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... I would really appreciate it if anyone who has had pinguecula removal surgery could get in touch and tell me how it went? ... (0 replies)
... roblems I had with the first surgery, I don't think I would have surgery on my "good" eye! If I could go back in time, I would never have had the surgery. Having pinguecula is much, much better than losing peripheral vision, and having a portion of your iris that is atrophied and cannot constrict in light. ... (3 replies)
... on these board often and I didn't get an email notification. I'm so sorry that your surgery caused you so much pain and more problems.I know how upsetting these pinguecula are. Id really like to have them removed as they are really effecting me on a daily basis. ... (3 replies)

... Hello, I'd be so so grateful if anyone whose had pinguecula or pterygium removal surgery could get in tough and let me know about their experience. ... (0 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Pinguecula around two months ago. After a week of sever irritation in both eyes, I went to the eye doctor and she told me I must have had them for "years". ... (0 replies)
... and had two of them on my left eye removed in September 2011. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the surgery as I have very bad results. ... (3 replies)
... me to time. They really upset me and cause me to feel quite depressed. I went to see a specialist last week and he has told my gp that they may prescribe steroid eye drops when they become inflamed. ... (3 replies)
... I have had a lump on my left eye for the last 7 years and it sometimes gets red and swollen. Doctors have told me it is a Pinguecula. ... (0 replies)
... morning and night and things are fine. I use a cotton bud to put the castor oil on like an eyeliner. I have been trying the warm compresses as recommended by the eye doctor but I have a feeling that this aggravates my eyes. I find cold compresses and cool water on my face work best. ... (0 replies)
May 12, 2009
... If you google pinguecula you will find a lot about this. It is an ugly little thing. Some says it is because you have dry eyes you get this. ... (1 replies)
Apr 30, 2009
... I have a small cyst on my eye very close to my eyeball looks like it is full of jelly and it is an off white colour. ... (1 replies)
My Pterygium/ping
Mar 30, 2009
... Hi RTT, I totally disagree that the pterygium could be removed with a laser. I don't believe this would be possible, however, I am seeing a Pterygium Eye-doctor on April 15th and will bring this up with him. He has 20yrs experience in this field and ONLY performs pterygium surgery and pterygium research. Thanks, Kerry (24 replies)
My Pterygium/ping
Mar 14, 2009
... They look like yellow fleshy bumps in eye and when irritated red veins would feed to them. I also have one in my left eye that was never removed. ... (24 replies)
Hard bump on eye
Mar 6, 2009
... nd and said, "oh, it's probably one of those pinguecula's. You'll likely have it the rest of your life" I said, "So I'll feel like I have something stuck in my eye for the rest of my life? ... (1 replies)
... I had pterygium/pinguecula excision on December 16 and my tissue around the removal site is always red, veiny, and irritated to this day. Does this go away? I had procedure to improve comfort and appearanc, so far all that i have is more comfort. Thanks (4 replies)
... does occur. You might be asked to sign a disclaimer to that effect if you do manage to find a surgeon willing to do it. A good starting point would be Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. You could try calling them. ... (1 replies)
Eye drops
Apr 14, 2008
... Anybody heard of MSM Eye Drops? ... (1 replies)
... Hi there :) Search on the internet for the word "pinguecula" -- is it like that? A pinguecula, unless it causes you inflammation/discomfort, is usually harmless. If you notice it is causing your eye to be dry or red (sometimes tears cannot wash over them properly, so they become sore) then speak to your doctor. My dad has had one for years, his optician noted it,... (1 replies)
... THankS for the info.. I went to the eye doctor on friday, She told me that my pings should cause no problems for me.. and gave me Acuvue Advance with Hydroclear... So far everythings going great! ... (9 replies)
... I don't know a thing about contacts, but I am going to the eye doctor next week to see if I can get some. I am afraid I won't be able to wear contacts due to the fact I have 2 Pings on the inner parts of my eyes. ... (9 replies)

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