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... Hi hi! I have noticed that for me to get there or when I do, its during the forplay before sex.. And this has just started happening this year, before that I dont think I have ever gotten there before either.. ... (4 replies)
... Not sure if anyone can help but i am desperate for advice, I gave birth to our daughter just over a year ago, since the birth sex has become awful, I have other children and their births were straight forward etc but my daughters birth was awful, I had no control etc and she was born with her arm over her head, I was very sore an swollen for 6-8 weeks after. The problem is i... (2 replies)
... stay on top! whatever you do don't fake it! (1 replies)

... stimulation..I have no problem having an orgasam on top or even in different positions..Its just when im on bottom and sometimes i have to fake it if there is no forplay or oral stimulation. What do i do? ... (1 replies)
... helped me! But In my situation I am not after sex! I am after the acknowledgement of still being her lover. I can honestly say I look forward to the romance and forplay more then anything else in our love making. I think this is because we have been lovers for so long. ... (7 replies)
... Hi When you say you felt nothing, do you mean you didnt have an orgasm, or you didnt feel him penetrating you? I know women are emotionally conected to sex as well, maybe there was no forplay, or you were not in the mood? (2 replies)
... we have tried many different things like now we are trying more forplay... I really hope this works. but then again most women cant orgasm until their 20's (2 replies)
Im a mess
Jan 29, 2010
... Hi I need some advice I love my man but I have no sex drive I love having sex with my partner but we only do it 3 times a month becuase I cant be bothered and I think its becuase I havent had an orgasum dure in intercourse I can orgasum with forplay but not intercourse and I dont know why, I know some women cant orgasum and im praying to god im not one of them becuase I want a... (1 replies)
... h 3. i do get off when i play with my self, but its not an orgasim... almost but not close enough. i do not know what to do. ive tried being really relaxed. i do forplay which i also enjoy emensly. im just lost lost when it comes to sex. somebody please help me? ... (6 replies)
... That is a good question. The only thing that I can think of is to start over. Pull out and start the foreplay and process of getting her worked up all over again. (7 replies)
... Yep, I'm so embarresed... thanks guys, I don't know what else to do,she ogasms really fast like 10 min into the session when I'm just getting started, how can I time mine? I thought maybe longer forplay? (7 replies)
... In My opinon you have a low or non-esxstent libido, when sex just feels like a chore its never going to feel good. Does your hubby turn you on with forplay and maybe do things for you during the week/day that you see that makes you love him that much more and you feel like on that certain night you need to ''reward'' him? or is it the other way around? if you never had... (6 replies)
Not getting wet
Mar 2, 2009
... Are you giving yourself enough forplay time before intercourse? ... (1 replies)
... do you have forplay with hubby? ... (6 replies)
... Most women don't experince orgasm during intercourse, some depends on how he stimulates you clitorally. we can't say ''how to'' on these healthboards (respectfully) but theres a way for him to stimulate you via intercourse...and orally different postions,longer forplay, more relaxed...and more comfortable and never feel it's just a chore or your duty to please... (4 replies)
... ditto above. I have been with girls I couldn't penetrate it hurt them so I would stop. I thought that I was just to big for them, but as I got more experince. I knew that was not the case, it was the girl. some women are smaller tighter than others and for some reason or another its just hard to insert anything of size in there vagina...hymen maybe so? or they have... (5 replies)
... if you wait ... yes that should make you feel more pleasure, and with a lot of forplay and then the actuall love making when you and your guy get togather but try to remember to relax and just go with the flo. ... (1 replies)
... why when i have an orgasm does urine come out. When we are having forplay i get all warm and creamy feeling but when we really get into and i feel as though i am having an orgasn urine comes out. alot of urine . ... (5 replies)
... hi, I'm Male obviously, But I read your post, I think you should get a second opinion, maybe from a General Dr or a gastric could be gas pains your feeling and they hurt really bad, if your gyno didn't find anything wrong?...then why you having those sharp pains...if you exercise do you still get the pains? arousel could be but thats highly unlikely, its the way... (4 replies)
Help with Libido
Jun 6, 2008
... If your not getting turned on with forplay and theres no feeling there, and your relaxed and still nothing...yes somethings very wrong. ... (6 replies)

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