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... Just a quick update…I didn’t want to bump my thread. So if anyone one wants to see the history of my PTK/PRK please search my posts in this forum. So, today is day 118 since my surgery. I recall in my last thread I bought the Genteal Severe gel for use before bed. (That was around Jan 8th, about 1 month ago). It has been working great. I put it in before bed and... (0 replies)
... First, Mike, I am happy to hear that mornings are getting easier for you, no matter what reason. It'd be nice to pin down a direct thing that helps, but there are so many factors involved that such knowledge becomes elusive. On the matter of sleeping on the back, I must say that I read through your posts earlier, Mike, when my erosions were at their worst. I read and... (55 replies)
... I'm not quite sure I understand your post in that I have found through personal experience and I think most others would agree that sleeping on your back is about the worst thing one can do with Corneal Erosion. ... (55 replies)

... Hi gentealgel - I hadn't noticed, but I'll check on this tube. Occasionally when I am close to the end of a tube, it'll feel like I accidentally touched my eye with the tube, but maybe it's this effect that you are talking about. That only happens when I'm really struggling to get the last bit out though. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I reapply it. It's... (55 replies)
... I agree with you a lot on Genteal Gel for nighttime use, ebmd. I use it every night now and reapply it halfway through the night. I cannot sleep more than four hours without getting an erosion. Do you notice that once you get near the end of the tube the drops start to feel a little harsh? They do for me, anyway. I waste a lot of that product because of that experience. ... (55 replies)
... Since you had PRK rather than straight PTK, it might take a little longer for them to go away. ... (55 replies)
... I change my lens every two to three weeks at the doc's office. I do not have any experience of handling it myself and i will not try now in my poor eye. I am afraid of scratching it by mistake.... imagine, g'd forbid!!! ... (55 replies)
... Evie thank you so much for your PRK diary. Please keep doing it, it is very helpful for those of us considering a ptk or prk. ... (55 replies)
... m having. I work in ophthalmology and was curious about this message board and read the posts. Freidi, I work with Dr. Schirripa in Yonkers, NY, who has a lot of experience with PTK, LASIK and PRK. ... (55 replies)
... t focus on it. Before PRK I had to wear my glasses to read. ... (55 replies)
... Freidi, I had the good fortune of having had experience with my surgeon before this surgery so I didnt have to search for someone. My procedure involved the entire cornea, I had my vision corrected as well. Chuck, I had the lens in for 6 or 7 days. The progression of the recovery was slow but consistent and everyday things get better. It is 3 weeks since the day of... (55 replies)
... I did get just one eye done due to that nagging RCE. I thought before I did the surgery maybe I'd PRK the other for the vision, but I feel differently now. Fortunately, my eyesight isn't what I would call bad, farsighted with astigmatism. ... (55 replies)
... Did you just get PRK in one eye? ... (55 replies)
... After writing in the RCE posts for the last year, I decided on the PTK to address the RCE with PRK correction for my astigmatism and farsightedness. ... (55 replies)
... Hang in there, stem cell research etc. may find a treatment. Hopefully symptoms do not get worse. The irony for me is that I had very successful PRK surgery done in the early 90s and my visual acuity was great. ... (16 replies)
... Judy - I think adding artificial tears before opening ones eyes in the morning should definitely help to avoid most if not all erosions as I have in my situation. But, the Dwelle drops supposedly might either make the RCES go away (cure it) or make it less likely to happen as gentealgel said depending on the reasons behind the RCES. I can tell you that I personally just... (55 replies)
... Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Genteal drops moderate out of the little plastic bottle seems to work as well as the severe "gel", and Evie, it doesn't sting like the gell sometimetimes does. I always put in a drop, wait a minute then add another drop or 2 , it lasts longer in the night that way. Also, very east to get in the eye while lying down in bed in the middle... (55 replies)
... Hi everyone…thought I post a quick update on how things are going…. It has been a week that I started using the Genteal “severe” Gel at night. I put it in at bedtime and then some more in the middle of the night. I like it A LOT better than the greasy ointment. I find it easy to apply in front of a mirror, but it will take some time to master it like ebmd!!!! I... (55 replies)
... Judy, whether the drops will help depends on why your erosions are happening. I have epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (aka Cogan's dystrophy, map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy, and anterior basement membrane dystrophy). This condition causes my erosions. Dwelle is an osmotic eye drop, and it works like the dehydrex that Mike's posts often mention for ebmd; in fact, the same... (55 replies)
... Evie, Mike and others, I'm thinking of trying these dwelle drops Mike mentioned. Do others use these also successfully? Do they really last through the night for dry eyes better than what is out there? i'm thinking maybe they stop an erosion from happening if they keep the eye moist all night. Thanks for any info? Also to Evie, Thanks for the reply about the... (55 replies)

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