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PVD Question
Feb 11, 2015
... A friend of mine (Age 60), who is farsighted, recently complained of a large blurry spot, or in his words, like a thin curtain with undefined edges which he says is not like floaters (He reports no floaters), in the peripheral of the right eye, also presenting with diplopia in the affected eye. At my behest, he visited a ophthalmologist who diagnosed it as posterior vitreous... (0 replies)
... I have some glasses, would it help to use them all the time, to gain a few lines for my right eye? ... (0 replies)
... It started happening a week ago when I wake up in the morning and open my eyes. If I blink quickly I see jagged black lines like the veins in my eyes. It lasts a couple od seconds then goes. ... (1 replies)

... Hello do you still have this problem? (4 replies)
... After 2 months of being sick and stressed, I am now left with 1 symptom, distorted vision in my left eye. ... (0 replies)
Vibrating vision
Nov 21, 2013
... el disoriented and confused and as if im just wandering aimlessly. my vibrating vison is either getting worse, or i am just harping on it more. highly patterend lines are the major culprit here....perking lot lines blur togther they vibrate so rapidly... ... (81 replies)
... So, I need some help figuring out what this is. Ever since I was born, this weird thing happens where everything seems to zoom out. Everything I look at sorta gets smaller, and it's just an incredibly weird experience. I can sorta control it every once in a while for visualizing a certain thing, but I still don't know what it is exactly. When I get it, I feel...well...I'm not... (2 replies)
... e a lamp post clearly at night. Everything began at night. If a headlight was coming toward me, I couldn't see just the round bulb, I would be able to see long lines of light coming from it. It got worse and worse over the first year, but I was checked by four different doctors all saying I was fine. ... (4 replies)
... circular cutouts" staggered on each edge of vertical lines wherever the gaze is at that moment. Has that happened to you too after vit sx? ... (5 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jun 12, 2013
... Yes, on top of the vibrating vision what you say about the sky is oh so familiar. It is like light tracers running in and out dancing about. ... (81 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jun 11, 2013
... Hi, everyone. So glad to find this post. Ive been having the "vibrating" vision for several months now. I notice it on white doors the lines move or even the screen in a window. Any lines if there is a light background. ... (81 replies)
Vibrating vision
May 31, 2013
... My symptoms started out as the vibrating vision mostly as you described. I first noticed it on a tin building that had curves in it. ... (81 replies)
... This is the appearance of tiny bright dots moving quickly in the shape of squiggly lines in the visual field, especially when looking into bright blue light like the sky. ... (2 replies)
... Approximately 4 years ago, I had a strange vision condition that lasted for approximately 30 seconds, then completely went away. ... (4 replies)
... eye cataract done. Generally all has gone well and my general vision is pretty good. ... (7 replies)
... Full 2 lines better on the eye chart from my visit 4 weeks ago. ... (66 replies)
... smadley, Have they taken your OCT scans which gives your retinal cross-sectional properties at different locations in the macula? In my OCT of the recently operated eye, although it does not have ERM (epi-retinal membrane), I have seen slight horizontal ridges (kind of wrinkles) on the ILM (Internal Limiting Membrane of the retina - which touches the vitreous) going from... (27 replies)
... I have recently started a thread for the same vision problem after my vitrectomy sx for macular detachment, although not for scar removal. Please see my thread "Post Vitrectomy Vision and ... ... (27 replies)
... Great, sree234! Hope you get back all your vision soon. ... (20 replies)
... means, if the smallest object that can be seen by good vision is at 40 ft, then for you to see it clearly it needs half that distance, 20 ft, etc. ... (20 replies)

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