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... Hi Nancy, Good job, keep up the good work.....go to the beach (protect the eye, at least wrap around sunglasses) have a good time!! I grew up on south shore as a child! It's still supposed to be nice.. What hosital did you go to? be good, Marshall (33 replies)
... Marshall you are so encouraging, thank you. I have been taking my drops diligently, to the point of my phone alarm going off 4x a day in case I get side-tracked, lol. I'll ask my doctor on Friday what he thinks about the pressure and swelling. The good news is that there is no pain and the central cloud is gone. My vision was a -5 for years, now about -2/3 since the double... (33 replies)
... Nancy, You are rushing things - big time! Just relax........... I remember how I paniced post op-and I didn't know about this thread! The big things to look out for is swelling and eye pressure. Some of us (me) are steroid responders-so the steroid drops to reduce retina swelling-increase eye pressure to gaucoma ranges. Your doc may have to add timinol to drop mix! Be... (33 replies)

... Right eye, vitrectomy 2005, cataract 2006 Left eye, cataract 2006, recent vitrectomy. I've been nearsighted since I was 7 and wore contacts until the cataract surgeries. Have appt with doc next Friday which is not even 4 weeks post-op (33 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, glad I could help! What is the eye history before the surgery?? Diabetes, high Myopia, other..... and remember cataract surgery is not a problem-when necessary! (33 replies)
... Thanks Marshall, for the encouraging words. I do recall the other eye taking a while, but don't recall that "afterflash" the first time. I am finding that I am closing my left eye less when I want to see so that is progress for me. (33 replies)
... Hello Nancy! Results take time, lots of it, to "see" what is going on! Please See my many posts.... My peel in 2007 took until almost 2009 to be 20/30-sometimes 20/25 on a good day! Vision still "jumps" around, has "missing pixels" and it is not a real 20/30, but much better! Mine was done by Duke and Bascom Palmer doctors look at it as a great result! BUT, it took lots... (33 replies)
... Jodig and turbint, i'd think you were both doctors based on your research and confident posts. I tried to do my research but let my doctor call the shots. Interesting remarks about doctors sticking up for each other - i was very disappointed in my cataract surgery, as i feel as though the doctor, who i knew socially before the surgery, gave me a whole list of disclaimers and... (33 replies)
... My intuition tells me this: You're going to have to be patient. If your retinal damage is in fact due to overexposure to the surgery light, this would be grounds for medical malpractice (unless your eye heals itself, in which case there would not be permanent damage.) An experienced malpractice lawyer would know expert witnesses to back up your claim. I suspect that you'd... (33 replies)
... Thanks again for your kind words Jodie. Yes, I too have found that the Doctors protect each other and are very careful what they say. Hence, I don't know how to get a straight answer on this problem, and right now feel like I at least have the right to know, even if I can't change anything at this point. Do you know of any other Doctors that might give me some insight on... (33 replies)
... You're the first person I've known who had this problem. I don't know what caused it. However, if you're into doing research, then keep on doing it. You'll probably be able to answer some of your own questions. (33 replies)
... It sure is infuriating. They have a special technique of dodging questions. Anyways, upon research today it appears the missing link is in the photoreceptor IS/OS junction and ELM line. This is associated with poor post-op visual acuity. What I read is that sometimes it can reconstruct, maybe in a year...but both the ELM and IS/OS photoreceptor lines must reconnect to have... (33 replies)
... The local retinal specialist who did my first ERM peel never gave me a straight answer to any question, and your surgeon sounds similar. Very infuriating! I wish that I could answer your questions. ERM regrowth is not very common, and I don't think that it should be a cause for concern. It sound like your surgeon is concerned about an area of possible retinal damage from... (33 replies)
... I would consider the exam to have went better than I expected. A couple of Mysteries yet that the Dr. didn't give clear answers on: 1) On the 4 week post surgery OCT, there was a dangling piece of either ILM or ERM left just to the side of my macula. I asked if this was a likely area to attract additional ERM growth (as I've read over and over on this forum) and he... (33 replies)
... Yes, I actually had the ERM/ILM/vitrectomy 4 wks ago. The surgery wasn't bad, but the wondering about all of the potential complications was my concern. I just had the 4 wk exam yesterday, visual acuity a bit better than 20/200 where I started, but I still have some blank spots in my central vision which the doc says may or may not ever go away. IOP at 18, so that was good.... (33 replies)
... Macular pucker peel 2 weeks ago. ... (2 replies)
... Surgery interruption. Am I being selfish here? I'd like to hear from anyone if they would be angry, as I am, about a nurse entering the surgery room during the middle of an Vitrectomy ERM/ILM peel surgery. During this surgery, I heard a nurse pop in the room and ask my surgeon, who is in the middle of the most delicate/detailed surgery possible-where it takes full... (0 replies)
... Cale, It's a Victrectomy / ERM (macular pucker) peel. The ERM is blocking my macula and causing big blank spots in my vision in that eye. I just found out that I am prescribed the following, and am not sure which one you might be referring to as the one to only take 8 wks. VIGAMOX (antibiotic) 4x day for 3 days post surgery ($100 per bottle) OMNIPRED (prednisolone... (16 replies)
... legged horse" with the potential benefits of getting the Macular pucker scar tissue out, and the many many potential complications of the surgery. ... (16 replies)
... I have a Vitrectomy / Membrane peel surgery scheduled in a couple of weeks. There seems to be several methods to help the surgeons visualize the ERM membrane, & especially the ILM...but they all appear to have serious risks. If anyone could shed some light on these methods and why there is not a standardized method, please let me know: 1) It appears that some... (0 replies)

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