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... Yesterday I was visiting an eye clinic for several other vision problems I've been having, however this one has grabbed my attention mostly because I cant seem to find much info on it. ... (2 replies)
... bricant such as Moisture drops or Gel drops. Gel drops tend to be thicker and the effects will last longer. With gel drops and even with some moisture drops your vision will temporarily be blurry. The gel drops brand I would suggest is Systane. ... (1 replies)
... Follow up: I went to a government run eye clinic , they went over my symptoms and did a retina scan or check which didn't involve any pupil dilation, I don't know the name for the procedure. The end result was my retinas seem fine, but my symptoms might indicate a scotoma (in their opinion) and I need to go back for a full exam where they will dilate my eyes and check again.... (2 replies)

... Hello! I know what its like to have a spot in your eye and you are not sure what it is. In fact I went to the eye doctor for this same issue two days ago. And after verifying that my eyes are fine (though only my left eye is effected with the spot, though mine is more gray than black) I was told that it was idiopathic central serous chorioretinopathy. While a terrifying... (2 replies)
Migrain or tear
Sep 9, 2017
... A few days ago, after a workout at the gym, I sat down on my laptop and saw a little of... something like flashing. I can't really describe it but it looked like shimmering lines and that lasted for about 5 minutes and then I got a headache. I was worried that it may be a retinal tear and went to see a doc, he checked my vision, did not perform eye dilation but from his... (1 replies)
... o i've had a much bigger fixed blurry black line in my right eye. If I stare straight I don't see it, but if I move my eye, especially to the left, it crosses my vision in the same direction and its extremely noticeable. ... (1 replies)
... i read an article about vision loss due to computers and mobile use at perhaps thats the cause. ... (2 replies)
... yellow, orange and dark green fruits and veggies. Adequate levels of beta carotene are needed to maintain good night vision and to protect against eye damage. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I'm 51 years old and for about a month now I have had a circular blurry spot in the middle of my vision in one eye, and within the blurry spot there are tiny horizontal zig-zag lines that seem to wiggle slightly. This occurs when I focus on something for more than about 20 minutes (reading, stitchwork, beading, etc) My ophthalmologist did a thorough exam and says my... (0 replies)
... When my mother had cataracts she opted to leave it alone. As a result the optic nerve in one eye was damaged so that she became blind in one eye. her vision could have been saved and even the opthomologist felt bad at a subsequent visit. ... (4 replies)
... When you got your eye exam for the new glasses, did you get your eyes dialated? If so, the eye doctor would have checked for common eye diseases. Did your blood vessels appear normal? I assume you don't have diabetes or heart disease. How is your health in general? How long has it been since you had a checkup by a GP? Do you take prescription drugs? Are you... (1 replies)
... I recently got new glasses, and every now and then, when i take them off, to me it appears that there's smoke everywhere. Like an enclosed smoking area in a club or bar. It doesn't happen all the time, and there doesn't seem to be any common pattern to whenever it happens. I've googgled it many times and found no results that seem similar. Can anyone help me at least... (1 replies)
... Hi all, So on two occasions the last few months, my right eye went blurry for a few minutes. Im 28 and healthy. Both times i was lying on my left side watching videos on my cell before sleeping for the night. Docs have done ct scans, mris, eye tests, blood tests etc but they said they cant find anything. I can see my laptops or mobile's screen...probably because of the... (2 replies)
... Delete this post. (0 replies)
... For almost 2 months I have been suffering from inflamed eyes, blurred vision, photophobia and burning. The symptoms are so bad that I can hardly use the computer or cell phone and forget reading and driving. The eye doctor just blows me off Going on 3 visits to him. (2 replies)
... I wear contact lenses all day. However when my eyes become very strained from using the computer (especially toward the end of the working week), can I wear glasses for a slightly higher prescription over my contact lenses? Therefore I will be wearing both contact lenses and glasses for a period of time. I propose this to give my eyes the extra support they need when they are... (0 replies)
... Has anyone experienced poor vision following glaucoma & cataract surgery ? (0 replies)
... Make an appointment with a retinal specialist. The hospital ER does not always have the best evaluations for eye problems. (1 replies)
... Hello everyone, so since the beginning of the year i have been experiencing something very annoying. I see white flashes size of a slug aproximetely go across my eye and then keep going left to right. Sometimes it happens when.l Get up quickly when laying down and also the flash seems to go around the corner of my eye. I have been to the hospital to get my eyes checked out... (1 replies)
Eye Floaters
Jun 29, 2017
... I have bits of black thread that my brain now ignores (most of the time) I did once have what looked like a shower of little bright bits when looking at the computer screen...also in the bedroom in the dark I had what seemed like lightening episodes I did have a visit to the Hospital eye dept who told me I had nothing to worry about, but to come back if it happened again... (1 replies)

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