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... our insurance company and only pay your regular co pay if you go in with a complaint such as dry eye, something that could have a medical cause. You'll get your vision checked at the same time any way. ... (2 replies)
... Obviously, as with any field, some optometrists will be better than others, and some may be preferred because they are more thorough, more communicative, nicer, easier to deal with, work with a better lab, etc. No doubt, the best optomitrists will notice more things when screening, and solve difficult problems more successfully, and may provide better care for those at... (2 replies)
... I notice this, what I know to be, blackness it sometimes only takes up a small amount of vision but some times it takes up most of it,central and peripheral, it only lasts for a SPLIT second and it happens in BOTH eyes. ... (1 replies)

... I suppose I should also mention that my vision is somewhat deteriorated and I don't wear glasses or contacts. ... (0 replies)
... I was at the doctors office and had a vision test done. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. I recently woke up feeling that one of my eyes was slightly blurry/out of focus - sort of like the way it feels when you first wake up and there is sleep in your eye. I was pretty concerned so I went for an eye exam straight away. The optometrist done a eye test and looked at the back of my eye and took a photo etc. However, there was no real conclusive response... (0 replies)
... right undefined flashes at the periphery of my vision, like white smears, and a few mornings over the last couple of weeks I've awoken to see vein patterns in my vision and with the center of vision in both eyes covered in circles of red overexposure, which persisted for a couple of minutes. ... (1 replies)
... You should get yourself to an eye specialist right away, to see just what it is as if it gets worse - well you wouldn't wan that to happen, would you? I had problems with only one of my eyes and it scared me bad enough that I went and saw both my optometrist and the specialist within 2 days. (1 replies)
... Until then the vision is, indeed, blurry. So, that's okay. ... (2 replies)
... If he's on any drops which dilate his pupil (Mydrilate is one, active ingredient is cyclopentolate) his pupil will remain dilated. Check what each of his eye drops is for. Does he have a gas bubble? If yes, his vision will be affected until it goes -- which could take up to 9 weeks. It is a slow recovery process. His surgeon is the best person to ask for answers, but... (2 replies)
... My husband is post victrectomy for macular hole, 4 days and is concerned that his pupil is still dilated and not much vision yet. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! I see two noses in my vision at all times and it is so annoying! I wasn't sure if it's because my nose is bigger or not, but everyone says my nose isn't big at all. ... (6 replies)
... I have new glasses with press on prism. I notice that if I look straight ahead, I don't have double vision, but if I look say 10 degrees or more off center then I do. Are press on prisms supposed to act this way? (0 replies)
... My surgery did not turn out well. I now have big gray spots in my vision field. I cannot read at all with that eye. And I have also had cataract surgery on that eye since. ... (1 replies)
... I would love to hear stories of how this surgery turned out for you. Mine, diagnosed last Aug. and on a recheck found it to be slightly worse so they recommend surgery to fix it. I was seeing 20/40 and she didn't say what it was on this recent appt. I can tell it's worse. Is it worth the risks of surgery to repair this? I've read that if it gets worse the correction... (1 replies)
... A year and a half ago my vision in my left eye started blacking out. It would happen a few times a day and only last about 30 seconds. Within a month my vision was blacking out about every 10 minutes. This lasted for about a month and one day when it blacked out I didn't have my central vision in my left eye anymore. ... (0 replies)
... I can't help with your latest question I'm afraid. I have one good eye and one bad eye, and sometimes my brain uses vision from only part of my bad eye instead of my good eye. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry,it was an optometrist who looked at me. I do have an appointment next month to look at my retina more closely. I could be more focused on my right eye and over-compensating, (and I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac), but it's so random. Sometimes, it's in bright lights, other times, it's a night when I'm sitting in the kitchen. Could it be this is the slight... (4 replies)
... Hey don't be this much worried. You see only your nose in your vision I have been seeing my nose as two shadows. Just relax. You are alright. ... (7 replies)
... About a month ago, I started noticing that my right eye had blurry vision at certain times-most notably in fluorescent lights-at the gym, my classroom, etc. However, I also notice it at certain times during the day-without rhyme or reason. Sometimes it comes and goes at night. It seems like there's a blurry sense, or a fog in one eye-I can't make out captioning on the TV,... (4 replies)

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