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... I also have floaters and have had the light flashes too, but not uneven pupils. When I saw the Dr. he said I should be followed for changes in the back of my eye for a year and then come back if the symptoms change at all. ... (4 replies)
... last summer I had a nervous breakdown about this. Sometimes when I look closely at my eyes, I notice the pupils are uneven. The right one is larger than the left one. ... (0 replies)
... I was wondering if you got your tests results back yet? The reason is, I have the same type of symptoms as occasion my pupils are the same, the next occasion, different sizes (mostly in dim to dark light..) hope you got a good answer! (2 replies)

... I told the nurse at the clinic i thought my pupils were uneven and she told me it was probably just smaller on the side of my face where there was more light. Eh... could be... ... (7 replies)
... my pupils seem slightly uneven too sometimes. ... (7 replies)
... Lately I have noticed when I look in the bathroom mirror that my pupils are SLIGHTLY uneven. It isn't that one is HUGE and the other is a pinhole. Its like a mild size difference. ... (7 replies)
... I have noticed that if im in uneven light my pupils can be slightly different in size.. but if the light is perfect my eye are fine.. or in low light.. ... (2 replies)
Uneven pupils
Apr 16, 2012
... I'm not sure what's goin on but my right pupil has been a different size than my left pupil for about a month now so I can relate. I don't use eyedrops or anything but I wear glasses for astigmatism and I just recently about 4 months now started a new job where I'm constantly inns computer. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I go to see a optomologist on the... (1 replies)
Uneven pupils
Apr 12, 2012
... Just wondering - last couple of days my left eye's pupil is larger than the other - I do use eye drops alot due to dry eyes - is this common? (1 replies)
... About 2 1/2 years ago I noticed the pupil in my right eye was dilated much bigger than the left. It remained dilated and would not change. The vision in that eye was blurry. I saw an ophthamologist who did not find anything wrong. We did CT Scans, MRI and lots of bloodwork, but all was fine. We decided it was Anisicoria and that it would probably always be that way. Keep... (0 replies)
... I keep reading that I need to go to an ophthalmologist, but I cannot afford one, and even if I get on Medicaid(probably ABW as I am a 'healthy' young adult), it will not be covered. This is disrupting my sleep and even scaring me enough not to drive, so I can't go to work. I want to think that it is all anxiety related, but have found little to support this. More often than... (1 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with Anxiety. It started because of a medical issue that scared me (turned out to be a sinus infection) and since then I have imagined a multitude of things wrong with me. One of the recurring things is that my left eye sometimes goes a little blurry and occasionally the pupil is smaller than the other, but still reacts to changes in light. I don't... (1 replies)
... in my right with a slight astigmatisim in both. Whenever my problems started I had a migraine headache with caused my pupils to be very uneven. I have had a ct and mri with contrast which the only thing that came up was a small sinus infection. ... (6 replies)
... Normal! Just a few weeks ago I was looking at my cat on the bed, I have a lamp beside the bed and saw that his one pupil away from the light was pretty much larger than the one near the light! Then I checked myself (thinking something was wrong with the CAT! LOL!) and lo and behold, that's how it was. The eye closer to the light is getting more light and therefore the pupil... (2 replies)
... I have the same kind of thing. Ive been to an eye specialist as I get my retina checked every few years. I mentioned this, and never finds anything wrong with me. I think its called Anisocoria. Could be from medicines, etc. I take paxil, and in what i have read, this could very well be a cause of it. Do you have any other problems or medications your on? (2 replies)

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