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Sexual cervix play
Nov 19, 2012
... I think not. Cervic gate is quite deep. In not aroused state, the shorter is about 4 cm from the opening. Except your finger is very long, but you mentioned 2.5 cm. ... (1 replies)
Sexual cervix play
Oct 25, 2012
... covered that she has orgasms if I thrust at the opening with my finger, actually I hold still and she bears down. Lately she has been actually sliding around my finger and I can feel a distinct hard ring moving along my finger some times as far as the first knuckle which would be about 2.5cm. ... (1 replies)
Cervix pain
Sep 16, 2011
... pointed that he was hitting my cervix which made it painful. ... (2 replies)

... jumpinhorse, That is a good thought, however, the "G-Spot" (named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg) is not a true anatomical structure; such as you finger, knee cap, labia, or cervix. If you were to pick up an anatomy texbook, for example, you would not see any structure in the female reproductive system (vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, etc) labelled as the G-spot Interesting,... (3 replies)
... Hi, I was wondering If the cervix can be felt by inserting the finger inside the vagina? ... (3 replies)
... I am pretty sure also that the cervix doesnt really feel anything. ... (9 replies)
... All I can say bout this must have an awfully long finger??? (9 replies)
... It is not very difficult at all to massage the cervix from the inside of the vagina, since a typical female vagina is only eight to ten centimeters long, with the cervix being a protruding structure. ... (9 replies)
... I think that you're confusing the cervix and the clitoris. It would be very difficult to massage her cervix, considering it's at the base of the uterus. ... (9 replies)
... I have always been told that a woman's cervix hurts if directly stimulated. ... (9 replies)
... there's nowhere for it to go. As I mentioned, it could become lodged in the crevices on either side of your cervix, but if you feel all the way around your cervix carefully with your fingertip, you should at least be able to feel the edge of it. If not, there probably is no foreign object in there at all. ... (3 replies)
Hymen issue
Mar 31, 2011
... that my hymen is "normal." But I still cannot find anyone or anything that has the same problem as me. I tried to insert my finger with lube on it, and it felt very uncomfortable. I literally cannot even see the hole because there is so much thick tissue around it. Someone please help! ... (1 replies)
... It takes foreplay, about ten minutes at least to get a woman feeling good and then it can take twenty minutes for her to orgasm. What helps some women is to stimulate the clitoris while having intercourse. It is not unusual to need this kind of stimulation. Perhaps your man could stimulate you with his finger paying special attention to the G-spot, A-spot, or L-spot. The... (2 replies)
... although i couldnt get my finger in enough to feel my cervix. ... (1 replies)
... I have a larger than average penis at 7.25 inches and have never worried that I might go too deep until last night with my wife of 7 years. My wife is slightly deeper than some previous partners. I can only just reach the tip of my wifes cervix with my 4 inch middle finger, yet some ex-partners I have been able to circle the base of their cervix with my middle finger... (3 replies)
... the next month. Your hormones probably contributed to this since you were a week out. Perhaps an extra vigorous session might have spurred the bleeding on. Your cervix can bleed if you push on it hard enough with a finger. ... (3 replies)
... (3 replies)
... e room with me and I was there for a routine exam, not this specific problem. I did some research on the internet late last night and found that having a second cervix in fact does lead to painful sex, and having it removed resolves the problem. So why, I wonder, did this gyn. tell me not to have surgery? ... (19 replies)
... Usually pressure on the cervix causes pain in the abdomen, as the uterus and ovaries get banged against the abdominal wall. Does it hurt if you touch your cervix with your finger? ... (19 replies)
... When you curved your finger and felt something, if it's against the FRONT of the wall, like towards her stomach and not back, that would probably be the G spot. ... (5 replies)

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