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... ation high in Vitamin A and wear glasses. I recently bought a car and have been driving often at night, whereas before, I rarely ever did. It's obvious that at night that people can't see as well, but it seems as though I'm having too much trouble when I drive. ... (3 replies)
Cataract surgery
Jan 13, 2007
... I'm a bit hesitant too because it's my one reading eye. Night vision is possible so I'm surviving as is. ... (107 replies)
... t all eyeglass stores sell this superior quality caoting, so be sure to ask for it. One great brand is Crizal. Another is Vivix. I know this doesn't help with night blindness so much, but the coating will help. ... (3 replies)

... Hi I am here to tell you that you are not alone with this. I have Night blindness and it is treatable. ... (3 replies)
... It sounds like you have what I have! I'm always cautious when driving at night because the lines at stoplights, etc., tend to sneak up on me. ... (3 replies)
... L contacts for 13 years and recently decided to switch to AV2 disposables. My problem is that I am having EXTREME difficulty seeing at night when I am driving. My vision is not crisp and lights are blurred. It is bad enough that I am not even driving at night. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, my vision feels more wavy with glasses on, but I don't think it really is, it's just that without the glasses it doesn't see much at all! ... (5 replies)
Vision Concerns
Dec 29, 2012
... I am now 24 years old. I started wearing glasses in 2009, about a year and a half after I had started working. During my very first vision exam, prior to getting my first set of glasses, I had double vision while looking through the corrective lenses that they use during the exam. ... (0 replies)
Salzmanns Nodules
Sep 25, 2011
... several months apart over the past year. I was to the point where I had light sensitivity as well as a large amount of uncorrectable astigmatism as well as very poor night vision. ... (10 replies)
... dryness, starburst, poor night vision, blurred vision, double and triple vision, pain when in bright light. I think my vision has continuously declined since the surgery and now I hear I have to go back to wearing glasses. ... (1 replies)
... Hi i had an Eye Dr appointment (routine yearly check up) in May. I have congential strabismus, and had surgey twice to fix it, so i see an opthamologist. I told her that i had been having trouble reading at work, trouble with flourescent lighting, and eye strain. She told me i was describeing symptoms of a cataract, but she couldnt' see one, so she has ordered an ERG test... (3 replies)
Cataract surgery
Jan 12, 2007
... I have huge halos, which means poor night vision, but I haven't had a capsulotomy yet because I'm not convinced it would be any better. ... (107 replies)
... floaters and halos as well. I have Myopia and Astigmatism. You should get another opinion. Floaters may be a sign of retinal detachment. Cataracts can cause poor night vision and halos. ... (1 replies)
... And, since I would be having the YAG because of poor night vision with giant halos and starbursts...well, that was why I had the cataract surgery, and now it's much worse. ... (9 replies)
... Changes in vision occur. ... (35 replies)
... least partly to blame. I get muscle spasms that do "pull" and "tug" but it is not limited to the eyes, neck, feet or hamstrings. I think you need to have some vision tests performed. ... (5 replies)
... me. This 'vibration' is constant, but especially noticeable when I look at blue sky, broad expanses of colour, patterns such as mosaic or brick walls and also in poor light conditions. I also seem to see shimmery movement around lamps. ... (5 replies)
... I have experienced permanent vision problems since taking Accutane. ... (8 replies)
... I have and now I have been dealing with dry eyes for years and poor night vision... Sad to say but the benefits of accutane are pretty much good for me. ... (11 replies)
... I am profoundly grateful for the vision I have! It is no longer something I take for granted. ... (15 replies)

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