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... inside the eye shrinks and separates from the retina. That process causes the flashing lights. In most cases, the process completes smoothly and often goes unnoticed over a period of several weeks. ... (1 replies)
... however no one can explain why I get these flashing lights ONLY when I run. I have been told that they are probably ocular migraines but maybe not. ... (12 replies)
... be what the problem is. I can always tell when I am going to get a migrain because of the flashes of light. Sorry your having this problem I know how frustrating flashing lights and huge spots are since I have both although the spots in my eyes are probably related to the cataract surgery I had in Feb. ... (2 replies)

... for quite some time i have been having some very strane vision problems. about a month ago i had this sudden onslaught of floaters and flashing lights appear everywhere in my field of vision. ever since it has been bothering me every time i look into something that is bright, or walk outside. ... (2 replies)
... ead, one way to tell if it is a Migraine Aura, and not something more serious, or structurally wrong, is if the image is in both eyes at the same time. I get the flashing lights in both eyes, and it moves across my vision in both eyes at the same time, until it disappears off the edge of my eyesight. ... (5 replies)
... Sounds as if it could be a macular pucker because of the distortion. That is not an emergency. But I don't know about the rest of it. Perhaps someone else does (2 replies)
... is descending towards the center slightly. What's worse is that the distortion is worse and covering half my vision in that eye. It's like looking through wavy glass or a funhouse mirror right in the middle of my sight. Still some floaters. No flashing lights. ... (2 replies)
... I had the same problem with flashing lights last year. I know how terrifying it is . ... (3 replies)
... I totally relate to the frustration. I feel like a case study and that the eye "doctors" should be paying me! I had a shadow form after the flashing stopped too in the corner of my eye. That lasted a couple weeks, and let me tell you, that it was a nice break from the flashing. ... (6 replies)
... uick question and was wondering if any of you can help with an answer. I've been having some weird things happening with my eyes. I'm experiencing a change in my vision as well as experiencing some "flashing lights" in the periphery of my eyes. ... (0 replies)
... I have been having constant flashing lights/arcs in the left corner of my eye for 7 years. This is following an eye injury I had in 2007. I am highly myopic and have been to 4 different retinal specialists in Denver. None can see a problem with my retina and say it's vitreous traction or retinal traction. One doctor saw scarring but that's it. Otherwise they say my retina is... (30 replies)
... Vitcat is right to point out that in the 3 months following posteria vitreous detachment there is a chance of retinal detachment, it's a small chance but RD can be so damaging one should leave nothing to chance. Any showers of sparks or flashing lights or areas of blank vision must be reported instantly to a hospital A&E or ER preferably with an eye unit and your eyes should... (4 replies)
Vision Problems
Feb 17, 2013
... I have been to see a Consultant Opthalmic Surgeon but that was over 2 years ago, I have seen him two times in fact. He took my eye pressure and dilated my pupils, he is very well respected in his field. You are correct, I saw my optician only a month ago and he said my eyes were fine butt I should get a proper examination. I've always had the flashing lights now and... (4 replies)
... e way of everything and there is no way to accurately explain them to anyone. If they become worse after cataract surgery, well let just say the entire field of vision will be nothing but floaters and it will be quite challenging. ... (66 replies)
... its very strange but I think it may be relatively common I believe ive had it all my life. I have also had auras, optical migraines, spirals to the sides, flashing lights, cobwebs and spots......are you very nearsighted? ... (4 replies)
... mn bright arcs when blinking for 5 years. A couple of times, they turned into blind spots for a few days, but went right back to flashing lights when I blink. I have been to 3 retinal specialists who find nothing wrong. This is insanely frustrating. ... (30 replies)
... I found this forum as I was searching for similarly affected people and find out how they manage day to day and to share tips. I can relate to your frustrations with blind spots/flashing lights. Mine started last May with a patch of spinning "Y" shapes in my left eye, peripheral. It seemed to clear. Then I noticed a large sepia cloud at the top third of my left eye. When I... (14 replies)
... rk and and even with my eyes closed. I recently went to my Optometrist for a check up and he didn't know what it was. He kept asking me if what I was seeing were flashing lights. The light I am seeing does not flash and is there constantly. I only notice it in the dark as I have indicated. ... (1 replies)
... The day I got better, I noticed a flash in my right eye. Didn't think anything of it then a few days later I noticed when I woke up in the morning there were flashing lights in my peripheral vision. ... (14 replies)
... I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have been this way for over a year and was just diagnosed this month. I asked my doctor if this would eventually go away or if I would have to feel like this the rest of my life and he didn't know. ?! Scary. I am a bartender and have been unable to drink since this started. the last time I did I got tunnel vision. I am 25 years old and have been... (1 replies)

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