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... Hey don't be this much worried. You see only your nose in your vision I have been seeing my nose as two shadows. Just relax. You are alright. ... (7 replies)
... About a month ago, I started noticing that my right eye had blurry vision at certain times-most notably in fluorescent lights-at the gym, my classroom, etc. However, I also notice it at certain times during the day-without rhyme or reason. Sometimes it comes and goes at night. It seems like there's a blurry sense, or a fog in one eye-I can't make out captioning on the TV,... (4 replies)
... Over these past few weeks, I've started seeing my nose in the right side of my vision, it just came on all of a sudden, and it's causing me anxiety. I went to see on optometrist and opthamologist, I've had my eyes checked, all the tests and my eyes are 100% healthy. I know it's not caused by anxiety since there have been days I've been really happy but I still notice it is... (7 replies)

... for years. This evening I was feeling unwell during a meeting and lay down on the floor. Suddenly my vision became incredibly clear. ... (0 replies)
... I am going to try Dr. Christopher's eyewash again. It might help clear up any retinal vessel breaks or blood from a retinal break that is causing the flashing, vision anamolies. I'll try anything at this point. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I feel for anyone that goes through vision problems, it can really get you down and is very stressful. ... (6 replies)
Vision problems?
Feb 26, 2015
... Do floaters fade away if they aren't touched? Rather will your body heal itself of them? (2 replies)
Vision problems?
Feb 26, 2015
... Probably eye floaters. They're caused by small flecks of a protein called collagen. If they come with flashes of light or a loss of side vision, you should visit an eye doctor! (2 replies)
... I am a 36 year old male that has been going through various vision issues for the past 12 years. ... (6 replies)
Double Vision
Feb 20, 2015
... had double vision and slurred speech. It started March, 2014. ... (1 replies)
Vision problems?
Feb 17, 2015
... OK I'm 27yr old female with no health problems about 6mos ago I started having vision problems went to eye doc and he gave me eye glases... ... (2 replies)
... and not just with digital objects and mainly dim lighting. I do not wear glasses and have noticed that when I look through a small hole in a piece of card, the vision improves. I've read online this may mean it's a refraction error of some sort? ... (2 replies)
... I've been having vision problems with my left eye for the past few weeks. ... (0 replies)
... uick question and was wondering if any of you can help with an answer. I've been having some weird things happening with my eyes. I'm experiencing a change in my vision as well as experiencing some "flashing lights" in the periphery of my eyes. ... (0 replies)
... I have an anisometropic amblyopia in my right eye. I am about 20/80 in that eye. I am about 20/15 in my left eye. I was just reading about revital vision, is it a gimmick, or worth trying to get 2-3 more lines? Has anyone here ever tried it? I have some glasses, would it help to use them all the time, to gain a few lines for my right eye? Or is it pointless, since my... (0 replies)
... Hopefully the injection will work and no surgery will be required. my central vision is not too bad, with glasses and thankfully my "good" eye, I'm able to work and continue doing everything I was before. ... (3 replies)
... I guess that is my greatest fear that I will receive the injection and my vision will be less than ideal. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Armstead, I had to have a vitrectomy for this problem, check all the risks before you get the injection, if they are not to great , it maybe worth a try instead of surgery. The surgery is a big deal, (I had to keep my head down for about two weeks) and then I had to have cataract surgery a year later, so if there's anyway this new drug will help the vitreous slip off the... (3 replies)
... From what I have read, vision outcomes are best if this problem is surgically repaired, or pharmacologically managed early following diagnosis. I am still in shock over this diagnosis. ... (3 replies)
... Please get to the eye doctor. I have this and the doctor saw a tear in my retina. If left in treated you can go blind (1 replies)

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