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... My partner had a vitrectomy a week and a half ago for a macular hole. ... (2 replies)
... I never heard of Nevanac but the other meds sound like the right protocol for post-op.Is a retinal specialist doing the surgery? (16 replies)
... I went back to work as an accountant 4 days post op, and would advise you not to do so if not necessary. ... (16 replies)

... I am 7 days post op for a victrectomy for a retinal detachment. At my check up yesterday, the dr. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Vitcat2, I am glad to hear your vision is doing very well (under these circumstances). I had a very similar macula off RD on my right eye and is about 8 week after surgery and the gas bubble still at 10%. I am still seeing the wavy line, smaller images, blurry and double vision and now lots of glare from affected eye. I will be seeing my surgery on 8/26. He won't say... (15 replies)
... If some one have the similar experience, please post your longer term vision status. ... (10 replies)
... If some one have the similar experience, please post your longer term vision status. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Jellyfish, I had a similar surgery on 6/18/15 (without scleral buckling), going thru the poor eye sign experiences now; searching internet for answers, then came across this board and find your message, I am related to your experience 99%. I had my 5 weeks post-op yesterday and the gas bubble is still at 30%, I started to see things little clear last week (4 weeks after... (15 replies)
Vitrectomy Issues
Sep 30, 2013
... My situation is very similar to what you describe, but with my right eye. I had three retinal tears and my macula was mostly off and I am now 4 weeks post op with only a small gas bubble remaining and double vision just as you describe. ... (1 replies)
... I have had vitrectomy surgery 4 months ago for macular detachment/hole in my left eye, and my vision has stabilized to 20/30 since 7 weeks post-op, but has not improved any further after that. The screen-with-holes test did not improve it either. Fortunately, earlier vision stereoscopic issues have gone away, however, I still have slight "wavy" vision in that eye, and was... (5 replies)
... Apologies for the late reply.. Yes the sequence is different from what you understood. It is: Macular hole-> gas bubble vit -> hole reopened after a month & caused Retinal tear with gas moving in -> doc performed vit again with silicon oil & sealed the tear & hole. And yes you are right. We do have our doubts about the doc performing the silicon oil vit perfectly... (18 replies)
... But to tell you the truth, my mom with a history of one successful gas vitrectomy in the other eye took this surgery very lightly. She didnt posture strictly, not even in the first 15 days. ... (18 replies)
... For both eyes, I had air-bubble post-vit, so don't know much about silicon oil, except that it is used when face-down posturing becomes very difficult for some patients, as, perhaps, in your mother's case. The oil, just like the air-bubble, holds the eye-ball shape after the vitreous has been removed from it, and presses on the retina for it to stick to its RPE base if there... (18 replies)
... even far more critical operation than vitrectomy for retinal repair, I understand. I hope that is not the case with you. ... (8 replies)
... I don't know if it gets as easily absorbed if it is saline solution instead, which usually replaces the vitreous during vitrectomy sx., or what the interaction of the IOL is with the saline solution, now that it is exposed to it as opposed to the natural vitreous. ... (66 replies)
... It has been 7 weeks after my vitrectomy surgery for a macular detachment, and I got some good news from the doctor today: my vision improved to 20/30, and with the screen-with-hole test all the way to 20/25! Full 2 lines better on the eye chart from my visit 4 weeks ago. I thought I will share this positive news with this group, especially, for those who are going through the... (66 replies)
... smadley: I too have had cataract surgeries done on both eyes, but some 11 years ago, and have single-focal IOLs in both eyes which gave back 20/20 before the recent vitrectomies. I don't think wavy vision has anything to do with the IOLs, although a bifocal IOL may create some other vision adaptation issues. At least in my case where retinal detachment was involved, the doctor... (27 replies)
... I have recently started a thread for the same vision problem after my vitrectomy sx for macular detachment, although not for scar removal. Please see my thread "Post Vitrectomy Vision and ... ... (27 replies)
... Hi Sree234, You need to ask your dr "why" the vitretomy was done in your case. Did the accident cause retinal detachment (RD)? How bad was it - just peripheral RD, or central (macular) RD too? Is it a "macular hole" or a "macular pucker" (epi-retinal membrane), or both? Was there hemorrhage inside the vitreous? Was your lens damaged too? I am no doctor, but each case has... (20 replies)
... tubint: Just got back my pre- and post-op OCT scans, as you had suggested! They sent me a CD...what a wealth of information! It has not only black 'n white photos, but also colored (no dye injection was used on me :). Further, it has not only 2d b/w cross-sections of the retina (on two orthogonal axes), one of which (from nasal to temple C/S) the dr had shown and discussed... (66 replies)

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