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... Is it possible that some form of serious eye condition was overlooked even after looking at the retina etc? ... (0 replies)
... of my retina, but that she couldn't see more and that I should see an opthalmologist if the problems get any worse, as she was worried it could be the start of a retina detachement. Unfortunately I was on vacation for a time, during which I had other health problems. ... (2 replies)
... My surgery did not turn out well. I now have big gray spots in my vision field. I cannot read at all with that eye. And I have also had cataract surgery on that eye since. NOW the doctor said he didn't think it would turn out well because of my amblyopia in that eye. I wish I had not done it. (1 replies)

... The risks scare me. Infection, Retina detachment, double vision..... ... (1 replies)
... A year and a half ago my vision in my left eye started blacking out. It would happen a few times a day and only last about 30 seconds. Within a month my vision was blacking out about every 10 minutes. This lasted for about a month and one day when it blacked out I didn't have my central vision in my left eye anymore. I have seen countless doctors and specialist. They have done... (0 replies)
... Hello, this is sridhar from INDIA I am having scar in my left eye central part of retina. Doc's diagonised this as CENTRAL RETINO CHOROIDITIS that is scar in central retina & told there is no trtmnt for this can any one pls help me to come out of this problem. (0 replies)
... t for maybe a few seconds. I was super worried at that point and went to see my eye doctor as soon as possible she didnt see any tears or any signs of a detached retina but did notice that my vision prescription had changed. To be on the safe side she suggested I go see an opthamologist in a few weeks. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry,it was an optometrist who looked at me. I do have an appointment next month to look at my retina more closely. ... (4 replies)
... thanks again. I never had bad headache and seizures. I think my problem is just like you. thank you for this help :) (6 replies)
... I have a weak muscle in one of my eyes which causes the double vision. I have had it most of my life. If you had a brain tumor you would be getting bad headaches and seizures. If you are worried just go an an optahamologist and have him dialate the eyes to look at the retina. But I am sure you are fine. (6 replies)
AMD or??
Apr 2, 2015
... Hi there Bleue, the Optomap scan is a laser retina scan. Im still so stumped as to why this optometrist would say this to me knowing 4 months ago one of the top MD's in my state gave me a clean bill of health. ... (2 replies)
AMD or??
Apr 2, 2015
... The best doctor to see to get a definitive 3rd opinion would be a retina specialist. ... (2 replies)
... on time and problem was solved. She is developing cataract due to intervention, but that can be solved as well. However, the retina operation induced a strange kind of accommodative esotropia. ... (0 replies)
... Dear Tired of... I totally relate to the frustration. I feel like a case study and that the eye "doctors" should be paying me! I had a shadow form after the flashing stopped too in the corner of my eye. That lasted a couple weeks, and let me tell you, that it was a nice break from the flashing. I have flashing ALL of the time, depending on what lighting I am in. Now... (4 replies)
... I began to notice floaters in both eyes. My optometrist referred me to a retina specialist, who took a look and found no reason to be concerned at the time. He told me to follow up with yearly appointments. ... (4 replies)
... Some people don't need to do the facedown thing...I didn't. I don't think most people do. But the recovery wasn't pleasant....And I developed the usual cataract from that surgery, but the cataract surgery was a breeze. Hardly any recovery needed. However, the patches from the virectomy are there, so there is a limit to how much cataract surgery helped. I still have distortion... (3 replies)
... Oh my you had a vitrectomy? That is a way more invasive procedure than I had. I had laser surgery to seal the tear. I feel for you. My daughter told me the surgery you had requires being face down for a period of time. Did you have to do that? I googled images of this and I just cannot imagine. I am not much of a stomach sleeper anyway. I also saw where with a mucular... (3 replies)
... I feel your pain. I had surgery for a macular pucker June 2013 and was left with gray patches in my field of vision. I just had cat act surgery, which was fine, except I still have the gray patches. No one will tell me what they are or seems to care. They were not there before the virtrectomy. (3 replies)
... what to look for if anything changed. Within two days things certainly started changing. He had me come in and I had a horseshoe shaped tear. The next day I had retina surgery that don't let them tell you doesn't hurt, cause it does! ... (3 replies)
... Just over 3 months ago I underwent a vitrectomy for a macular hole which apparently has worked. About 6 weeks later I had a detached retina vitrectomy op which came from the macular hole operation. The gas bubbles from both ops caused a large fast growing cataract. ... (0 replies)

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