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... Hi Amygdala...Glad to get some feedback with others who have had eye issues. Im looking into cataract surgeons and will make some comparisons before i do that surgery. Did you have a new lens put in? My vision was 20/60 both far and near..wear progressives which made it near perfect. What is yours and what lens is best? Also what is macular edema? I was told that i had... (8 replies)
... Yes, it can make your vision blurry all over. It can distort lights as well, and cause double/triple "ghosty" vision within the one eye. I don't think you can really look around the central cataracts... your sharpest vision is normally right in the centre, and your peripheral vision is less detailed. So when you have a central cataract, when you try to "look around" it you'd... (8 replies)
... You said you had a victrectomy because of a small macular hole. What method was used to repair this hole? ... (8 replies)

... I cant read at all with my post victrectomy eye...but can see like looking thru a film. ... (8 replies)
... I cant read at all with my post victrectomy eye...but can see like looking thru a film. ... (8 replies)
... I had a victrectomy for very small macular hole, had peel and bubble was faced down for 12 days and very diligent about it. Now a month since surgery my vision in eye is not good... ... (8 replies)
... My husband is post victrectomy for macular hole, 4 days and is concerned that his pupil is still dilated and not much vision yet. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a little worried after see the retina specialist yesterday. He said that it was worrisone that I was seeing only the lower right quadrant of the eye chart (Big E) after my victrectomy. That and the fact that when he was looking in the eye with his light, it would disappear to me at times as he moved it around. Then he had his nurse do a florescope (sp) the pics. of the... (0 replies)
... and resolves itself quickly, unlike victrectomy , which can take weeks to heal and vision to return. ... (12 replies)
... I think seriousperson responded last time I asked about this operation. The doc is telling me I will definitely get a cataract afterwards within a year. This is frightening. Sounds very complicated but if I don't have the operation he said my retina will detach. I guess that would be very bad. He has been doing a lot of laser work to try and repair the retina as it has much... (0 replies)
... I also had a retinal tear. I had Victrectomy surgery 1 month ago. I was also a nervous wreck. I do not like surgery of any kind. So I had them put me out for the surgery. I still have the bubble. ... (41 replies)
... Yes, I have an Intra Occular Lens implanted in my one eye currently. It's made to my exact specifications -- EXCEPT it has nothing for my astigmatism. She was reluctant to use a toric lense, as it was not covered by insurance ($5,000) and most importantly, she was not even sure if the surgery would be 100% successful... Should have gone for the $5,000 lense as I would see... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the info on cataracts...but ,if mine was originally in center and doctor saw it even though it was not developed..shouldnt he have told me that my vision would be awful blurry afterwards? Im about 5 wks past surgery..will my vision improve you think? Doctor says it should..but will it only be after cataract is removed. Also many lenses out there...any headsup with... (8 replies)
... Pretty much everyone who has a vitrectomy will get a cataract. This should have been explained to you prior to surgery, and there's nothing you or your doctor could do to prevent the cataract, aside from not having the vitrectomy. I believe it's something to do with the vitreous not being present any more which allows the cataract to progress much faster than it otherwise... (8 replies)
... I had vitrectomy operations for retinal detachment for both eyes, and it took 2 or 3 weeks until the gas bubble injected in the eyeball went away (was automatically replaced by your eye's own saline solution). Until then the vision is, indeed, blurry. So, that's okay. But before that ask him to maintain the head down position or whatever the doctor has advised, very strictly,... (2 replies)
... If he's on any drops which dilate his pupil (Mydrilate is one, active ingredient is cyclopentolate) his pupil will remain dilated. Check what each of his eye drops is for. Does he have a gas bubble? If yes, his vision will be affected until it goes -- which could take up to 9 weeks. It is a slow recovery process. His surgeon is the best person to ask for answers, but... (2 replies)
... in 2 months since I got my new glasses. So in January, 2014 I now had a victrectomy in my left eye as well. The vision still hasn't come back sufficiently in this eye. I set up an appt. with Dr. ... (0 replies)
... I would get another opinion.....I had to have a vitrectomy because vitreous gel was attaching to my retina and pulling it, the risk was that my retina would be detached completely. So I had the vitrectomy and then within 6 months a cataract formed, which the dr. told me would happen after the surgery. anyway, i waited until at least a year after the vitrectomy, (contact lens... (3 replies)
... I don't know what to proceed with first. First doctor said to just get the vitrectomy and do cataract afterwards. Second opinion doctor thinks it's best to do cataract first. Has anyone experienced problems with getting a cataract after a victrectomy? (3 replies)
... Detached retina in left eye, August 10th 2012, emergency laser surgery, detached again one week later, emergency victrectomy and scleral buckle. ... (3 replies)

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