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... Unfortunately I have misplaced the video recording of this documentary. It was fascinating to watch how certain sperms engulfed (killed) other sperms. But in the published literature, there is no experimental evidence to suggest the existence of such killer sperms. See Moore et. al. Proc. R. Soc Lond, 266:2343-2350, 1999. (4 replies)
... OMG...Germ cells in terms of the "gametes" the poster speaks of are from the "germ line" i.e. sperm and eggs. Alcohol disrupts cell membranes, it would kill some cells but not all. But you don't usually have to worry, the chances from that kind of transfer are very small. ... (3 replies)

... x would kill them, but am not completely sure. If you wash your hands well with soap and water you can get it all off easily. ... (3 replies)
... Sperm Cells Are Gametes So Tht Means Tht They Are Germ Cells So I Do Believe That Alcohol Would Kill It If Not Get Some Iodine (3 replies)
... I was wondering if sperm could be killed with ethyl alcohol (the main ingredient in germ-x)? Like, if you got sperm on your fingers and used germ-x, and then touched yourself, like to use the bathroom, would it get you pregnant? Just wondering, thanks to anyone who responds. (3 replies)
... Note, that saliva can also kill sperm and lesson the chance for pregnancy. Actually, it's the bacteria in the saliva. ... (7 replies)
... regnancy is extremely high. When it comes to wiping off the thigh, a woman sitting on a wet spot accidently etc..that is highly unlikely, but not impossible. The sperm needs to get inside the woman and get to her muccus for them to be able to swim. Meaning..NO they cant swim on the thigh or bare skin. ... (6 replies)
... wow thank you for all the responses that i have gotten, didn't think i would get much good advice. as for me calming down, yes i'm calmed down already, i was really scared and nervous last night b/c there were a million thoughts going into my mind, it was crazy. I know i might sound on the younger side maybe b/c the way i worded some questions, but i'm really 21 going to 22... (14 replies)
... it has to be to kill sperm! ... (1 replies)
VCF and UTI?
Oct 16, 2004
... Spermicide can cause UTIs, and your doctor should have known that. If you are prone to them, you shouldn't use spermicides in any form. ... (3 replies)
... It has been reported that spermicide could be harmful in that while it does kill sperm, it can also make you more susceptible to getting an STD. ... (16 replies)
... Having sex in the bath tub is not very comfortable. The water washes away your natural lubrication and therefore it is a little rough on your vagina which can cause soreness, chafing, and infection. ... (12 replies)
... by the girl leaving her panties on. The guy would be uncovered, and actually having his penis pushing into her vagina partway with her panties covering him. The sperm are so tiny, the fabric will not stop them, and they are already in her vagina.... ... (18 replies)
... I heard that it can. But...I also heard saliva can kill sperm. I wouldn't worry about it though. ... (4 replies)
... Also regarding oral sex and conception, you shouldn't get oral sex while trying to conceive. There are bacteria in saliva that can kill sperm. ... (7 replies)
... I think Durex and Trojan are the best. Just make sure they are latex. Some have spermicide too, which can help prevent pregnancy even more. Any of the major brands should be fine. ... (11 replies)
Two questions
Mar 24, 2009
... returns. Try to catch it right away before it goes on too long. Follow the directions on the pkg and use for 7 days even if you're feeling better. You want to kill all the yeast. Yeast multiplies fast and can start another infection before you get over the first one. ... (6 replies)
... will be inserted before sex, and will kill any escapy sperm on contact. Sort of like RAID! ... (7 replies)
... tip or you can get struck by lightening twice in the same spot on the same day. It is theoretically possible. ... (15 replies)

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