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... and I'm actually getting the shimmering out of the right eye as I write this. It's definitely not as bad as my left. And I wonder if light from the left eye can transfer to the right eye? ... (3 replies)
... My scarring is so far into the peripheral vision that my second opinion doctor could not believe I was seeing symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... slightly dilated and oval still 5 weeks later, would love to hear anyones input on that as well. I am going to assume iris damage because of the irregular shape. Vision has improved a lot though and is getting better up close. ... (3 replies)

Vibrating vision
Nov 23, 2013
... regulation in the brain and a helluva lot of other neurological processes. Only thing is, millions of Americans have adrenal issues, but only a handul post with shimmering vision. So any results that jibed with mine would only be a clue. I would definitely get tested if you are suffering fatigue. ... (77 replies)
Vibrating vision
Oct 24, 2013
... That could be one of those shocks to the system. And even though there are so far just a few cases of shimmering vision and millions of Americans with adrenal fatigue, everybody's mix of elevated, low, and normal hormone levels is different. ... (77 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jul 9, 2013
... Hi, I have the hyperthyroid too and the shimmering vision. My tsh is still very low. I wish my shimmering would go away. What other visual symptoms are you having because I have a whole bunch of other ones too? ... (77 replies)
... Hi There, I want you to know that I experience the same things your talking about at a much more intense level. My vision is very grainy, shimmering etc. I also see tons of floaters in my vision and I have been checked for 8 years. I'm 35 and It started when I was 28. ... (6 replies)
... among other weird stuff. Check our my response to Skittles and her shimmering vision problem. ... (2 replies)
... So a year later, today I dont know if it was anything but i was reading and all of a sudden my vision seemed hazy for a second, i looked around almost had a panic attack then it was fine. I do get anxiety now and again, im not great with my nerves. ... (6 replies)
... My guess is it could be traction on the retina or visual migraine. (3 replies)
Vibrating vision
Mar 23, 2014
... glutamate. So now I have touches of insomnia. Through all of this little change. After good sleep one day I thought the shimmering had completely gone! But it was back after another bad night. ... (77 replies)
... Hard to say if that is connected or not - could just be 2 different things. I have that "shaking" (flickering) in the peripheral vision (like a ceiling fan) I use that as an example because once it was happening I thought the ceiling fan was on and it wasn't. That's all due to floaters and the retina. If I described what YOU get, then I don't think the 2 are related. (it's... (1 replies)
... I've been having a shimmering or shaky effect in my peripheral vision. Kind of like heat waves coming off hot pavement. ... (1 replies)
Vibrating vision
Aug 19, 2013
... Hi, Sorry I missed the e-mail notice. My shimmering issue was a one-time event - in the waiting room. My TSH at that time was 0.06, with slightly elevated T4/T3 numbers. Six months later, my TSH was 0.16 (just shy of the 0.20 minimum "normal"). Because of the levels being fairly close to "normal", short, brisk walks (2 city blocks), one to a few times per day... (77 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jul 9, 2013
... The shimmering is around the centre of my vision. Was yours peripheral? ... (77 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jul 9, 2013
... and I have not had the visual shimmering experience since that day. I came here looking for answers regarding other visual anomalies. ... (77 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jun 29, 2013
... Mustang, the symptoms Loneman Maximo and I seem to be tracking on disappear when you cover either eye so the issue is not with how eyes see but how the brain processes vision. So eye doctors are out of their depth, and that's why Maximo is now talking about thyroid and systemic conditions elsewhere, as everything is connected. I just got complete blood panels, GI,... (77 replies)
... your vision will improve slowly, and the shimmering, etc. ... (20 replies)
Vision Problems
Feb 15, 2013
... However gradually over the years my vision is slowly getting worse and worse. I'm not talking about ability to read from distance, I mean the quality of my vision in general. ... (4 replies)
... ow. There has been times when driving behind a car in front of me that if looking straight ahead, it looks as though it has no left wheel. I was getting bright shimmering flashes to a point that it was almost blinding. ... (27 replies)

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