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... I was visiting a friend tonight, talking on her roof when her cat came up desiring attention.Now bear in mind that I am extremely allergic to cats, but irregardless i petted it anyway. Of course my nose began to get runny, and my eyes itchy. ... (0 replies)
... D Joking aside, I have not personally experience trauma in such a way, perhaps others can give you their perspectives on this. I am not quite certain what you mean by "a tear in the front of the eye". ... (5 replies)
Pinched cornea...
Jul 30, 2011
... fingers to pluck it out... Still no luck. Then I looked for tweezers, couldn't find any so I used my nail clippers. I got the bug but pinched my cornea in the process. A tiny spot of blood appeared but that was it. My eye looks smooth and normal it's just red and it feels odd where I pinched the cornea. ... (0 replies)

... As for the healing process, there is generally a slow progression in improvement. You mentioned that it is worse in the morning, this could be caused by the disturbance from the lid. ... (4 replies)
... tear, and I was sensitive to sunlight. The next day my eyes were tearing, and I could not stand the presence of light. Whenever light appeared, I had sharp pain in my right eye. I tried to sleep that night but could not. ... (4 replies)
Cornea help
Sep 3, 2008
... please help the cover of my eye (cornea i believe) is dry and semms to be swelling in some places and very irritating ive used an eye bath but still very painful i also have smeall white lumps appearing near the tear duct and an area near the tear duct is very swollen when i look in the mirror it feels like my cornea is moving when u turn my eye thank you (0 replies)
... About five hours ago I got a bunch of dirt in both of my eyes. I washed both eyes out multiple times. However I am having a problem with my right eye. ... (2 replies)
... My son is seeing his surgeon next month, his injury occurred after a pencil hit his eye, tearing through his cornea to tear and rupture his retina. ... (1 replies)
... I get pain in one eye after falling asleep for a couple hours and then waking up, it hurts to open the eye. I put water in it, but it burns. I know drops would help but I'm usually half asleep and not feeling like finding one of the small vials I use. I'd probably poke my eye out! ... (2 replies)
... Duke is one of the best places you could have gone. In fact, my doctor is from Duke. If you like, I can find out from him when I see him tomorrow who is the best person at Duke to see for dry eyes. ... (16 replies)
... In addition my eyes were very dry. The abrasions on my corneas are just about completely gone as is the infection. So, I have stopped the drops, he put in some dissovleable plugs into both tear ducks and I am suppose to use these preservative free drops every 3 hours to keep my eyes lubricated. ... (8 replies)
... sorry to hear of the damage done to your eyes. I can only give you advice about the scarring on the cornea. I too had an ulcer which led to a large scar on my cornea covering my pupil. I had this scar for over 30 years with no change. The only way for correction is to have a cornea transplant. ... (3 replies)
... Drs Pflugfelder in Houston and Dr. Tseng in Miami maybe able to help you with an amniotic membrane transplant. ... (3 replies)
... Ulceration, inflammation in both the eyes, lips, tongue, mouth with soaring throat. ... (3 replies)
... when my eye would tear it would sting like someone put SOAP in it, plus my vision in the affected eye looked like someone rubbed vaseline over it! How is the vision in that eye? ... (2 replies)
... Try to contact one of them and see someone in their ophthalmology department, as well as rheumatology and immunology. Unless you really like the doctor that you are seeing, that may be your best bet. ... (6 replies)
... I was told that I have open tear ducts wich causes ALL water content to evaporate. The Doc gave a name and said it was VERY rare. Every doc I've seen since cannot tell me this name? ... (6 replies)
Tear duct plugs?
Jan 12, 2004
... When you have lasik surgery, in order to make the flap they have to cut some of the nerves that supply tears to the cornea. ... (19 replies)
... biotics during my lifetime, but it doesn't sound like I have got this disease. My problems are severe dryness and also inflammation of the eyeball and cornea itself. But I have never had any blisters or corneal epithelium, etc... ... (22 replies)
... My second reaction was "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" I need this like I need a hole in my head! ... (93 replies)

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