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... yellowish discharge and a little blood coming from around my clitoris. ... (0 replies)
... rt of my private part, specifically the clit. it makes me so arouse when i touch it. i think i have been rubbing it hard that 2 days ago there has been a whitesh discharge that comes out from it. is it normal or is itsomething that i should worry about? ... (0 replies)
Swollen clitoris
Sep 3, 2011
... aginal yeast infection are Burning, redness, and swelling of the vagina and the vulva, pain when passing urine, pain during sex, soreness, a thick, white vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese and does not have a bad smell, a rash on the vagina. ... (2 replies)

... is your clitoris really sensitive? ... (6 replies)
... about a week ago, i noticed that i hurt down there and then i saw that the hood and my clitoris were really swollen. it doesn't constantly hurt, theres a wierd feeling when i pee and when i touch it. ... (6 replies)
... nd make me feel like I was a now husband thinks that it is beautiful and says he loves it like I no longer feel "funny" about having a large clitoris or having too much vaginal secretion. ... (1 replies)
... OK. The other possibilities I can think of then are: 1. untreated yeast infection - this can cause cuts. Yeast infections can appear without discharge - have you tried taking an over-the-counter remedy for yeast to see if it helps? 2. dry skin / eczema / dermatitis in the vaginal area. This is more common than you might think (I have this problem sometimes, specifically... (6 replies)
... It seems on and off that I get these "paper cuts" for lack of a better term, in the folds of the labia, and also right smack dab down the crack if my vagina (on the clitoral hood). There is no discharge, just mild itching. I am sexually active with one person,and currectly using birth control patch (no condom). Have had a battery of tests, and there is no STD. This has... (6 replies)
... Hi........I need some advice about an embarrasing problem which i wont go to doctor about - no way! :rolleyes: I have a discharge which keeps getting bad then going away - took a Thrush tablet as me & partner thought it might be that but it seems to be starting to come back (I am on Minocin "An antibiotic") Odd thing is it isnt near Vagina - It is only coming out of... (4 replies)
... Sorry this is long but PLEASE hear me out... Ok so maybe 3 weeks ago I started having sex with this guy a lot, and started the pill when I met him, so we do not use condoms. About a week into it I started noticing that my vagina was really itchy and sore around the opening. Each time we had sex it would get worse. I figured that I had gotten a yeast infection from not... (3 replies)
... so i was on a bc called "depo provera" for about 9 months, its basically a shot that you take every 3 months and you don't get a period with it (only when you are done with one shot after three months you might get a period) so i had stopped using it after the last shot at april 2011 because i couldn't take the side effects anymore which consists of swollen and sore breasts,... (0 replies)
... My discharge has always been a milky color, a Dr told me it was normal for it to be like that for women on the pill. but then my discharge will change to thick, cluggy and slightly yellowish, But never any odor. ... (2 replies)
Help please
Apr 24, 2011
... Hello I am really concerned and can't see a Doctor until Tuesday at the earliest. A few weeks ago my boyfriend was rubbing my clitoris and had a couple of fingers inside me (i was sufficiently lubricated) I had an orgasm and afterwards there was a little blood but we thought he must have caught me or something (it didn't hurt) We have had sex several times since... (0 replies)
... For a few days after sex there is an increase in the amount of discharge and itchiness. ... (6 replies)
... Found bump near clitoris and sort of ignored it. ... (0 replies)
Dry vagina
May 25, 2008
... of times and it was just too painful for me.. the only way i could get off is by masterbuting with wat they call it " underwater sex" is by forcing water up the clitoris which i have been doiing since i was a teen! could that be the reason? ... (1 replies)
... able for her so i tried with just one and managed to enter her. when we were done i noticed just a little tiny bit of blood mixed in with her vaginal lubrication discharge and thought it normal since she is a virgin. ... (10 replies)
!!!!need Help!!!
Mar 24, 2007
... f the bumps around my clitoris. It's been 3 days now. Its the weekend I cant go see the doctor. 3 days now and some of the bumps seemed to open up and this weird discharge seemed to have come out. I don't know what to do anymore! Is this fatal? ... (3 replies)
... pain. Well, Sunday, I went to the bathroom to pee and it was painful. It wasn't painful TO pee, but I felt a very uncomfortable sensation on the left side of my clitoris AFTER peeing. ... (7 replies)
... seem to be getting worse. I frequently get them after I have sex and I think I have narrowed it down to after I recieve oral sex. They always start off with my clitoris getting really itchey. I then experience EXTREME itching all over and I swell to 2 or 3 times the normal size. ... (4 replies)

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