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... Four weeks ago my daughter's vision suddenly became impaired. ... (2 replies)
... I also experience pulsing vision. This is kind of hard to describe but my vision pulses with my heart beat. This is mostly after exerting myself. I should mention that I was diagnosed with a Pseudo Tumor Cerebra in 2001. ... (3 replies)
... LOL! Sounds like you're pushing a bit harder than I am! When I press harder, I start to see all kind of elaborate patterns. Kind of trippy. :dizzy: Can't be good for the eyes. (2 replies)

... Probably due to your injury. When I press on my eyes they either black out or a pulsing light will appear with little worms everywhere. Eyes are very weird lol. ... (2 replies)
... What's more frightening is the usually elongated black pulsing splotches at the top of my vision, which started seemingly only in my right eye but by now have graduated to both eyes. ... (3 replies)
... Anyone have pulsing dark scotomas, floaters, blurriness? ... (0 replies)
... Tonket, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I think she should see a retina specialist. My own experience with general ophthalmologists is that they know a little about a lot but not alot about a little. Symptoms such as light snsitivity & floaters may be based in the retina. The pulsing may be an issue of blood flow; a retina specialist can be knowledgable about... (2 replies)
... I began to notice random double vision which tended to be more noticeable with font or at night on the street signs and such... and only at a distance! ... (2 replies)
... hay all.i saw this vision problem in some other topics but i want to open mine too. ... (6 replies)
Pulsing floaters
Jan 7, 2008
... I would have it checked out asap. Don't take any chances with your vision. (2 replies)
Pulsing floaters
Jan 7, 2008
... My vision seems the same and painfree.. just strange! ... (2 replies)
... Ive been noticing a weird pulsing in my eyes. We can allways feel and are aware of the pulse in our heads but as my normal pusle goes, i see parts of my vision around where im focusing pulsing and moving around. ... (3 replies)
Eye pulsing
Sep 17, 2004
... uite a few times during the day. The sensation kind of feels like someone is taking an eye dropper and dropping a tiny single invisible droplet into my eye. My vision flicks a little bit when it happens. Like I said, it is just a single pulse and there is never two or 3 at a time. ... (6 replies)
Eye pulsing
Aug 14, 2003
... one eye "pulsing" or flashing with no vision impairment. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you so much, you're the first person that's recommended that route, and it completely makes sense. The neuro-ophthamologist didn't even bother to suggest checkng into a retina soecialist, he basically said he had no answers. The neurologist recomended high doses of B2 which confirms her a possible vitamin deficiency as well. We'll get her an appointment right away. I... (2 replies)
... My daughter is a college freshmen and four weeks ago started experiencing sensitivity go light, and seeing floaters in her vision amd experiencing pulsing in vision. ... (4 replies)
... also i have croosed vision without my eyes going crossed so i see the nose seperate in halfs,right and left from each eye like shadows.i did a surgery for double vision and i was better for 6 months but now again the i cant focus on objects,its like i have wondering vision.have you found any solution? ... (1 replies)
... Thank you so much for reading my post and replying. (3 replies)
... I know it is useless to tell you not to worry because that is just how you are. However, you have had all the relevant tests and it seems that you have no logical reason to worry. You probably know that pseudo tumor cerebri is an increase in intracranial pressure that is usually of unknown origin. It can cause visual disturbances or even temporary blindness and sometimes... (3 replies)
... Please pray for the people of Haiti.This will help you get your mind off yourself.I can imagine the fear of being trapped in the terrible darkness.Especially if you are alone,and injured seriously.I know you will get the help that you need. (My floaters freeze in the middle of my eyes.They have subsided over the years,and at one time,I was taking anxiety meds which have long... (3 replies)

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