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... A while ago I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and it looked like someting was in my eye. ... (1 replies)
Red spot
Mar 9, 2008
... my 3 months old daughter has a red spot in left side of the white eyeball in her left eye that showed up today. Is this normal? ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I've noticed a red spot right next to where my iris ends in the past week. It's bright red, located near the bottom half of my iris and there is a trail of blood vessels leading to it. ... (1 replies)

... It's right next to the pink skin part in the corner of your inner eye. There's red dot and I can't tell if it's a bump or if it's red dot in general but that part has been sore for few days and I just noticed today when staring at the mirror. ... (0 replies)
... A in my eyes to see if they were allergies, the left one cleared up for a bit but when I woke up this morning it was redder! ... (1 replies)
... and now she has a red spot, like bllos, in the white of her eye. ... (1 replies)
... I posted a couple of things regarding eyes before about a sudden redness in my eye that has since gone but the red veins remain. I have looked around to see if there is any drops or something to get rid of them but have found nothing. ... (1 replies)
... My mother woke up one morning and had a big red blood looking spot in her eye. It went away in about 2 days and yesterday she woke up and saw another one. Can someone please tell me what they are and if they can cause damage to her eye. ... (3 replies)
... was hit in the eye during horseplay yesterday. his contact lense was knocked out. He can see ok but hurts only when he closes it. red spot about the size of the pinky fingertip has appeared in the white of the eye below the iris. we cant afford dr. but will go if eye is in danger. ... (1 replies)
... problems. That's why I'm posting in this topic. ... (14 replies)
... blind spot in my left eye kind of lower left to my central vision. It looks like the spot that a camera will leave in your vision after having a picture taken with a flash... but instead of disappearing after a few minutes, it's permanent. ... (5 replies)
... it felt like there was always "something in my eye" but I could never find anything. ... (3 replies)
... When I get this thing on my eyelid, I do put a very thin layer of cortisone ointment on the red spot, do it for maybe two days and stop when the itchiness goes away. I didn't realize it could result in thinning of the skin on the eyelid.... ... (21 replies)
... crusty skin next to the eye I can see just fine. ... (2 replies)
... I have just registered here after reading your description of this problem, which must be exactly what I suffer last 2 months. I am in process of searching the net for clues. ... (0 replies)
... A couple days ago, I noticed a huge red spot in the white area of my eye. After researching a bit, I'm convinced it's one of these subconjunctival hemorrhages. ... (2 replies)
... foot drop. I threw the machette down into the ground and jumped down to go get it. When I landed, a stick snapped under my foot and one half went straight in to my eye as I landed in kind of a bending over position. ... (2 replies)
... my 20 year old son was complaining of a pressure feeling in the lower outside part of his eye that had been there for a few days, and today a blood vessel popped in that area and now its all red. Does anyone know what could have caused this? ... (0 replies)
... My husband woke up yesterday morning, looked in the mirror and screamed, "OH NO!" He had a round bright bloody red spot close to his pupil. He said there was no pain but just looked really bad. ... (0 replies)
... I went to a government run eye clinic , they went over my symptoms and did a retina scan or check which didn't involve any pupil dilation, I don't know the name for the procedure. ... (10 replies)

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