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... My eye does feel better today. It is not nearl as scratchy. I have had this condition a few times before. ... (33 replies)
... If it's any consolation, I am not doing well either today with my eyes. My right eye feels so scratchy, as it has for the past several days. I feel like something is in it, but it's just mucus. ... (33 replies)
... It is odd that my eye problems started a few weeks after that. ... (35 replies)

... Blepharitis feels like dry eyes but more scratchy and drops get to where they do not seem to work, irritation constant. Blepharitis has mattering or crusting of eyelids due to oil glands being infected. ... (36 replies)
... The pain I am feeling is mostly from the stitches, my eye does feel a little achy, but not as bad as the scratchy stitches. All of this is normal, from what the doctors tell me. My mom said my eye is less red now than it was yesterday when they took the patch off. ... (120 replies)
... I did not have the sick eye look until I got blepharitis. Now, after blepharitis has cleared my eyes are still dry but do not have the sick eye look. ... (36 replies)
... Just getting back to you. I'm a little down today as well. The last two days or so my eyes have flared up and are red at the rims, puffy and scratchy feeling during the day. Just when you are on a good streak. Darn. That is the way this blepharitis stuff is. Anyway, back to upping the compresses and such. ... (488 replies)
... Hi Torry! My hubby rubs his eyes and complains that they feel scratchy too. I think he has been dealing with dry eyes all his life. ... (5 replies)
... The dry eye pamphlet talks about scratchy eyes, burning, stinging. Eyes that get bothered when you get in windy weather. It sounds like they are talking about the actual eyeball, not the skin around it. ... (2 replies)
... Welcome to the dry eye board!! I hear ya all the way. If you read my first post on this thread, all of my eye grief began after a single solitary episode of pink eye that was treated with Tobramycin. ... (488 replies)
... In response to your question, I don't have blood vessels showing through my eye lids when they are closed. ... (488 replies)
... GD. I have been on the doxy for 6 wks and I keep hoping to see some long term improvement. Oh, I will have 1 or 2 good days, but then the burning and stinging, scratchy feeling returns. ... (39 replies)
... s and discomfort. Unfortunately, I am in for the long haul. I thought I was feeling better coming off the Prednisone, but now one week off of it, here comes the scratchy red irritation again. It progressively gets worse throughout the day and in the night they are gritty and sore and lids don't open easily. I hate this. ... (488 replies)
Dec 24, 2003
... are found naturally in everybody's eyes, but not everybody suffers from ocular inflammation. It's not just the presence of the bacteria themselves that cause the eye inflammation, per se. ... (29 replies)
... The weather is getting colder already and I'm not looking forward to winter. I just hope that it doesn't make my eye worse with the frequent episodes I was having last winter. ... (129 replies)
... stood up to walk away from me, swung her arm back and her finger hit my right eye pretty hard. I was in terrible pain. ... (129 replies)
Sep 24, 2003
... My right eye is worse than the other, I wake up with eyes so dry that they can't move, and when I blink it hurts, I get a scratchy pain and then my eye get blurry. I guess Im scratching the cornea because just the mere blinking feels irritating!!! Frustrated...any ideas? ... (2 replies)
Aug 19, 2003
... I had a ping removed from my right eye, nasal side. It was constantly inflamed, bright red, scratchy, and I could no longer wear contacts. I had it removed (cut and stitch). There is some light pink scar tissue in the area, and that is all. I'm hoping this will go away, but it looks much better than when I had the ping. I would only recommend surgery if your ping is... (20 replies)
... maybe there really is some hope in the use of steroids to treat this condition. My eye still hasn't gotten back to normal since my last bad erosion last week. ... (129 replies)
... My eye was annoyingly picky and scratchy all day yesterday and I feared going to bed last night but I lubricated heavily several times during the night and this morning it feels much better. ... (129 replies)

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