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Apr 24, 2014
... then a torn retina. My vision is better in that eye than before surgery. ... (5 replies)
... for the reply! Sorry to hear about your situation, which seems even more unpleasant than mine. Piggy back option was rejected as it wouldn't give me any better vision than the current contact lens over IOL. ... (3 replies)
... have myopic macular degeneration in the left eye which used to be my dominant eye. This caused bleeding into the retina which left a scar so now I have central vision loss just in the left eye. ... (3 replies)

... along the same distance. I only drive close to home where I know all the turns as i can't easily identify new paths or quickly read street signs. And since the vision cuts out when it gets down to about six feet away I have a sizable gap before the close eye can pick up. ... (3 replies)
... ed every 6 weeks for about 6 months. They finally gave me a shot of Avastin and I've not had anymore bleeding in almost 9 years. I do have a scar in the central vision that caused a blind spot though. My right eye is totally unaffected. I only have to see my retinal specialist once a year now. ... (3 replies)
... o man, and had some questions about some vision phenomenon I experience. ... (0 replies)
... then the little blood left over took a little while to fade but her vision is fine now. What did the opthalmalogist tell you he was going to do? ... (3 replies)
Apr 16, 2014
... I had a vitrectomy 3 years ago, and your vision does definately get better over time. My Retina started detaching after I had shingles on the left side of my head. ... (5 replies)
Apr 16, 2014
... Will I get my vision back completely or am I just being impatient? ... (5 replies)
... lder your eyes change. They age just like the rest of your body. Some peoples eyes dont "stabilize" and their rx will change. But, as you get older your distance vision will actually get better. As that happens though your near vision will start deterriate. That is why people start needing bifocals. ... (1 replies)
... Also, I have always been told my vision would stabilize in my early 20's... However, I'm 22 and my eyes are showing no signs of slowing down. My question is, WHEN on earth will my eyes stabilize? ... (1 replies)
... a patch over the right eye that I had to keep on for 24 hours. The anticipation of what I was going to see made me crazy! Finally, the patch came off. No double vision at all. I noticed I was now using both eyes a lot more than just having favored my left eye more in the past. ... (1 replies)
... I have just come to the point of needing a multifocals. But I haven't decided on switching between pairs or going to multifocals. My question is about single vision lenses. Also, I kind of need advice from someone who has a bit more than a laymens understanding of the eyes or has had a similar experience to mine. ... (0 replies)
... Any info greatly appreciated! Oh and I am now 38..37 at time of last exam. Also I have episodes of blurry vision but no other eye problems. ... (4 replies)
... First, I have been seen by the vision clinic, and also had a complete eye test, and they say what is happening is normal for my age, but I am left puzzled. ... (3 replies)
... I had a cataract removed from my left eye last Thursday. The following day when the eye patch was removed at Dr office I had blurry vision in that eye, she said it was swelling of the cornea which is not uncommon. I was so scared! ... (0 replies)
... This could have some bearing on your vision you describe. ... (3 replies)
... How long until your vision normalized? ... (3 replies)
... everything looks too bright! The vision in my left eye is fine. HELP! ... (0 replies)
... I am very dependent on my very close vision and with my surgery tomorrow I am worried. I will have one eye done and have a contact for the other until my second eye. So concerned I will be miserable. ... (3 replies)

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