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... Yes, they are, but I haven't heard that bleeding always occurs after Plan B. Just keep taking the BC and if your period is late, then test. I am sure you have done enough to be fine. ... (3 replies)
... From what you write, you are just off your period, so that could make the bleeding less likely. I am sure you have nothing to worry about, all the steps you have taken are pretty effective. ... (3 replies)
... days after taking it. But Plan B is not causing that bleeding so far. I think that is what is worrying me the most. Thanks! ... (3 replies)

Heavy bleeding
May 1, 2016
... Because as much as you may not want to go to the ER you need to go. When I had that kind of bleeding due to a fibroid I almost died from blood loss and I needed blood transfusions to help me get back to a more normal level. ... (4 replies)
Heavy bleeding
May 1, 2016
... Its been 3 weeks since I had my biopsy after having high grade cells removed and now I'm heavily bleeding constant.its filling pads up and going through my's almost like a tap bring switched on.I have no pain at all but I'm losing a lot of blood. ... (4 replies)
Heavy bleeding
May 2, 2016
... I strongly urge you to go to the ER. Because after 3 days of that, you'll start to see the other signs of severe anemia will creep up on you suddenly and it will be very difficult to get yourself urgent help when you faint from the lightheadedness that will come very soon. If I hadn't been through it, I wouldn't have believed I needed the ER. But I'm telling you, don't wait... (4 replies)
Heavy bleeding
May 2, 2016
... you need to see your doctor. This could cause other issues and you shouldn't be driving, etc until you ssort this out. You could pass out from the blood loss. (4 replies)
Heavy bleeding
May 1, 2016
... It will be my third day today.iv been going work too and changing pads every 20mins or so.I feel well though that's what's throwing me. (4 replies)
... I should mention that I am on birth control but missed two pills before hand and we didn't use any other kind of protection. It's now Saturday and I am bleeding heavier than I usually do on my period. The earliest I can get to a doctor is Tuesday evening. ... (1 replies)
... coital bleeding for many women is not abnormal. It happens to me occasionally.. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. Please help. I recently became intimate in a new relationship, and both times, I spotted during and shortly afterwards. I have been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for almost a year, regularly take it, but this is the first I've experienced postcoital/break through bleeding...I had an abnormal pap with low grade dysplasia a year ago. I then had a colposcopy, which came back as... (1 replies)
... That's one thing I read about was not being wet enough and not having enough lubrication. After a break, I'll have to see if that's the problem. To me yes, he is extremely large. He's 6'5" and I'm only 5'6" and that's what we were having trouble with in the beginning was being able to fit without being in a lot of pain, but after awhile just not worrying about the pain and... (2 replies)
... Hi. This could be very normal since you are relatively new to sex....when you have sex are you wet enough? Lubricated? Is your partner extremely large? Any type of intense stretching of your vagina may cause some amount of bleeding. If you are not having any pain at all, this may or may not be normal. when a partner is rough with you, either with his finger or penis, it can... (2 replies)
... I had sex for the first time not to long ago and during it I noticed I was bleeding. I wasn't to concerned with it, because I thought the hymen just broke. The second time I had sex, I bled again, but it was worse. There was no pain, but I was starting to get concerned with the amount of blood. I stopped having sex, but my partner did finger me. After wards, I got up to go to... (2 replies)
Gf bleeding
Sep 15, 2014
... Hi there. Its nice to see you care enough to put a post up. Im no doctor, but cant understand why she is bleeding with just foreplay. I think she should see a doc, might be cysts around her vagina walls. If so, will need medical attention. ... (1 replies)
... orry me and my boyfriend. After the first time we thought that maybe there wasn't enough lubrication so we added more and regardless of how much we use I'm still bleeding afterwards. ... (0 replies)
... I know implantation bleeding is a possible answer, but I sincerely am hoping that is not it. Can anyone suggest anything else that it might be or if anyone has had a similar situation? ... (0 replies)
... he then went for a second time and that was when it was discovered that I was bleeding bright red blood heavily. ... (2 replies)
Bleeding after sex
Sep 22, 2013
... Okay so 9 days ago i had sex with my boyfriend and it was the roughest he had ever been with me well that night like 12 hours after we had sex i started bleeding down there and have been off and on since then and we havnt had sex in 6 days. What is wrong with me? ... (0 replies)
... The vagina is filled with sensitive tissue and easily gets irritated. I have had cases where sexual intercourse has caused minimal bleeding. I am a male by the way. Nothing to be concerned about but if it continues, you should see your gynocologist. (1 replies)

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