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... Still no relief from purple swollen eyelids. ... (11 replies)
Swollen eyelids
Mar 19, 2004
... my daughter has awoken with swollen eyelids, which take hours to subside...she has stopped using make no result, still swelling....we don't think it is her pillows, laundry detergent.... ... (2 replies)
Swollen eyes
Jun 30, 2005
... For more than a month now, maybe two, my eyes have been swollen. My whole eyes, not just swollen eyelids but all of it so that you see less of my eyeballs (it is noticable to other people). I thought maybe it was just my medication, so I have changed from traozodone to remeron to paroxetine to cipramil in the past two months, my eyes are still swollen. There is no pain, no... (0 replies)

Itchy eyelids
Feb 8, 2005
... Sorry to hear you are having the bleph problems. I've got the same stuff and yes, you can have itchy, red swollen eyelids. I haven't broken out in hives but the lids do itch and get pretty red. ... (9 replies)
... Her eyes are swollen from crying and her sinuses are probably blocked up. ... (2 replies)
... Um...hi to whoever is reading this. My mother has cried a lot today, and her eyelids are badly swollen and are pinkish-red. It isn't due to infections by the way. She says that the pain starts from under her nose, to her forehead. What things can she do to decrease the swelling and the pain. And she also wants to know if she should ice it, or use a warm towel on her eyes. (2 replies)
... I was thinking maybe you could try thera tears 3x's a day and wash your eyelids with diluted baby shampoo 3x's a day? ... (11 replies)
... :wave: Hi all, This is totally wierd.I woke up 9 days ago to huge swoolen upper eyelids.It starts in the crease of the lid going down to the corners and lashes.It's not just your normal morning puffiness,it looks like they are filled with water.They are mushy feeling.If I put a cold compress on them it helps the swelling.There is no pain,itchiness,or oozing.The swelling gets... (2 replies)
... No diagnosis, Naturopath is at a loss. Acupuncturist says liver and spleen inflammation from the cialis. Doctor says liver and spleen are working fine and that its probably from allergic conjunctivitus which then got infected. The doctors now say there is no allergic reaction present or infection but..... the lid is still swollen, i still get pain in the eye and they both... (11 replies)
... Is it your lower or upper eyelids that are purple? ... (11 replies)
... red and irritated. I went to many doctors who all said dont worry about it it will go away. It just got worse. It turned from redness around the eye into a left swollen eyelid so the eye appeared to protrude. Then all of a sudden the eyelids went deep purple. ... (11 replies)
... One thing which I do routinely now is use an MGD eye bag every single night, or a hot moist compress to allow the eyelids to drain. ... (1 replies)
... My eyes are slightly better now, but I still have the wateriness and the slight crustiness. And my eyes are still slightly red. No more swollen eyelids. I went back to my eye doc, who said he thinks the "virus has run it's course" and I can put my contacts back in. I'm skeptical. ... (0 replies)
... I have had the same problem for years, I have started using baby oil to take my make up off, I use baby shampoo to wash my face and eyes after. It helped for a bit, but I still can't wear eye shadow, I take my mascara off as soon as I get home and I'm not going anywhere else. I still have some itch, and redness. My lips do the same thing. Frustrating. I will use aquaphor... (21 replies)
... while have benn having problems with my eyes. it first started with dark circles under them then went on to swelling of the upper and lower eyelids. they are now swollen and red constantly. i have seen a dermatologist who says its not an allergy. also my eyes have benn watering more and getting clear goo out of them. ... (0 replies)
Swollen eyes
Oct 11, 2010
... I go to bed and my eyes are fine, but some mornings I wake up and one or both of my eyelids are almost swollen closed....makes it hard to go out in public. ... (3 replies)
... I've been to several doctors in the past 2 years when this started and they all seem to think it's just pink eye (all sorts) and the last one thinks I have an auto-immune disease and that my body is attacking the good cells in my one eye (that doesn't make any sense to me since my one eye is perfectly fine and I'm a very healthy and fit 25 year old male). From what I've... (1 replies)
Itchy eyelids
Jan 10, 2010
... I have recently developped itchy lower eyelids...They are sometimes a little swollen, and a little red...any iea why and is this a sign that there is a bigger problem? (1 replies)
... Just copy and paste it into a new browser window. My eyelids were not as bad as the ones pictured but I was afraid that maybe they were going that way. ... (21 replies)
Oct 4, 2009
... What I have been experiencing is dry, itchy, flaky, swollen eyelids in addition to a tiny little blister under one eye. ... (7 replies)

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