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Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... Haha no problem at all ! I'm a bit of an over worrier so always think the worst. But I really do take your advice on board and will indeed keep a close.... eye on the situation. Thanks again for replying and wish you all the best. (8 replies)
Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... ying. I would think they would have seen an issue if they checked it. Please watch for any new symptoms though like a flurry of new floaters, flashes of light, shadows in peripheral vision. Those are what I encountered with the retina detachment. ... (8 replies)
... Over the past few weeks to months I've been experiencing these half circle transparent shadows in my vision when looking up. ... (3 replies)

... Both eyes. I have good health, I don't smoke or drink or do drugs and as for family history, no one has had any eye problems or diseases. I had a MRI of my brain in January and that was completely normal. ... (5 replies)
... Time is of essence with such "shadows" in the vision, as most of the times they are assoicated with retinal detachment. Can you describe these shadows some more in detail, since I have gone through this experience? ... (5 replies)
... three months ago I noticed a shadow in my vision field and I made a appointment to see my eye doctor and he dilated my eyes and didn't see anything at all. a month later, I had a new shadow in my right eye. ... (5 replies)
... I have had this issue for a while now and no one can explain. The best way I can describe it is like a shaky shadow in my inferior vision, left eye only. For instance, if I am looking straight ahead it looks like there are shadows on the floor of a fast moving ceiling fan. ... (0 replies)
... I'm experiencing slightly similar dilemmas. I have occasionally experienced double vision, but the main problem is shadows in my central field. I also have tinnitus in the ears.. Let me know what happened with neo. Also would like to hear what happened at the ophthalmologist. ... (1 replies)
... I've been experiencing something horrible for several months and am having a hard time describing it. I have shadows in my vision. It is NOT floaters. I think it's in both eyes, but it's impossible to tell where the shadows are because everything seems to be effected. ... (0 replies)
... Hey don't be this much worried. You see only your nose in your vision I have been seeing my nose as two shadows. Just relax. You are alright. ... (7 replies)
... I don't remember exactly how it started as I was just a child then. But I remember I all of sudden felt I perceive my nose as two shadows. I freaked out. I couldn't even make anybody understand what it was. Then I forgot about it as my eyes became myopic the same year. I always felt it is related to myopia but now I think it's something else. It's annoying! :( Hope so you are... (7 replies)
... Having same problem I'm 18 and seeing my nose as two shadows No one is telling me what to do? (7 replies)
... I have had a similar issue for some 6 months now, and have been to 3 specialists about it. Are your shadows more visible if you blink? ... (5 replies)
... rk to light can cause this to happen as it takes a good 30 mins for eyes to adjust correctly. Also stress can cause us to notice things more and myopia can cause vision shadows according to my gp... ... (8 replies)
... I also have myopia and had about several years ago beads of light traveling in my peripheral vision only when my eyes were closed at night when starting to sleep. When I went to the opthalmologist he dismissed it. Then they just stopped after about a year. ... (16 replies)
... oaters. Some are black spots and some are more like white shadows. I have had floaters for many years but recently they have gotten worse. I see them mostly when in sun light or looking at the computer. ... (3 replies)
Detached retina?
Mar 17, 2004
... and the retina is stretched. he said a lot of people see floaters and flashes and to just keep an eye on my vision and if I notice anything like an increase in floaters, dark shadows in vision, etc to call immediately. ... (20 replies)
... As far as i know, seeing floaters, orbs, shadows, flashing lights, black curtains like shadows, shiny floaty things are signs of retinal detachment. If you see an ORB floating around your vision, it means that the retina has detached. But, I am not a doctor and those are the signs they asked me to look out for when I got a preventative laser for retinal detachment. (7 replies)
... Thankyou for replying. In my case it is odd that dry eye started just before floaters appeared. But I will keep that in mind. So you think floaters are usually a permanent change? ... (7 replies)
... Yes the problem is same :) But for me my nose is not a very big issue and I only see it as two shadows not 3 or four noses :) (6 replies)

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