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... I recently went to a retinal specialist because I was getting some flashes now and then and a lot of floaters and she told me I had a retinal tear that actually had tried to repair itself but said she would do the laser retinal repair surgery to prevent it from opening. ... (2 replies)
... ion. The psychological reactions to the tear are not as bad now, but close. It's devastating , for me at least, to lose complete use of a sense, even though the floaters are not that bad. It's not normal to have these floaters!And it could get worse, right, if I have another tear? ... (42 replies)
... like floaters in the sky or solid objects with dramatic pulsing movement in her vision. ... (2 replies)

... The specialist did not see any tears or holes and told me to take it very easy and he would see me again in 2 weeks. I'm still seeing floaters, very tiny black dots and flashes, but I'm taking it extremely easy. ... (7 replies)
... I have develop floaters after my PRK eye surgery. It's been 1 and half months post PRK and I'm seeing floaters which I haven't had before PRK surgery. Would the floaters go away in time? ... (0 replies)
... Tonket, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I think she should see a retina specialist. My own experience with general ophthalmologists is that they know a little about a lot but not alot about a little. Symptoms such as light snsitivity & floaters may be based in the retina. The pulsing may be an issue of blood flow; a retina specialist can be knowledgable about... (2 replies)
... hi .. i see black lines ..theyre like black veins or branches which go away after a second .. i have also started seeing floaters as well ..thanx .. ... (3 replies)
... I have been back to the optometrist for the 3rd time and he still doesn't see anything except for a couple of tiny little transparent floaters in my eyes. He did mention that I do have a very slight Astigmatism. He wont refer me to an opthamologist because he doesn't see anything wrong. ... (22 replies)
... ers... if they are in fact floaters. They are like a transparent worm shaped object which I can see each cell that makes up the body of it. If you look up worm floaters on the internet thats exactly like what I see, except I don't hear anyone describing that they can see the individual cells that make up the object. ... (22 replies)
Floaters & flashes
Feb 24, 2010
... Hope someone can give me some advice. I hit my eye clumsily with a phone and started seeing floaters and flashes. The doc said I needed laser surgery to repair a torn retina which I did. ... (3 replies)
Floaters at age 20
Mar 13, 2007
... I would have it checked out. I have had the same kind of problems with my eyes. The doctors were very concerned that it is a retina problem. I would not let it go. Take care. (5 replies)
Floaters at age 20
Jan 28, 2007
... I have started seeing floaters in the last month. I am nearsighted, and have glasses but I don't wear them as much as I should. I started seeing floaters and I am wondering why. I am living in a rural part of Chile until april, and cannot get to a optometrist very easily. ... (5 replies)
Jan 25, 2007
... id there's nothing that can be done with floaters. My dad said it's like a spider web. His eye doctor told him things to watch for, like flashing lights and more floaters than normal. Then he wants to see him again. How long do floaters last? ... (5 replies)
... When I got pregnant with my daughter I started seeing floaters, like a lot of them when I looked out the window to a bright sky. I mentioned it to my doctor and he told me it was normal to see floaters in pregnancy. ... (4 replies)
... I started taking Remeron three months ago and immediately after taking the medication I started seeing floaters, flashes of light and wavy lines. I have been to the eye doctor twice and my regular physcian and they seem to think it is the Remeron. ... (0 replies)
... my vision and told me my eyes were healthy and everything looked fine. She suggested that the flashes could be caused by ocular migranes and told me unless I am seeing tons of flashes, floaters, or dark curtains over my eye then its okay to see a few. I was very relieved with the news, but I still am worried something is wrong. ... (2 replies)
... gly invisible smoke that is wafting around objects, it is more apparent at low light, i thought something was sizziling or on fire, but i realize im the only one seeing it. its like floaters, but im not sure anymore. ... (0 replies)
Oct 29, 2014
... Hi I have a question about floaters I dont have the clear ones I only see the black stringly ones about nearly 2 months ago I got the bug then the flu and then severe anxiety 4 around the 1st 4 weeks my eyes just felt blury and out of focus but in the last 2 weeks the floaters have come I mostly only see them when im out in the sun or look sideways I can look at my tv and... (2 replies)
... thanks for your input lula! good to know I'm not alone in my situation :) my optometrist also recommended seeing a retinal specialist -_- and I've got to say in the span of 8 months I've seen two primary care doctors two specialists and two optometrists and it's amazing how little medical professionals (outside of the E.R.) are able or crazy enough even willing to help when... (3 replies)
... with a light grey halo around it in my center vision or right off center the last 2 years. I started seeing the blue spot in my vision lately. ... (0 replies)

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