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I've looked all over the web, and all I have been able to find is info on vaginal dryness. My problem is too much vaginal wetness I get so wet sometimes I can't feel my boyfriend during sex. He also has problems having an orgasim sometime because of the lack of friction. I started taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and that helped but only a little. Do I need more estrogen or less? Is there something else I can do? Can anyone help? What can I do to decrease vaginal wetness.
You know, you're right. I haven't read anything on being too wet. I don't actually have an answer to that - I myself always have problems with dryness! :rolleyes: I know that it's probably really annoying (or else you wouldn't be writing) but just try and be thankful that you don't experience pain from the dryness. There are tons of women out there it would give anything in your position (to not have to whip out a jar of lube evertime) :mad:

Good luck and I hope you find a solution.
Try to think about baseball?? I'm just kidding! I have no idea how to solve your problem.
I have no idea....I'm in the same boat and the only thing I've been able to try and do is minimize foreplay...that sometimes helps...
I"ve been with women who had both problems,your on the better side,less foreplay can help.Otherwise be glad it"s not a lack of wetness,kills the romance.
I was reading a book last week and it said to use honey. Yep, regular honey will give more friction so that you can feel your boyfriend. It's harmless but a little messy so don't put it on the outside.
Wanna trade places? It doesn't matter how aroused I am, I cannot get really wet. I always have to pull out the lube. Very annoying. I'm not sure what you could do about that though.
I have that same problem, hun. Its annoying in itself because i can not stay on top because it slides out do to the enormous amount of wetness. If someone has a solution please share it. It's like i come pre-packaged already lol. :rolleyes:
From the male perspective, I like it extra wet. In fact the wetter the better.
well i noticed that i can become wet really easily.
but that usually used to happen when i used to use some sort of scented wipes right before sex having sex.
guess those provided some sort of a lubrication.
therefore i stopped using them.
i wash thoroughly right before me and my fiance get into bed and wipe myself with a cotton towel so that the vaginal area is totally dry.
i noticed that this helps in decreasing the amount of wetness.
hope that helps.
Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem...which makes you think there would be more info. on the subject. Thanks for your suggestions...I'll try them in a couple of days right now isn't the right time of the month. ;) I don't know if anyone has tried the pill it helped me...but only a little. I have to go to the Dr. in a couple of months so I'll ask if higher estrogen would be more helpful or harmful. I'll keep you guys updated
I used to be dry all the time. Then I started using a progesterone creme because I started perimenopause. Now I am really really wet during sex. Sometimes there is huge wet spot on the bed after sex. So I would say higher progesterone levels causes wetness.
Sometimes we put a towel under us, and he wipes the wetness off during sex with the towel.
i have that problem too it seems that i'm always wet and when i can't do something about it my uderwear is almost always soaked
not sure how old you are but whenever i've had that problem it was usually 'cause i hadn't had it for a while or was anticipating all day so i just drank tons of soda or a couple of alcoholic beverages (not advocating drinking here , ok) it seemed to have a dehydrating effect sometimes. i recently had surgery and can't have sex for a while and it's awful 'cause i know i'll just be a mess when it's time to get back in the swing, either way be happy it's not the opposite, that can be painful.Good Luck
I used to have this same problem but ever since I started taking my birth control I've noticed a HUGE difference. I used to get reeeeaally wet and now it takes a while for me to acheive that. My boyfriend gets annoyed sometimes cuz he thinks that I'm not into it but it's really just the pills. I'm on Ortho Tricyclen Lo. Hope this helps.
yeah i find i get to wet to, during sex and also other times which i find really annoying when just mayby sitting around. Is ortho-tricyclen-lo the pill or some kind of tablet to cure just this.

As with other male respondents on this thread, be glad you are wet. When it's the opposite both partners are doubting / concerned. Be open and talk about it and laugh since it is a beautiful thing and should be enjoyed by all. We (I) love it when my partner is gushing, and when she is not, we work that into our foreplay as well (think about ways to be extra prepared for either way and have fun).

T -
i suppose thats a good thing, i always thought a lad woudn't like that! Glad to hear a lads oppinion
my gf always gets very wet and i love it. By the time i get her in her underwear, her panties are always soaked right through and her whole vaginal area is very wet, i like it. It shows me that she is really turned on and the more she lubricates herself, the longer i last...the more wetness the better! And i bet most of the guys will agree with me!

If the extra wetness prevents you from having orgasms during intercourse, telll him and then he can give you more stimulaton, eitehr by hand or oral, before or after intercourse, and the extra wetness will aid in this too!
I agree, my Fiance loves it when it's really wet. He'd be sad if I got any less wet, lol.
Maybe this is a dumb idea, but what about using a juinor tampon until shortly before penetration?? Wouldn't that soak up a lot of the extra fluids? At least until you find a more suitable solution, anyway.
I also thought that low estrogen would cause extra wetness, but I have done some research and it seems it MIGHT be the opposite. Too much estrogen causes wetness...also one writer said she didn't used to get wet until she started taking estrogen after menopause.

P.S. I think using a tampon would be dumb especially since you could get toxic shock syndrome.
I have the same problem also, less foreplay does not always help. There must be a real solution to this problem. If you are to dry you can use lotions ect. but what do you do if you are just way to wet?

Well I thought that I was the only one to have this problem.... but whats the solution??? Honey wont work.... that is a yeast infection waiting to happen!!!! This doesn't bother me, but my husband has a problem with it because he says there isn't enough friction. He isn't the first partner to complain. We tried condoms for awhile and that works... but it kinda ruins the mood. errr....:(

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