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... For the past few years I have had a white like mucus build up in the corner of both my eyes when i go to take it out it's like a long string that runs across my eyeball. ... (6 replies)
... I am so sorry your starting to suffer from mucus in your eyes, first one I've seen that has the same problem as me, I've been suffering from long stringy mucus in my eyes for 3 years now, I was diagnosed with MGD, which is Mebioman Gland Dysnfunction, I get the mascara pieces as well. ... (3 replies)
... (3 replies)

... during the day, and artificial tears as needed, and Refresh PM before bed. The problem is, even though i'm doing these things, my left eye is STILL making slimy stringy mucus stuff that blocks my vision, and I have to wipe it out literally every few minutes. ... (3 replies)
... Do you have any idea what causes this? (5 replies)
... preservative free artificial tears. I've been dealing with this problem for almost 9years. The more artificial tears you use, the thinner and less noticable the mucus strings will become. ... (5 replies)
... It's mucus. If your eyes are dry and/or you have allergies you're going to get it. Use lots and lots of preservative free artificial tears to wash it out. (good products are Bion Tears, Thera Tears, or anything that has no preservative and doesn't claim to "get the red out") Personally I have become an expert at removing these annoying strings from my own eyes. I wait until... (2 replies)
... I have the same problem--in my case, it's blepharitis (although I don't have a lot of the standard symptoms). (6 replies)
... I prefer not to be too specific because it is very easy to cause undue concern to readers of this thread. The illnesses concerned would all produce other more worrying symptoms so it is unlikely that you are suffering from any of them. If you express your concerns about the gunge in your eyes to an ophalmologist I am sure they will determine the reason and provide you with... (6 replies)
... What kinds of illnesses? I am not trying to be annoying but I have had this for such a long time and have never been able to get any answers and I would love to know what is really causing it. (6 replies)
... Infectious conditions that produce sticky mucous can last for years without causing damage or progressing. On the other hand, there is a condition known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) for which there is no specific cause but which produces sticky mucous due to under production of normal eye lubricant. It is generally recommended to use artificial tears (Systane or... (6 replies)
... I have the same exact thing but I have had it for years so I doubt its been an infection all this time, What are some of the other causes? (6 replies)
... There are several conditions that could cause this but the most likely is an infection. In any case, it needs to be checked medically before it causes damage. Either your family doctor or an ophthalmologist would be able to check it out. (6 replies)
... green discharge coming from your eyes. Usually eye allergies come with white stringy mucus. ... (1 replies)
... his I have these gross, long stringy mucus strands that are coming out of my eyes day and night because my glands don't produce the right amount of tears, so the mucus bunches up in my eyes and I have to pull them out all the time. This eye problem has taken over my life and I no longer can enjoy the things I use to. ... (13 replies)
... ey will ship them to your house and after you open them be sure to store them in the fridge they are only good for one month, so far they haven't helped with the stringy mucus in my eyes, I thought for sure they would dissolve them completely but they didn't. ... (71 replies)
... ful I don' have FK, that seems to be 100 times worse than my dry eye, MGD and stringy mucus. I will keep you all updated to how the NAC drops work and back on the Restasis. ... (71 replies)
... I couldn't believe how much pain you that suffer from this go through and I only thought I had FK because of the stringy mucus that comes out. ... (71 replies)
... If I could only get these mucus filaments and strings to stop I could finally enjoy life again. Please someone give me some advice. ... (71 replies)

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