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... I have become very depressed since having the corrective eye surgery. I am taking meds for depression and anxiety. My plugs will not stay in place. The restasis helps. My physician wants to try cauterizing. I am afraid of this because my vision is worse since the corrective surgery. Help! (2 replies)
... and I don't see any advantage except that I can read the alarm clock and my vision is better but not comfortable. My question is for those who have had their tear ducts cauterized. Did it help and how painful was it? ... (2 replies)
... I can't speak on the effectiveness personally, because I am currently using the permenant plugs and Restasis. My mom had hers cauterized and they eventually popped back open and she had to have it done a second time. Those have popped back open as well. ... (2 replies)

... re area also further options that may help as you progress in your journey to find something that works for you. There are punctal plugs that can be put in your tear ducts to block tears you do make from draining. You can have your tear ducts cauterized closed. You can try Restasis. ... (6 replies)
... I may be looking at getting the bottom two done this friday, I have the plugs in now and they seem to work if I keep up with the drops and don't strain my eyes. (11 replies)
... has any one out there got their all four tear ducts cauterized? ... (11 replies)
... For me, the dry eye is causing a lot of inflammation. One solution for me was to have all 4 tear ducts cauterized (permamnently closed) so no tears can drain out of my eyes. That has helped. I did not have to use a bandage lens when I had the filamentary keratitis because my doctor gave me enough anti-inflammatory drops that it went away without that. But I did have to use a... (40 replies)
... It sounds like what you had done was something like what I had. I had my tear ducts cauterized to seal them off permanently so my eyes would retain more tears. Can you tell me what the procedure entailed doing? ... (3 replies)
... pretty bad shape as far as dryness goes, and I had already had plugs put in. By the end of December I had the corneal ulcer and was in the process of getting my tear ducts cauterized. ... (67 replies)
... Starfox, it is just not possible for me to go without using tear drops. My eyes are so bone dry that they are incredibly painful if I don't use them. Plus, I don't have very much oil in my tears anyway. ... (74 replies)
... Starfox, it is just not possible for me to go without using tear drops. My eyes are so bone dry that they are incredibly painful if I don't use them. Plus, I don't have very much oil in my tears anyway. ... (74 replies)
... Thanks Elyse, I really appreciate your help and empathy especially! I don't mean to sound so pitifull (sp?) I really don't even think about it most of the time (like I said, since I've always had this problem, I don't fully realize what it would be to not!) I feel sorry for you because you at one time knew what it was like to have normal eyes! Anyway, I have not been able... (6 replies)
... Has your doctor ever considered cauterizing your other two tear ducts? ... (6 replies)
Tear duct plugs?
Jan 6, 2004
... so severe that I had to get all 4 tear ducts permanently closed by cauterization, and I STILL don't have enough tears to keep my eyes comfortable. ... (19 replies)
Dry eye & restasis
Jul 26, 2003
... Donna, I had heard that restasis was supposed to help increase quality as well. However, I also needed help with the quantity part too. Prior to getting my tear ducts cauterized, I had NO tears in my eyes. Then after the cauterization I began to have enough, but we want it to STAY that way, and Restasis can't hurt. ... (11 replies)
... thalmologist says it can sometimes take up to 3 months to notice a difference. I have been using it since it came out in the beginning of April. I have had all 4 tear ducts cauterized. That is what has helped me the most. Plugs were alright, but they irritated me sometimes and they CONSTANTLY fell out. ... (10 replies)
... My dr says that at the time, I had not a single tear in my eyes and I must have just gently blinked or rubbed my eye, and I rubbed an ulcer into my cornea. ... (93 replies)
Bump on eye
Apr 8, 2003
... I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. I have never had chalazion surgery, but I have had my tear ducts cauterized and that took at least 2 weeks to fully heal. There have been some other posts on here about chalazions. You should do a search for them. ... (11 replies)
Help for Dry Eyes?
Feb 16, 2010
... Have you had your tear ducts plugged or cauterized yet? ... (13 replies)
... Well, I'm having extremely Dry Eyes since almost five years, It's really frustrating, all four of my tear ducts are closed, the lower ones with plugs the upper ones are cauterized. ... (11 replies)

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