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... Yes, cell phones and monitors are the worse...there is a reflection when watching TV or cellphone, etc. It's hard to watch TV in the dark and working on the PC. Yes, when i open my eyes wide, the glare goes away. ... (16 replies)
... I've had it for a month now. do u have problems with for ex. looking at a cellphone or monitor at night has a reflection on the bottom or looking at a window in a dark room also has the reflection. the funny thing is that I have things floating in those reflections. once my eyes are open, the reflections are gone... ... (16 replies)
... I am really glad to see other people have these same issues. I am pretty much experiencing everything that i've read in these posts. I have had these problems for about 3 years. ... (24 replies)

Jan 28, 2007
... I have floaters in my eyes and have had them since childhood. I was sad to find out that I really couldn't see germs in the air. Later in my teens the doctors explained to me that it's things floating in the fluid of my eyes and there is nothing that they can do about it. ... (5 replies)
... virus like things floating ard in my eyes . like those things u see under a mircoscope . i'm 19 now , been seeing them since i was young . ... (5 replies)
... s my whole life so I don't even notice them any more, but the lights have given me a lot of anxiety. Same symptoms as a detached retina. The light started out as floating balls along the side of my eyes and now they are waves of light. They seem to be decreasing in frequency and getting lighter. ... (7 replies)
... I have to have one....then if you STILL WANT IT,,,and you cannot find a doctor, go to a local University Hospital, even if you have to go to Germany if you are in Italy,, and get in on their research, or tell them you want to have it done. ... (16 replies)
... Same boat, have floaters as well, since I can remember, it has been a long time and I am 20 yrs. old. (16 replies)
... I'm sorry but unless you are a floater sufferer by yourself, then you can't really know what it is like to live with severe eye floaters my floaters are too many in both of my eyes, I see them all the time, even inside my house when not much of sun light comes in floaters are the cause of my anxiety, how can you "Fix" anxiety without "fixing" the problem that causes it?... (16 replies)
... That seems to be a standard answer to a Doc that doesn't suffer bad from them. I had them for years and the dang things were right in my field of vision. I always had to sart my eyes back and forth to get a sec or 2 of clear vision. I read about them on the internet about 10 years ago. ... (6 replies)
... There has been no indication that high blood pressure,prolonged stress,or anxiety could be a possible cause of floaters. If you suddenly see new floaters, or eye floaters accompanied by flashes of light or peripheral vision loss, it could indicate serious conditions such as diabetic retinopathy; vascular abnormalities such as retinal hemorrhages or carotid artery disease. ... (6 replies)
... Floaters are more likely to develop as we age and are more common in people who are very nearsighted, have diabetes, or who have had a cataract operation. ... (6 replies)
... You may sometimes see small specks or clouds moving in your field of vision. They are called floaters. You can often see them when looking at a plain background, like a blank wall or blue sky. ... (6 replies)
... I don't know exactly what these are, but I put them right up there with those darn floaters. I've been spending too much time trying to see the floater in the left corner of my right eye. ... (7 replies)
... Recently my 3 year old grandson looks like he is following "floating things' in the air.. sometimes he will reach out like he can grab 'them'. Last night he held up his hand like he was gonna sneak up on it and then he grabbed out.. ... (5 replies)
... te a few eye problems lately and I thought I'd ask if anyone could relate to any of these, or could tell me what might be causing them, or if they could help out in any way. ... (1 replies)
... This is from the Cleveland Eye Clinic and should help clear things up, especially the last paragraph. ... (20 replies)
... Sometimes we can not change the way things are, i.e. having strabismus, but we CAN change the way that we feel about them. ... (11 replies)
... Recurrent corneal abrasions due to an injury in the cornea. ... (0 replies)
... Recurrent corneal abrasions due to an injury in the cornea. ... (0 replies)

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