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... I did get just one eye done due to that nagging RCE. I thought before I did the surgery maybe I'd PRK the other for the vision, but I feel differently now. Fortunately, my eyesight isn't what I would call bad, farsighted with astigmatism. ... (55 replies)
PRK diary
May 26, 2012
... rom surgery. This was due to various articles indicating that vitamin c is shown to reduce the cases of corneal hazing. The dr on requested to begin that regimen one week out, but i figured it was just liked eating extra oranges and thus no harm no foul, so i started at 30 days. ... (1 replies)
... First, Mike, I am happy to hear that mornings are getting easier for you, no matter what reason. It'd be nice to pin down a direct thing that helps, but there are so many factors involved that such knowledge becomes elusive. ... (55 replies)

... I find it doesn't matter how I sleep but what I put in my eye for lubrication. ... (55 replies)
... Gentealgel, I will have to check out the dry eye zone, I too feel that this will be something I will continually have to deal with. ... (55 replies)
... ve gone without an erosion. This past week has been cold which means the air is dry and my eye has felt a little irritated, nothing major. About a week ago, 4 hours after going to bed, I got up a few nights in a row and put more ointment in my eye because it felt dry and like it just might want to erode. ... (55 replies)
... Did you just get PRK in one eye? ... (55 replies)
... I used antibiotic drops 5 days only immediately after my initial injury and also after my surgery. No other time during the wearing of the BCL. ... (55 replies)
... yeah, my eye is still too sensitive to endure the scraping. I had my entire cornea done, also I had the vision correction. The area that I feel at times is not where the initial injury was BUT where the pain was during my recovery. Perhaps it will become less sensitive over time. ... (55 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems. I'm wondering if the doc did the entire eye which is what is recommended when doing PTK. ... (55 replies)
... are you using this eye drops on your own? ... (55 replies)
... After writing in the RCE posts for the last year, I decided on the PTK to address the RCE with PRK correction for my astigmatism and farsightedness. ... (55 replies)
... I am new to this thread so this is very long to give background and ideas. Next time I post it will be way shorter, so I apologize for the this being soo long. ... (125 replies)
... Drs Pflugfelder in Houston and Dr. Tseng in Miami maybe able to help you with an amniotic membrane transplant. I suffer from Dry eye and will be having the amniotic membrane transplant sometime soon with Dr. ... (3 replies)
... Prior to receiving PTK, when I had a corneal abrasion, which I got a bout once every 2 weeks it could take as long as a week for my eye that was affected to return to normal. ... (1 replies)
... I'm a 19 yr old female and I'm generally healthy. I tend to be a bit dehydrated at times and I've had kidney stones at 17, other than that I'm fine. I have also had problems with my sinuses in the past as well. ... (6 replies)
PTK and recovery
May 10, 2008
... days as bad as an erosion. In my mind, the pain of the surgery was nowhere close to a bad RCE. If anything, the pain was more of a throbbing pain than the stabbing pain of RCE. They prescribed percocet, but I only used it the night after the surgery. ... (9 replies)
... t had an erosion. I have determined that a new area on my cornea became an issue post surgery. During my painful recovery, this area was the source of pain. ... (125 replies)
... I'm not sure what posts you are referring to that I write about "making the eye dryer" as I don't recall ever recommending that. ... (125 replies)
... I posted on this board a while back and I've been erosion free since July 2004. ... (125 replies)

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