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... I am sure the cuaterization will help. First all of the inflammation from the procedure has to go down. Then you will start producing more tears. Right now your eyes are probably still very inflamed. ... (12 replies)
... So maybe the NAC drops are drying out my eyes even more? ... (71 replies)
... I found these boards when I did. When I first started having these problems, I didn't even know about healthboards. I just started searching for things about dry eyes one night on the internet and I found it. Everyone here has been so helpful and supportive. ... (74 replies)

... I have double vision, no one can tell why. Pinhole corrects it. It worsens slightly at night, but it's very little in the morning. Also, dry eyes. ... (0 replies)
... ly I think it's Johnny who has them horribly then gets rid of them. I know what you mean about the strings like glue, I pull my own out, I don't understand what in the hell is going on, I've about given up and I am not going to bother wasting money with plugs and having to deal with all the b.s. that comes with plugs. ... (71 replies)
... Yeah, when your eyes feel this crappy only chocolate can make them feel better. ... (71 replies)
... I am pretty sure I have FK, I have these constant mucos strings that come out of my eyes day and night, I've tried every kind of eye drop except for the NAC drops which is compounded from mucomyst. ... (71 replies)
... As to the docs, Medicaid, well, you got more faith in mankind than me. With few exceptions, life is all about money... ... (40 replies)
... Duke is one of the best places you could have gone. In fact, my doctor is from Duke. If you like, I can find out from him when I see him tomorrow who is the best person at Duke to see for dry eyes. ... (16 replies)
... Serum drops are made from my serum. It has nutrients to heal the eye. It is a procedure done at outpatient eye center and the serum is prepared by pharmacy. I have not noticed any real difference at this time. I am not sure how long before it helps. I have been on it about 10days. ... (488 replies)
... That is weird about the shower. Only thing I can think of is excess oil like I had in the beginning. My eyes would be very glossy and I was gushing oil as one doc put it. ... (488 replies)
... Well I have good news for once! I went down to Maryland to see my dry eye specialist at the Wilmer Eye Institute of John's Hopkins University. He said that my eyes actually look better than the last time he saw me! My pressure is good and the surface of my corneas doesn't look bad! YEY!!!!! ... (25 replies)
... You can say that again! I happen to be very lucky in that I have found a bunch of doctors who genuinely care about me. My eye dr is just about the most compassionate person I have ever met. He bends over backwards for his patients. ... (17 replies)
Optic Neuritis
May 1, 2003
... Yes, it is absolutely amazing how straight they can get my hair. But I don't believe it.... it's already starting to get wavy!!! ... (26 replies)
Back Briefly
Apr 24, 2006
... Tony, I hope you are OK. I am not. My eyes have taken a sudden turn for the worse over the past day or so. They became so dry again. They had been doing better. My doctor had said last wednesday that my eyes were very well lubricated. Not today. All day I felt a sharp sticking sensation in my right eye. ... (27 replies)
... Hello Everyone I went to see Dr. Tabin in Salt Lake City at the Moran Eye Center, he is WONDERFUL!!!! He actually took time to do tests and talk with me, I finally did the schrimmer test and Im at a .3mm, not good, I couldn't even wet the paper. ... (71 replies)
Aug 7, 2005
... Hi guys! I'm alive! Feel like someone wripped something out of the back of my throat though. Oh wait, he did! ... (91 replies)
... Tony, you might be on the right track getting an MRI to see if there is something wrong with your optic nerve. ... (41 replies)
... maybe once in a while... ... (56 replies)
... You mentioned that you have bad skin. Is it possible that you have something called Blepharitis Rosacea? ... (5 replies)

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