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... My eyes have a hard time focusing and this been going on for 3 years already. My symptoms is describe by this on and off blur vision problem and my retina is normal. The strabimus specialist gave me atropine to try but every time I go off on the drug the spasm return. ... (0 replies)
... And now again severe retina problems and possible blindness.. ... (7 replies)
... Since you told me you had retina surgery, i am sure we have identical situation. ... (3 replies)

... I was actually hurting before I ever had cataract surgery so I don't know if the surgery had anything to do with it or not. We have a retina specialist that comes in from Baton Rouge that I have been, to I may see if I can get an appointment with him. ... (3 replies)
... My surgeon couldn't understand why i have this pain. I went to see Retina specialist, also Retina surgeon. ... (3 replies)
... detached retina surgery. ... (0 replies)
... Some people don't need to do the facedown thing...I didn't. I don't think most people do. But the recovery wasn't pleasant....And I developed the usual cataract from that surgery, but the cataract surgery was a breeze. Hardly any recovery needed. However, the patches from the virectomy are there, so there is a limit to how much cataract surgery helped. I still have distortion... (3 replies)
... Oh my you had a vitrectomy? That is a way more invasive procedure than I had. I had laser surgery to seal the tear. I feel for you. My daughter told me the surgery you had requires being face down for a period of time. Did you have to do that? I googled images of this and I just cannot imagine. I am not much of a stomach sleeper anyway. I also saw where with a mucular... (3 replies)
... I feel your pain. I had surgery for a macular pucker June 2013 and was left with gray patches in my field of vision. I just had cat act surgery, which was fine, except I still have the gray patches. No one will tell me what they are or seems to care. They were not there before the virtrectomy. (3 replies)
... what to look for if anything changed. Within two days things certainly started changing. He had me come in and I had a horseshoe shaped tear. The next day I had retina surgery that don't let them tell you doesn't hurt, cause it does! ... (3 replies)
... Just over 3 months ago I underwent a vitrectomy for a macular hole which apparently has worked. About 6 weeks later I had a detached retina vitrectomy op which came from the macular hole operation. The gas bubbles from both ops caused a large fast growing cataract. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Armstead, I had to have a vitrectomy for this problem, check all the risks before you get the injection, if they are not to great , it maybe worth a try instead of surgery. The surgery is a big deal, (I had to keep my head down for about two weeks) and then I had to have cataract surgery a year later, so if there's anyway this new drug will help the vitreous slip off the... (3 replies)
... which degrades the portion of the vitreous which is attached to the macula area of the retina causing the 'traction' issue. Does anyone have any experience with this injection? ... (3 replies)
Retinal Hemorrhage
Nov 21, 2014
... but believe these are more stressed related. He said there was no evidence of a systematic problem but I cannot find any literature to indicate a benign, normal retina hemorrhage. ... (2 replies)
Retinal Hemorrhage
Nov 21, 2014
... but believe these are more stressed related. He said there was no evidence of a systematic problem but I cannot find any literature to indicate a benign, normal retina hemorrhage. ... (2 replies)
... Please get to the eye doctor. I have this and the doctor saw a tear in my retina. If left in treated you can go blind (1 replies)
... Firstly, you should see an optometrist soon. My guess is since things become more focused after you press your lower eyeball, the rays from far away objects must be presently focusing "behind" your retina (without pressing the eyeball and with your present prescription). After you press the eyeball, the eyeball bulges and elongates in the lens direction (like a football on its... (2 replies)
... ht of my left eye vision, and when I shine a light from the lower left of my eye, it's most noticeable and lights up similar to how all the blood vessels on your retina light up when you shine a light in your peripheral vision in a dark room. ... (0 replies)
... Hello Dr. MarinaBoat, Please have patience - it's a long answer, but has a silver lining! I have gone through a similar situation at similar ages - cataracts first, and then vitrectomy surgeries after retinal detachments (RD) for both eyes; however, I have none of your other eye conditions, but my RD's did cause mild to severe vision loss when they happened. So,... (3 replies)
Recent vitrectomy
Oct 29, 2014
... on both eyes until by accident retina rupture was descovered. I had surgery in June same way you had. I am sure you can't wait to be able to keep your head in normal way. ... (3 replies)

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