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How long should I wait to have sex after having a Colposcopy/Biopsy? I went to the Gyno about two weeks ago. I had an abnormal pap, 1st ever. Returned about a week later (this past Tues. 8/3) to have a Colposcopy done & she had to do 1 biopsy. I know the cervix needs time to heal, but how long? I've heard 2 wks, but that seems like a looooooong time! LOL...
I've also got questions about my Biopsy, which I definitely need to ask my Gyno about, BUT -- if anyone can add their input, that would be great -- The biopsy came back saying "Changes of HPV" -- but they've not told me I've tested positive/negative for HPV. I know there are two "types" of HPV, the type that is an STD and the type which is not an STD. So I'm confused - Do I or Don't I have HPV?? I have to go back in Oct. for another pap & repeat the whole "procedure" over if it comes back abnormal. Originally the pap came back CIN II, moderate dysplasia. :confused:
Nobody has any advice? After how long is it safe to have sex after a cervix biopsy?

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