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... He got the opinions of 2 retina surgeons. ... (0 replies)
... u need an ophthalmologist. This is a medical doctor of the eyes who can check to see if you have a problem or issue with your eyes. Sometimes, things like a torn retina ARE an emergency.. Yes, you should get this checked out asap. You dont want to lose your vision! ... (6 replies)
... I've been struggling with blood pressure for 5 years and I've been treated with medication and currently take two prescriptions and have been successfully loosing weight. Every doctor I've seen says there's no connection between my bp and the vision problems (Besides the retina hemorrhages). This appointment on the 19th is really my last hope. If it doesn't result in a... (11 replies)

... You should discuss this with your Primary Care Physician as it sounds like your blood pressure should be monitored. If you have high blood pressure medication may be needed. Anxiety can increase your blood pressure. The appointment on the 19th is your 3rd Dr. regarding this issue. If this Neuro Ophthalmologist doesn't find anything wrong then it is highly unlikely... (11 replies)
... I have constant vision issues daily. It's going on 7 months now. I've seen opthamologist neurologist and I've had full dilated eye exams, florescent X-ray pictures taken of blood vessels and retina, MRI of brain and spine, spinal tap, EEG, second opinions, and the only thing the doctors tell me is anxiety is manifesting into physical symptoms and it will get better soon. So... (11 replies)
Eye flashes
Dec 8, 2017
... Did they do a dilated slit lamp evaluation? Lee symptoms you were describing are symptoms of a retinal hemorrhage or a detached retina. Not to scare you but if the doctor or optometrist that saw you did not do a slit lamp evaluation with Dilated Peoples and then gave you a answer like it could be food or a migraine or exercise then they might have been really busy that day and... (6 replies)
Eye flashes
Dec 5, 2017
... l thins out and dries out and this causes the flash. When this is happening its always good to get your eyes checked as the the gel shrivels it might scratch the retina which may cause problems. Let us know what the eye doctor said. ... (6 replies)
... I wake up my eyes roll around uncontrollably and my head and it could last for up to two minutes. But what you are dealing with sounds just like when I got these retina hemorrhages especially when you say the spots don't go away. I would get into a retina specialist ASAP because if they are severe they may require treatment. ... (10 replies)
... lines after vitrectomy, and not the right eye, which had peripheral detachment only. ERM peel is even a more delicate surgery of the retina than vitrectomy, and I haven't had that. ... (1 replies)
... loss and two areas of my right eye. They are hard to deal with at first but the other eye picks up for them after a while. I really think you should be seeing a retina specialist because these are reoccurring. Things that can cause these is spikes and blood pressure anemia or abnormal blood vessels in the eye. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Noey, Flashes like you describe can happen when the vitreous (the gel inside the eye) pulls on the retina. As we age the vitreous shrinks, and as it often has attached to the retina, when it shrinks it pulls a bit on it. The flashes are electrical impulses generated by this retinal stimulus. They are usually harmless, however sometimes can result in a tear in the... (3 replies)
... I have flashes in both of my eyes (more prominent in my right) only when I run or jump. I just has an exam with a retina specialist and he took a picture of my retina as well (OCT). He said all looked good and healthy but clearly something is wrong. I also see black spots for a second ad flashes when I cough. Sometimes the flashes are accompanied by streaks that look like... (3 replies)
... UPDATE 2: Went for a more thorough and intensive slit exam on Friday October 27th. With dilation, they found nothing again other than some kind of inflammation which shouldn't cause this, but was responsible for some light sensitivity I've been having lately. They then did an OCT eye exam, which is pretty much the best equipment they have, and again they found nothing. The... (10 replies)
... tes weekly! I'm trying not to regret my decision but I often wonder if I should have left it alone. Although the alternative is scary! Would hate to go through a retina detachment and compromise my central vision. I think I need a better understanding of what internally is going on so I can cope with this better. ... (3 replies)
... I do have a history of intense oncoming headaches. But I have never had visual symptoms before. Do you think the scar tissue on your retina goes hand in hand with the ocular migraines? ... (3 replies)
... My guess is it could be traction on the retina or visual migraine. ... (3 replies)
... and a half weeks ago I had laser done on retina holes in the lower part of my eye past the equator. ... (3 replies)
... I had cataract surgery on my right eye back in December. I had 3 months of good vision and then things started to go a little blurry. I went to my optometrist and she didn't see any problem, so I went for 6 months in total frustration as I could tell my eye was not seeing clearly. So a couple of days ago I went back to my surgeon and low and behold I had swelling of the... (0 replies)
... hours to Guadalajara for surgery at a local retina clinic and drove back that evening. They had injected gas, and I was sold to sit and sleep facing forward for several weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Some people don't need to do the facedown thing...I didn't. I don't think most people do. But the recovery wasn't pleasant....And I developed the usual cataract from that surgery, but the cataract surgery was a breeze. Hardly any recovery needed. However, the patches from the virectomy are there, so there is a limit to how much cataract surgery helped. I still have distortion... (3 replies)

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