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Vision loss
Jul 4, 2015
... I recently had vision loss. Went to eye dr. Retina looks good. Dr thought I had stroke. Ordered MRI of brain. Inconclusive. ... (3 replies)
Vision loss
Jul 5, 2015
... Thanks ever so much! I realize coming from back of brain. Wish i could start treatmment. Trying to rule out bacteria/virus! Praying not cancer. (3 replies)
Vision loss
Jul 5, 2015
... (3 replies)

Vision loss
Jul 5, 2015
... Sorry for your problem Hope it's not permanent! I think you should be seen by a neuro-ophthalmologist. They deal with issues with the optic nerve that runs back to the visual area of the brain and would be more familiar with the obscure issues affecting these areas than regular eye doctors are. Good luck! (3 replies)
Double vision
Jun 29, 2015
... Hi, Double vision can be from two different kinds of problems. If you close one eye and it goes away, it means that both eyes are not focusing exactly at the same place. ... (1 replies)
... I have definitely heard other people with vision problems talk about having trouble hearing because they can't see other people's faces. I think that we use that information more than we realize. ... (1 replies)
Double vision
Jun 29, 2015
... and I have been having double vision now for the passed two weeks. at first it was mild and now my eyes cant focus out if it. ... (1 replies)
... blurry vision for the first day and a half, then just stayed blurred. Have slightly limited peripheral vision . The upper cheek bone is painful to the slightest pressure from my finger. Not a whole lot of swelling, just black and blue. Should I seek medical attention? ... (0 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone else has had a drastic change in their vision and eye glass prescription after cataract surgery, and if so, what was the explanation the doctor gave? I had cataract surgery last August, and ended up with "mono vision"- one of the artificial lenses is set for computer distance, the other is set to see distance. This is not what I wanted, but it... (0 replies)
... Are these blind spots permanent or do you recover vision in them after awhile? ... (6 replies)
... I think I've learned to accept my problem. I'm just hoping it progresses slowly so I can enjoy my vision for many more years. ... (6 replies)
... I was wondering if it is normal for my vision to effect my hearing. If I can't see a persons face I have a very hard time hearing and understanding them. ... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, I wondered if anyone else get sparks or sparkly dots flitting across their vision. Mine are sometimes very fast and bright and can turn into dark blobs when they stop. Iv had my eyes checked over and over again, to the point of silliness! This is really worrying me as no-one seems to know what is causing them. They are not floaters. Can anyone help? (1 replies)
... As far as I can tell, there is no sign that my vision has deteriorated. ... (0 replies)
... While pinching my eyes closed, I saw bright blue spots floating around a larger black spot in the center of vision. The blue spots moved until they eventually formed a continuous blue ring around the black spot. This happened only once. No headache was associated with it. My eye doctor's office receptionist/expert said not to worry. I had just seen the eye doctor for a... (0 replies)
... hmm was hoping for a couple replies by now.. This must be a fairly uncommon condition.. Oh well (2 replies)
... Some people with migraines get an aura like that before the headache starts. Personally, my vision gets so bad that I can't drive until the aura goes away. Then I have 30 minutes before the migraine starts. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I have a phenomenon that occurs in my left eye. I see a circular shape slightly to the right of center of vision. It happens randomly and occasionally. It lasts around 20 min, like a migraine aura, but it doesn't behave like one. It is only visible with my eyes open and even then, only when I squint or open opening my eyes after a blink or when my I shift my eyes. My... (0 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. This is what I need to hear. I can live with my vision now. I would hate to have it be worse or have unknown problems show up. ... (3 replies)
... I had macular pucker surgery two years ago. I would definitely advise against it. Mine was very unsuccessful and I am much worse off than I was. I have spots in my field of vision. Can no longer read with that eye. I am trying to sue the doctor who did it. He told me he wouldn't advise the surgery because it usually doesn't take the problem away. I asked him if I would be... (3 replies)

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