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... I been good today just hope it stays that way . I dont know why but it seems like after I have one my vision clears like you would not believe clear as a bell afterwards. I think this high pollen may be a trigger . ... (17 replies)
... Fortunately, after 40 years, there has been no damage to my vision. At 73, I still have excellent vision and haven't had a vision prescription change in about 20 years! ... (17 replies)
... When I look at a white wall or other plain surface and particularly when I close my left eye, I can see a big dark perfect circle in my right eye's peripheral vision (nasal side). It is especially dark when I look hard to the right. I have had my eyes dilated and nothing was found. Could it be some sort of pressure phosphene? Anyone else have something similar? Since I noticed... (0 replies)

... I don't know if its normal but I do this too more than your doing. Last month I had one in right eye it cleared then left eye back to back. That was a first for me. I have had them for at least 10 years maybe more. I did get full migraines when I was young. I sometimes have a headache after them. I think the doctors know much about them. (17 replies)
... Hello . I have had these things for years usually 4 are 5 a year . They always start out with the little blob in the middle of vision with the zig zag lines like lighting all different colors and they will float out of my vision from the left to right making a big back wards C ... ... (17 replies)
... The first person said I had Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome, followed by a field vision test which I failed. The further visit was a follow up Field Vision with his colleague at the same clinic, I passed 2nd time. I questioned the Eye Doctor about her colleagues notes about the Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome. ... (3 replies)
... failed the vision test during my Army induction in late 90s, cannot do Ishihara test, once owned a cotton candy pink sweater that I thought was white. ... (0 replies)
Vision problems
Jan 20, 2018
... Yeah, I agree with above reply. Eyes are the most important part of our body. Do not take risk in case of eyes. (9 replies)
... I have been getting this dry eye problem for the last month where sometimes some mucus keeps blurrying my vision sometimes when I blink. After playing a computer game for too long, I get yet another copy of the object, this time below, but this one disappears after a while. ... (0 replies)
... How are you feeling?? I was just thinking about you? Did you see your doctor in Utah? (7 replies)
... Have you considered mono vision contacts? ... (8 replies)
... Very common for your vision to improve when you are still young. ... (8 replies)
... The vision between my eyes feels more equal, but it feels too weak. When I get a bad headache sometimes my right eye even blurs at this prescription. ... (8 replies)
... Optometrists can dx some things such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts,etc. Did he put dye in you eyes to check for dry spots? That's the way my optometrist dx'ed mine. Told me which OTC drops to get and put a non glare coating on my glasses. Worked p perfectly. (6 replies)
... Go to an opthamologist for a medical evaluation of this problem.An optomitrist just dispenses the glasses but does not diagnose. (6 replies)
... My brother had some weird symptoms (not ocular) that the doctor attributed to something that wasn't the cause. Turned out raised blood sugar was the culprit, and it wasn't very high - not even pre-diabetic range. When he got it down the symptoms went away. Raised sugar wreaks havoc on the body and that includes the eyes. You can google 'high blood sugar affect on... (10 replies)
... diabetic range but told me these vision problems are not related. I've also had this weird issue lately waking up. When I first wake up I'm literally crossed eyed my eyes are not aligned. ... (10 replies)
... Raised blood sugar levels can cause eye issues and retinal hemorrhages as the vascular system is affected. It can also cause the kind of vision issues you describe. ... (10 replies)
... I've been struggling with blood pressure for 5 years and I've been treated with medication and currently take two prescriptions and have been successfully loosing weight. Every doctor I've seen says there's no connection between my bp and the vision problems (Besides the retina hemorrhages). This appointment on the 19th is really my last hope. If it doesn't result in a... (10 replies)
... Anxiety can certainly cause the vision problems you are having. ... (10 replies)

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