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... Hello, I'm 51 years old and for about a month now I have had a circular blurry spot in the middle of my vision in one eye, and within the blurry spot there are tiny horizontal zig-zag lines that seem to wiggle slightly. This occurs when I focus on something for more than about 20 minutes (reading, stitchwork, beading, etc) My ophthalmologist did a thorough exam and says my... (0 replies)
... Well, I hope you are seeing your doctor about this... I have had ocular migraines but my symptoms are different.. I see zig zag flashes, like lightning bolts and I see them with my eyes open or closed. It lasts for about 30 minutes and then its gone. ... (1 replies)
Vision question
Sep 1, 2012
... I have been seeing shapes in my eyes which have zig zag edges which constantly look like electricity is going through them. They have been happening occasionally until recently. ... (0 replies)

... these appear at the top of my vision and tend to be zig zag and make me a bit blind! ... (2 replies)
Zig zag in eye?
Jul 27, 2010
... If it's followed by a headache, it could be the symptom of a migraine coming on. Sometimes this can happen with little or no headache. Nevertheless, you should see a doctor for any serious disturbance in your vision. (2 replies)
... Hi Well, not sure what you mean by distorted. Was wondering if you were seeing any type of zig-zag lights that move around, then go away? If it's something like that, you may have ocular migraines. Could you explain your symtoms further? Lots of great help here, but a little more info might help. Hellas :) (1 replies)
... I wasn't in any pain.... just weird vision for about an hour or so.... I am very confused....yeah kida like zig zag, but it like blocked my vision in my right eye..... ... (5 replies)
Double vision
Apr 22, 2005
... It starts with little stars out the corner of my eye's then it gets black with little stars all around and I have no peripheral vision at all. Its like tunnel vision, I get light headed and dizzy, When it starts to go away I get this head ache thats out of this world. No zig zag's . ... (6 replies)
... I don't know if its normal but I do this too more than your doing. Last month I had one in right eye it cleared then left eye back to back. That was a first for me. I have had them for at least 10 years maybe more. I did get full migraines when I was young. I sometimes have a headache after them. I think the doctors know much about them. (17 replies)
... Hello . I have had these things for years usually 4 are 5 a year . They always start out with the little blob in the middle of vision with the zig zag lines like lighting all different colors and they will float out of my vision from the left to right making a big back wards C ... ... (17 replies)
Dark spot
Dec 3, 2016
... I have the silent migraines where I get the zig zag light show that slowly fades out the side of ur vision . Last about 20 mins and gone. Had these for last 10 years off and on. ... (1 replies)
... I have had flashing spots in my vision that have NEVER stopped or went away for even a second! I get dizzy and feel like my head is buzzing. I do not get any headaches. ... (7 replies)
... I am almost 49 years of age, and have been having these attacks since my mid-teens. When they started, Mom sent me to an eye doctor, who, after doing some tests (can't remember them all) told me I had optical migraine syndrome. The aura, which looks like a zig-zag line in the shape of a small backwards "c," appears in the middle of my field of vision. Then, it gradually... (0 replies)
... t all at first...just notice the flashes. It then begins to move into my line of vision...and I have had them in many shapes and colors. Most often they are in a zig zag shape with color flashes in the center, but there is no set shape to mine....I just wait and see how strange it might be this time! ... (4 replies)
... My 'auras' are a bit different from most people's descriptions. I don't get zig zag lines but I get flashes of colored light that fade slowly over minutes but sometimes for me they last hours or days. I also have blind spots. ... (7 replies)
... of my vision and they're there whether my eyes are open or closed. I also see the larger light spots that blend in from big to small and zig zag like shapes of light. Can anyone elxplain please. ... (21 replies)
... The zig-zag (I assume you mean when you look at the white part of your eye, not a zig zag line in your vision) lines you are experiencing could mean another subconjunctival hemmorhage. If you do experience another hemmorhage it is very important that you see a physician and have your blood pressure check. Experiencing subconjunctival hemmorhages without any trauma to the eye... (3 replies)
... Hi..i has my first experiance of this type just a few days ago.I had bright zig zag type lines in my vision..then bright flashing lights at the corner vision kind of like a camera flash on and off for about five minutes and i had a headache about an hour after..the next night i have a very bad migraine. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Tabs Both flashes of light and increased number of floaters can be a symptom of detached retina. Doubt if it would be caused by the exersizes you did, although a good whack to the head can precipitate a detachment. It is a very good idea to have it checked by an opthalmologist as soon as possible. It may be nothing serious, but always good to check these things out. If... (4 replies)
... d my first floaters. He explained to me there is nothing that can be done to prevent or eliminate them. I, too, have the clear strings and spots in my field of vision as you have described. They're annoying, but I don't pay attention to them. ... (7 replies)

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