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... what can be a black spot in my left eye? ... (2 replies)
... I have been having problems with my left eye after an episode of syncope and weakness. They did a MRI and it came out negative. Had an EEG last week but no results yet. ... (0 replies)
... fogging over of my central vision area, no pain associated with it, I still had perifferal vision to some degree,as if someone sprayed a 4 inch light gray paint spot on a window held about 6 inches from my face. Very similar to camera flash blindness. How it might look 20 or 30 seconds after the initial flash. ... (4 replies)

... In November 2011, I experienced sudden change in field of vision. with my eyes open I see a large black spot just under the center vision and white flashing squiggly lines. when I look out my left eye its the black oval and the white lights appear to be in my right eye. ... (0 replies)
... go get a test for your retina, fluoro whatever, it isn't because a few weeks ago you had nothing that you don't have something now... no stress tho, it could be simple fear, but better safe than sorry (2 replies)
... Last week, when I was working on the computer, I noticed a solid, round dark spot appearing abruptly at the bottom of my left eye. It appeared and disappeared right away and I had a subtle sense of discomfort, while alarming, it did not cause me to go to the doctor immediately. ... (7 replies)
Is my eye damaged?
Feb 12, 2010
... I was in a fight earlier today, when my opponent began losing he gouged my left eye. There is now a floaty black spot in the middle of my vision, other than that my vision is normal. ... (1 replies)
... Everytime my vision changes I get severe migraines and they do not change in any set order. Last Three days A pain is building up which is increasing. I thought maybe something sharp in my eye. ... (1 replies)
Retinal tear
Oct 31, 2013
... weeks ago I underwent Vitrectomy left eye for posterior vitreous detachment and laser sutchering right eye for a big retina tear. ... (2 replies)
... But it becomes normal a few seconds later or as soon as I turn on the light. Now, two days ago I started seeing a small black spot on the center of my vision in my left eye just after waking up. It lasts for just a second and quickly completely normalizes with light. ... (2 replies)
New black spots
Jul 17, 2011
... This of course is just a quick photoshop image of the effect. In reality, the identical black spots would be present on EVERY SINGLE point of light in the picture. ... (4 replies)
... Then there's the seeing things...I don't mean delusions of any sort, I just mean some kind of strange visual distortion. It's a bit like I'm wearing dirty glasses. ... (4 replies)
... Backup.......Wednesday night I fell in my hallway and went down "cheek" first. I have a black eye. I noticed that evening that I had "flutters" when I moved my eye a certain way. ... (28 replies)
Vision Anomaly
Sep 27, 2016
... I recently went through a relatively traumatic experience in August. I lost a pet that was very special to me and I lost her in a very bad way. ... (0 replies)
... It starts in the morning when I wake up. ... (6 replies)
Floaters: normal?
Mar 23, 2006
... le flashing lights like when you are 'seeing stars' appeared. I tried it a few times and they kept appearing. Then I was trying to see if the floaters were worse in one eye than the other. ... (10 replies)
... Wow! I too am seeing doctors and ophthalmologists for vision problems that began 2 months postpartum. My son is now a year old, and my symptoms are beginning to go away. ... (3 replies)
... in May of 94.... I have adapted well with my poor vision, and I havent as yet in nearly 7 years been able to meet anyone with this condition. But rest assured, it does exist. ... (5 replies)
... Since June I have been having this strange eye probl. I am seeing in my right eye in the peripheral top portion a little blob that stays stationary, but spins and moves within itself. ... (7 replies)

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