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... Did you ask her about it? (27 replies)
... Ialso have blepharitis. I have had it for two years before my Opth. decided to let me know. (I also have beginning stage cataracts, panic disorder from all of my illnesses including CAD and a neg 9 diapters) He my((ophthalmologist)) was accusing my non-existant eye make up on my side effects of red irritated eyelids - pain in and around the eyes - gritty, sand like... (27 replies)
... le eye shadow, or just because i am under so much stress.... i have worn purple eye shadows many times before, not this specific one, but i would assume there is red dye in all purple eye shadows, now i'm scared to wear that one again cuz i don't want this to happen! I look hideous!!! ... (7 replies)

... thanks... anything helps, i didn't know about the red dye thing... i did recently just start wearing a darker purple, so maybe that was, which sucks cuz i love that eye shadow.... ... (7 replies)
... it is, when this happened to me, it took about a week to go away after I stopped wearing the shadow. So give it some time. If you are wearing any that may have red dye in it, it does cause problems for some people. Not saying the shadow is red, but it uses red to get the proper color. ... (7 replies)
... I recently developed some kind of rash, not red but slighty bumpy, itchy and irritating, on my eyelids, and around my eye sort of. It is worse on the one eye. ... (7 replies)
... :wave: Hello, I've been suffering from eye problems off and on since september, it seemed like I kept getting re-occuring bouts of "pink eye", something I've never had before, but I knew the symptoms from watching others suffer from it over the years. In september my eyes started getting very red, irritated, inflamed eyelids, felt like something was in my eye, it kept watering... (3 replies)
... ogist awhile back and asked if I had Rosacea. He said that it was not Rosacea but that I have acne and tried to treat me with various acne medication which only irritated my skin more. My acne is not bad, I get a few here and there, usually around my cycle. ... (7 replies)
... I took cialis. The next day the skin around my eyes was all red and irritated. I went to many doctors who all said dont worry about it it will go away. It just got worse. ... (11 replies)
... Yes, that is great, I appreciate the information. I have used eye drops before and sometimes they work, but most of the time my eyes just get more red / dry. This is going to sound bad, but what exactly is a warm compress? And how often should I do it? And thirdly, what brand of preservative free artifical tear do you recommend? Thank you! Oh, and should I make an... (6 replies)
... ugs is good for your eyes. I would try using a warm compress instead. This will help to melt the plug and open up the glands. You should also try to massage your eyelids a little bit after you've done the compress. I couldn't tell you whether or not you've suffered any permanent damage. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I'm new to this forum but hopeful that someone will be able to offer some advice. About two months ago, I slept in my makeup. As has happened in the past, I woke up with very puffy (upper) eyelids. I threw out that makeup and restocked with hypoallergenic eyeliner and mascara. Still, the puffy eyes persisted. For the last three weeks, I have gone makeup free.... (3 replies)
... ly helped alleviate symptoms for me. I take 10mg of zyrtec a day during allergy season and I am mildly allergic to latex. This past April I noticed that my upper eyelids were a little puffy so I went to an eye doctor who told me it was due to allergies and prescribed me Lastacaft. I started using it and my eyes got better. ... (2 replies)
... my opthamologist for close to 3 months now almost weekly. My eyes are either red, itchy, stingy, dry or a combination of any of these. It also itches around my eyelids and the outer corner of the skin around my eye. I have tried a series of drops... ... (10 replies)
Eyelid swelling
Sep 8, 2009
... For the past week my eyelids have been swelling on and off. I was so scared when it first happened because I thought I was going to go blind. ... (0 replies)
... even slowly but the inner eyelid always looks slightly red and when I use it the inflammation returns. Now Refresh Tears seem to irritate both eyes. ... (3 replies)
... i get crusting on my eyelids occasionally. and sometimes a little air bubble will form on the edge of my eyelid if i'm not washing my eyelids enough. ... (5 replies)
... however, everything else is prone to redness. for example, if i have been out drinking, and don't get much sleep, my eyes will be quite red in the morning, but the top part will be white and normal, whereas everything below that is the same shade of red. ... (5 replies)
... MGD. I don't have any flaking of the eyelids though. My eyes are just severely dry and irritated, no matter what we try. The Rosacea did not appear until very recently though. ... (12 replies)
Nov 4, 2005
... nel every hour to try and soften the goo and I used to get like pus out of the edges of my eyelids. The minute I walked into work and hit the air conditioning my eyelids swelled up and were red and irritated and uncomfortable. ... (13 replies)

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