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... oves a lot less of the epithelium than PRK. So, it might take longer for you to heal up. But, you can always get a second opinion. My doc said he could not do PRK because of minor cataracts I have and eventually I'll probably need an ICL for the cataracts but that could be years away. ... (125 replies)
... The only other things I can think of if you want to avoid surgery are Dehydrex trial drops for corneal erosion. ... (125 replies)
Corneal erosion
Apr 10, 2012
... Hello I have been suffering for 5 months now and its killing me my baby girl scrapped my eye just before xmas, anyway I currently have a bandage contact lens in did you try that ? I just want the laser as I am still suffering erosions with it in and it is ruining my time with my baby girl. any comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much kaz (4 replies)

Corneal erosion
Apr 12, 2011
... I suffered from recurrent corneal erosions for 8 years and I know your agony. ... (4 replies)
... and I've been erosion free since. Absolutely no problems at all. ... (125 replies)
... ebmd is right about PRK being's not correcting an immediate medical problem. ... (125 replies)
... PTK should be covered by most insurances. PRK is usually not, because it's considered an elective surgery. ... (125 replies)
... Hi Friedi! Sounds like you are moving right along. Glad to hear you didn't have too much pain. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress. I'm doing rather well. It's fitting you should write just now. I just made it through my first night (unintentionally) without putting in the gel. All and all I haven't thought about my eye lately! I do know however, it... (125 replies)
... daily. I've had about one minor erosion a month for since March and the Dextran is supposed to decrease both the frequency and intensity of the erosions so we'll see. ... (125 replies)
... Well, I am 1 year 3 months post surgery. I'm so glad I had it done...but you've heard me say that before. Funny, just last night I had a minor erosion or "scratch" is what I'd like to call it. ... (125 replies)
... After years of avoiding erosions by awakening with my eyes still and adding artificial tears my RCES started happening in REM sleep as well as trying Muro 128, I finally resorted to surgery. So, the doctor did an epithelial scrape a few months back and that failed and I then had PTK done today. I must say although it is slightly uncomfortable, it is rather quick and a lot... (125 replies)
... Hi Mike, Yes, trying to evaluate what is going on is so difficult. I can totally identify. I had both PTK an PRK. The PRK cost me $600 as the insurance wouldn't cover it--the base cost was covered in the PTK. The surgeon administered two seperate applications of the laser--he explained the entire process to me prior and during the procedure. (5 replies)
... because PRK is the same as PTK but also includes the vision correction. ... (5 replies)
... Gosh Mike, sorry to hear that things took a turn for the worse. I can identify with the part about...starting to fall asleep and just catching it--opening your eyes before it scrapes. I too wondered why, when I didn't put drops in, but just suddenly opened my eyes--I didn't have an erosion. Well... if you do have to have PTK, from one who has had it, though I'm not... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, got the email notice of the post…so here is my update: I’m almost at the 7 month mark since my PTK/PRK for my RCE. My routine has become one application of Genteal Gel Severe when I wake up in the middle of the night. Using it before bed doesn’t really seem to make a difference—I would still have to use it when I awake again. Some mornings, if my eyes feel... (125 replies)
... Hi All, I'm just writing to give you an update on my RCE. I see that a lot of people are still suffering from this and I certainly feel for you. My experience was the same as all of you. I had it for nearly 2 years and just couldn't take it any more. I had 2 strommel punctures went thru an array of muro and other things. Slept with patches on my eye - my eye taped shut... (125 replies)
... Hope you will find this board helpful to you and your struggles with RCE. Check out the other RCE, PTK, PRK boards as well, and I suggest going back and reading some older posts from the last couple of years. You will see You Are NOT ALONE! Not by a longshot. ... (125 replies)
... a new area on my cornea became an issue post surgery. During my painful recovery, this area was the source of pain. So the original site of the injury has been erosion free. ... (125 replies)
... for me and the RCE's are happening more than I can stand. I am going to see a new cornea specialist for another opinion in a couple of weeks. Evie, how is the PRK you got, did it completely stop all erosions or do you still get some small ones? ... (125 replies)
... Hi, welcome! I'm a 'regular' around here and I have a lot of posts describing my history and experiences with RCE...but just to give you a quick response to your question, you might want to try Genteal Gel Severe. It isn't greasy and I think it actually lasts longer for me. I think it's easier to apply though sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable after I put it in. I... (125 replies)

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