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Sorry... I donít know if Lori79 is straight, bi, or gay. However, I can say with certainty based upon what I have researched and personally experienced as a man that LOVE to give orally, and has performed that act on several different women... that oneís diet DOES, in fact effect a womanís bouquet and taste of her vagina juices/secretions. The actual vagina itself has no smell or taste, itís the fluids/juices or secretions that have certain tastes and smells.

For example, if a person eats a lot of garlic, their skin and breath will smell like garlic. When a person eats a lot of garlic and sweats, their sweat is very strong of garlic odor. If someone eats asparagus, their flatulent (gas) and urine will have a strong, often time unpleasant odor. So this should show that our diet does affect our body odors and secretions.

Also, as I have read many times and many places and experienced, a womanís diet can cause the smell and taste of a womanís vagina juices to smell and taste sweet, bland, or bitter. Also, if a woman is sweaty and dirty in her sweet-spot from exercising for hours or working all day, and not washing after urinating, then her vaginal area will have a strong smell, sometimes unpleasant.

Itís always better to be clean when smelling and tasting one another -- unless one has a fetish about odors -- some do. Example, if a guy works out for an hour every day, and goes to work every day, and does not brush his teeth or take a shower... donít you think his body would have some sort of odor? Yup -- same thing... clean is usually better and much more pleasant and arousing.

Enough about that. eating more pineapple and apples, and drinking pineapple juices and lots of water will work wonders for the taste of a womanís (or manís) juices. Smoking, drinking beer, and smoking pot can cause bitter taste and smell -- what goes in, must come out.

If a woman does have a strong odor and taste after she bathes or showers, and has not consumed a lot of beer --more than a can or bottle in the last several hours, and has not eaten asparagus recently (within the past 32 hours), then she could have an infection. That will cause odor and bad taste. A woman may want to get check for some sort of infection like a UTI, or yeast infection.
[QUOTE=Lori79;4162144]Your diet actually has no impact on how you smell down there....To really solve the problem, there are several herbs that have been proven effective in combating this issue. [/QUOTE]
Not sure I'm following. "Diet" has no impact, but "herbs" do? How does this work exactly? Rub them on the vulva?

'Diet' usually means things you eat. What are herbs? Things you eat (usually) making which makes them part of your diet... Why would one type of ingested food make a difference, yet none of the others would?

There are many reasons he could find your taste funny, and I would look into changing your diet. Not that that's guaranteed to be the cause, but it's one place to start. You could also have a pH imbalance which a trip to the gyno might fix.
What day the female is in her cycle effects the taste/smell more then anything else.

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