We have relocated to Monroe New Jersey and I am looking for a good opthamologist to continue her care. Can anyone help? ... (1 replies)
... who is the best opthamologist (3 replies)
... n my eyes wide to feel better, but then the pressure sensation gets worse. I've been to neurologists, neurosurgeons, lyme doc, etc. Would it be worth seeing an opthamologist for this to see if there is anything behind my eyes doing this? ... (1 replies)
... How would I go about seeing an opthamologist? Do you have to see a general practitioner first and get a referral or can you make an appointment directly with the opthamologist? Thanks (1 replies)
... I am disabled and on ssi and medicaid I am having vision problems and want to find out if medicaid covers a visit to an opthamologist? (3 replies)
... I was wondering if there are certain conditions that a opthamologist could miss and a retinal specialist catch? ... (1 replies)
... Everyone's vision changes over the years. As we get older, we tend to get more far sighted- which means if you are near sighted to begin with, you will have an area in your life where you will think your vision is improving, however, if the far sightedness gets too extreme, youll wish you had longer arms, or youll get reading glasses. If your eyes have some astigmatism,... (4 replies)
... eye. Optomotrists are simply people who are trained to fit contact lenses and do eye exams for glasses. If there was something actually wrong with your eyes, an opthamologist could see behind the eye, to the optic nerve, and check to make sure nothing is wrong. ... (11 replies)
... Hi. I wanted to update this to say that I did two treatments. I asked my opthamologist for a treatment for demodex, because demodex mites have been implicated in chronic chalazion. ... (5 replies)
... For the past month I have had a lightly sharp pain way in the back of my eyes. More like a headache type of thing. I went to both optometrist and opthamologist and both said they saw nothing. I have had allergies and my doctor said its because of that so all she perscribed me was Nasal spray.which did help. ... (0 replies)
... have an underlying eye condition that causes it. I do know how frustrating it is though. There are a lot of causes but I'm assuming your opthamologists and neuro opthamologist will rule them out. In my case it's misalignment of the eyes, however I get double vision when my eyes are straight. ... (5 replies)
... Hi there, my opthamologist is sending me to a neuro-opthamologist. My vision is starting to get better but still not normal. I have double vision every morning when I wake up but that goes away pretty quickly and at the end of the day it comes back and I feel like I have strained my eyes all day. No underlying eye problems. I still have constant pressure in my head that... (5 replies)

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