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... Has Restasis worked for dry eye with anyone that has the punctal plugs in their bottom lids? ... (1 replies)
... one in each eye , lower duct. I have had dry eyes for over 10 years. I am not using restasis although doc really pushed it . My pcp is not enthusiastic about restasis as it is so new and a immune modifier. So, I just went with the 2 plugs. While I may have some relief it isn't really much. ... (8 replies)
... I have Dry Eye. I have had it for about 13 years. I have been on Restasis for over a year and it has helped, but not totally. This week, I got silicone punctal plugs put into my lower tear ducts. ... (4 replies)

... Eye for about 12 years now. I have tried many things over the years to try to alleviate the symptoms, but nothing has been extremely effective. I have been on Restasis for the last year. ... (9 replies)
... e drainage system of the eye. There function is just that, to drain. They do not produce the tears, that is done by a gland on the opposite side from the puncta. Restasis hasn't been studied in those with punctal plugs, but that doesn't mean it is less effective for them. ... (5 replies)
... I dont believe that they have actually done studies with people who already have plugs in place. ... (5 replies)
... inflammatory drops. According to the clinical results people who have plugs do not have an increase in tear production. Does anyone think in order to give restasis a full chance at efficacy plugs should be removed and then try restasis for 6 months which is the time that is suggested to see results. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I use Restasis and have not had to have the plugs in yet, but it certainly works for me! I also use OTC eye drops, especially in the office where it's air conditioned and very dry. ... (1 replies)
Punctal plugs
Mar 4, 2008
... They really don't hurt to have put in. Maybe a bit of a pinch, but with the numbing drops they use first, it takes away the discomfort. They have been extremely effective for me. I use them in combination with the natural tears and Restasis. (3 replies)
... I am glad to hear no problem with the 4 plugs you had put in. But you say no great improvement either. It's almost hard to believe that with the 4 plugs , that you wouldn't have a big improvement. My 2 plugs in lower haven't really made much difference . ... (9 replies)
... Would you follow up in a few days and let us know if the upper and lower plugs are working out for you? ... (8 replies)
... I just had the duct plugs inserted in both upper and lower lids this morning, so sure hope they don't cause irritation. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know how Restasis, or any other chemicals, are supossed to work when the ducts are plugged. The medications won't get into the ducts to work in your system. (5 replies)
... I have excellent results with Restasis and I have plugs in both lower lids. ... (5 replies)
... I started Restasis in August and so far I notice some slight improvement, although was told it takes at least 4 months to work. ... (5 replies)
... I had my follow up appointment wiht my eye doc and he noticed that my eyes had not improved at all from the warm compresses and Patanol. He inserted temporary punctal plugs in my lower lids. One fell out by the end of the day. I was very very happy at first because I thought my eyes were nice and wet. ... (7 replies)
May 3, 2005
... I'm going to also mention the punctal plugs to the doc. It sounds like for you, it was the quicker help. I read on the site where the Restasis is a slow go. It may be, I need to push for the corks instead of the 'stasis. ... (24 replies)
... indication for using Restasis if you have that condition. Why is your doctor so set against you using it? ... (3 replies)
... the Dr. says I make no tears at all and I also have a condition called Vernal Conjunctivitis. I wanted to try Restasis but my Dr. is giving me a very hard time about it. ... (3 replies)
... I think it just means that they didn't have any patients that got increased tear production when they were doing their studies - doesn't mean it won't happen though. Maybe your dr. is having you start on it to see if it will help you. I am using Restasis and it has increased tear production for me to the point where my eyes are pretty normal (but I don't have the plugs... (2 replies)

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