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... I first went to my eye doctor because my right eye was red, itchy, and white mucus was coming out of the corners. ... (0 replies)
... It sounds like pink eye to me. But if there is no colored mucus, then it is possibly allergies. You really need to see an ophthalmologist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. ... (1 replies)
... I have this really annoying problem throughout my life. Every morning when i get up, my eyes are filled with mucus and sometimes crust that i always have to pick out in the morning. In addition, i usually find myself picking out mucus throughout the day.. ... (7 replies)

Problm in my eye
Sep 30, 2013
... please let me know about this mucus is it 'dry eyes' !!! ... (0 replies)
... In the last year, whenever I wake up, both my eye lids usually have dried yellow crust all under them. Often it's a looot. ... (2 replies)
... It's mucus. If your eyes are dry and/or you have allergies you're going to get it. Use lots and lots of preservative free artificial tears to wash it out. (good products are Bion Tears, Thera Tears, or anything that has no preservative and doesn't claim to "get the red out") Personally I have become an expert at removing these annoying strings from my own eyes. I wait until... (2 replies)
... rence between the different types of conjunctivitis by looking at your eyes under the microscope. You can't tell the difference just by looking at your eye. Your eye doctor has to tell you what type of infection you have. Obviously, bacteria and viruses and allergies all give different appearances. ... (1 replies)
... was afraid it was pink eye, but after several days I didn't have any yellow mucus, it didn't itch, and it wasn't spreading to my other eye, or my boyfriend. My eye was just really swore, and it was very hard to focus or even open my eye for any length of time. ... (0 replies)
... it looks like a round red ring around the colored part of my eye. The redness also spreads down to the bottom of the white part of my eye, to the mucus membrane area. Anyone know what this could be? ... (0 replies)
... I am so sorry your starting to suffer from mucus in your eyes, first one I've seen that has the same problem as me, I've been suffering from long stringy mucus in my eyes for 3 years now, I was diagnosed with MGD, which is Mebioman Gland Dysnfunction, I get the mascara pieces as well. ... (3 replies)
... It could be just allergies, but if your eye is red and the mucus is colored green or yellow, you need to see an ophthalmologist because it could be pink eye. Does your eye itch or burn or hurt? ... (2 replies)
... ive had mine for months now. i cant even remember. for the past 2 days the eye that has the chalazion is very irritated. its all red and its getting kind of swollen. when i sleep at night i wake up and its hard to open my eye! its like dried up mucus in my eye. its really bad. ... (6 replies)
... This happened a few days ago, and this time my eyelid and the half circle under the eye also swelled up. It was crazy! I went to the E.R. for it once, and they said there's nothing they can do, and to take Benedryl when it happens. ... (1 replies)
... just develop dry eyes overnight for seemingly no reason. One evening I just noticed that my eyes were very red and itchy, and from then on it has been a battle. Not too many of us know what exactly brought it on. ... (25 replies)
... My eyes are not feeling so good. They are very dry and mucousy. Lots of green mucus was coming out of my left eye the other day and I got worried about pink eye. But I don't have it. ... (87 replies)
... it's kind of a dull soreness..... no sharp pains.... not an ache either.... it only happens when I move my eye in the mentioned directions.... ... (14 replies)
... It could be a corneal abrasion. Is the eye red or swollen? ... (14 replies)
... To the naked eye, you wouldn't be able to tell that I have any eye problems. They don't usually look red or puffy. ... (56 replies)
... I started to wipe the stuff out of my eyes so I could see and went to the bathroom mirror and my eyes were both red and glazed over. My throat was killing me and my nose was stuffed. ... (1 replies)
... then through the day my eyes were red and glassy, but first it was just in the corners, i then got Visine drips,Burned a bit,then my eyes got reder.not completely red.but just reder then before. ... (1 replies)

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