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... I had the saline solution and the doc says that the vitrous is starting to come back nicely. Your body returns the saline solution to the original vitreous. That is good. my operation was in March and I am also diabetic. It has taken this long to heal for me. My eye actually feels much better now. Before I could feel a pulling sensation and my eyelid was pulled up on that eye... (4 replies)
... By the way, I had my right retina detach 4 times in less than 4 months. It's been doing fine ever since. ... (4 replies)
... Can I get some feedback from anyone that has recovered from a detached retina where a gas bubble was injected during the reattachment operation? ... (4 replies)

... edure, I developed cataracts in both eyes. This necessitated cataract surgery by the same doctor. Not long after, long story short, I developed a tear in my left retina and my right retina became detached. I was scheduled for Vitrectomy surgery 2 days later. ... (0 replies)
... I had a vitrectomy for a detached retina following cataract surgery. I had drops prescribed including Pred Forte. I also have a c3f8 gas bubble. ... (0 replies)
... It sounds like his macula is detached (off), as that is in the middle of the eye (roughly)... and once that has detached the visual outcome isn't so good. I'm sure I read somewhere that waiting a week after the macula is off doesn't have much or any effect. The gas bubble does press the retina back in to place, so that would be why he saw better previously -- or maybe the... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the advice and support. All I know is that at the emergency the person said that the detachement is towards the middle of the retina so in his case waiting another week won't make a difference... Right now my dad doesn't see much with his eye, while during the gas bubble he saw more... ... (10 replies)
... Yeah we called a few days ago, he went to emergency, he has a detachement :( he will see his doctor in a few days as it was the holidays and the person said there's no extra danger in waiting another week :( The person at the emergency said that they usually do silicone for recurrent detachments, but we will see what the doctor saids :( i'm trying to read about silicone but... (10 replies)
... I would really be guessing as to what's causing the curvy black obstruction... that's a question for someone who has looked inside his eye to answer. It could be that he had a detachment during his last surgery (hence the bubble and the positioning) and that detachment has caused damage... not all damage can be repaired, and even if your retina is successfully re-atteched, it... (10 replies)
... The dilation drop for me caused slight ghosting/double vision in that eye, and difficulty focussing... it took a few hours to wear off. So by now that should be wearing off for your dad. The cataract I'm sure will be causing him issues too, and depending on how bad it is, it could be the cause of all the issues. If it was a macula-off detachment originally though then it's... (10 replies)
... Thanks a lot for your reply... I asked my dad for details, the first laser surgery he had many months ago was actually for a retina detachment... ... (10 replies)
... It's early days right now, so difficult to tell... you don't say whether his retina was actually detached at any point? ... (10 replies)
... adjust the retina or something to that effect... Now after 2 weeks of sleeping on his side, several eye drops with many still ongoing, etc. ... (10 replies)
... today same as 5 week ago. The distorted, crooked and double vision still here. The retina is healing fine according to the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... Just an update. After exactly 2 month my bubble is finally gone. The vision did not improve though. Still blurry. Both doctors I went to are puzzled. With tiny cataract that developed it should not be that bad. One said that everyone is different. He also said that all he knows once cataract is removed everyone gets perfect vision. Pretty much clueless. Oh well. On the... (10 replies)
... Your case is probably more difficult than mine. I did not have macula detached. And most of retina was attached when they did my vitrectomy. So I know that my vision was sharp right before the surgery. ... (10 replies)
... The retina is reattached and is healing fine according to the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... The retina is reattached and is healing fine according to the doctor. ... (10 replies)
... My doctor doesn't like to say much and did not explain my eye situation, all he said the retina is reattached and is healing fine, take it easy and see you next time. ... (15 replies)
... The second doctor was specializing in retina issues. And he did great job as far as I can tell. ... (10 replies)

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